This calendar is the one place you can see all the events offered by Musea. It includes events from both our School and Museum. We invite you to map out your own journey with Intentional Creativity events, trainings, classes and circles!

What We Offer

Community Events
These events are open to everyone. Join us for complimentary art classes, museum show openings, and much more. Thank you to our MUSEA Members for making community events possible.

Classes & Trainings
Choose from a variety of painting experiences- from day-long, several months, or up to a year in duration. We also offer training to become a Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher, Coach, Practitioner, or Red Thread Guide! Learn about the powerful breakthrough techniques of the Intentional Creativity painting method, metacognitive drawing, and red thread connection with your clients, students, and beloveds!

Membership Events
Meetings for our membership to connect together, share in creative experiences, and participate in our many member benefits. 
Explore Membership with us. 

Of note, many of our events are Open To All and this will be noted at the bottom of the event in red. Other events may be exclusive to our trainings and painting classes.

If registration is open for any of the listed events, you’ll be able to click the link to learn more and register. All events listed below are in Pacific Standard Time Zone. 

If you are a student in a course or training, please visit your student dashboard for time zone, preparation, and Zoom access information.

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