Our Museum
Vision and Purpose

Our Vision and Purpose

MUSEA Intentional Creativity Museum is a Museum centering on art and storytelling.  Our cultural framework and approach to art making is rooted in the teachings of our matriarchal art lineage that began in the 1930ies. 

We uphold the relationship between  image creation and mythic storytelling which synthesizes emergent perspectives for both the artist and those who encounter the artwork. 

MUSEA is the plural form of the word Museum, meaning ‘many museums’, and represents our inter-generational and multicultural collective of emerging and experienced creatives, healers, and leaders tending to the curation of transformational creative spaces, experiences and education. Every place someone practices Intentional Creativity is in essence, a Musea.

Intentional Creativity is an interdisciplinary practice weaving the arts, sciences, somatics, group circle experiences, feminine mystic traditions, social justice praxis, transpersonal psychology and archeo-mythology. This multifaceted creative and communal practice is a pathway for individuals to gain greater access to self-expression, awareness and authorship of their own image and story. In our work we  catalyze the potential for personal and collective transformational healing by reshaping the dominant narrative of history to the emergent narrative of voices who are telling a new story.

A core premise of our work is that self-expression is an inherent part of our human nature and a basic human right, not confined to skill or talent. When self-expression is combined with storytelling and is practiced by individuals and communities, it can generate healing, build resilience, and deepen compassion for self and others. By creating this contextual awareness we open the doors of the imagination, and can lead to the greater collective thriving, solidarity ,generative problem solving and the ability to co-create the world that we truly want. 

MUSEA extends an invitation to all beings to live with connection and intention by choosing to bring love and awareness into everything we create in our relationship with ourselves, each other, the other-than-human and the universe. Together we can remember and honor the past, live fully in the present with conscious awareness, and create the beautiful future we envision. 

Creating with intention is a sacred act. A consecration. A celebration. An honoring of yourself and your life. All beings have always created. We have mixed up creativity with talent. Talent may be for the few. Creativity is for everyone!

Liberation Soul Bird

Soulbird Intentional Creativity painting ‘Liberation’ by Shiloh Sophia