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Spirit Warrior

Honoring the artwork and legacy of Native American Elder, Carmen Baraka

The Museum Show and Honoring Ceremony for Carmen Baraka is now available for viewing on the Exhibit Page

Women Woven Together

Group Exhibit

Featuring curated artwork from the Musea : Intentional Creativity Museum open call for entry - Women Woven Together. This open call for art was created in honor of International Women's Day and Curator, Shiloh Sophia's work with the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

Museum Show
Note: The opening Museum Show for the Women Woven Together exhibit is available for viewing on the Exhibit Page

Visit the Women Woven Together Exhibit Page

Solo Exhibit Opening - April 21, 2021

Hats In a Pandemic

From her home in Oslo Norway, artist Lizz Daniels, watched as the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world. That is when she had the idea to start creating fascinating, whimsical hats!

When she shared her first hat creation image online she was surprised and pleased that people connected with it. This kicked off a 60-day journey in which she committed herself to creating art every day and producing a stunning array of hats to express how she was coping with pandemic times!

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Our BIWOC Membership

Announcing a Musea Membership that is Designed for Black, Indigenous and Women of Color guided by Lauren Adorno-Weatherford and Elder Semerit Strachan.

We are Semerity and Lauren, and we invite Black, Indigenous and Women of Color to join us, as Musea Members for ‘The Art of Women of Color’ : a journey toward personal and collective self-definition. In addition to the regular membership benefits, we will have a culturally specific circle just for us.

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About Our Museum

Welcome to Musea, our exhibit space curated by and for artists of the International Intentional Creativity Movement. For over 27 years our organization has worked with women artists to bring forward their voices, images, stories and visions for the future. Our physical location, first opened in 1999 in Sonoma, followed by exhibit spaces in San Francisco 2001-2004, Sausalito, 2000-2003, Mendocino 2004-2008, Healdsburg 2008-2016 and returning to our Museum and Campus space in Sonoma in 2016. Our first four years saw thousands of visitors on location, as well as millions virtually to engage, view, study, participate and our growing movement. The focus of our work is Intentional Creativity, an enduring lineage spanning 100 years already, and with eyes towards another 100 years into the future.

Permanent Collection

Permanent Collection: Sue Hoya Sellers 2014 - There is a dreamer dreaming us

Sue Hoya Sellers 2014
There is a dreamer dreaming us

Intentional Creativity is a method and philosophy developed as an approach to making art that is in the matriarchal lineage of our Founder Shiloh Sophia. Once she could see the power and impacts of making art with mindfulness and Intention, she began teaching all over the world and at universities including Phd programs and the United Nations. In 2010 she began to offer the teachings held within the body of work for Certification, inviting others to teach and study.

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