MUSEA – Curator’s Update from Shiloh Sophia

Here at MUSEA, we’ve been busy in a great way! Our dedicated focus has been providing support for our community during COVID-19, Raven and Hummingbird Micro-Loans for women leaders in the community, the Re-Membering Circles for Mending Racialized Trauma, and at least 4 gifted programs in Intentional Creativity® for our communit – reaching thousands of […]

We opened a Global Museum yesterday, Shiloh Sophia

REVEAL Community Call – Recording from 5/27 Support our Vision for a global women’s museum through MUSEA Membership   Wow! Helloooooooo! We opened a global museum yesterday! It was so wonderful to gather for our REVEAL preview of the website The MUSEA website has been a six month labor of love for myself […]

An Eye On Intentional Creativity:: Guild Gathering

McMinnville, Oregon In 2018 our teacher, Shiloh Sophia revived the medieval practice of gathering those who have developed proficiency in an art of trade, into a guild of Journeywomen. Our preparation includes the yearlong Color of Woman Teacher training in Intentional Creativity, completing our thesis, and creating our initiate book summarizing assignments and offerings we’ve […]

An Eye On Intentional Creativity:: Phyllis A. Taylor

Orlando, Florida In December of 2019 I participated in Art Basel! I was excited to have been invited by the Art Basel Miami Gallery to join several other African/American, Caribbean and Latin American artists to show their works. Art Basel Miami Gallery is located in the neighborhood known as Little Haiti, rich in Haitian culture […]

An Eye On Intentional Creativity:: Virginia Masson

It is with great joy that we share Virginia Masson’s up and coming December 2019 opening of the Great Lakes Center for Intentional Creativity, the mid-west affiliate for Global Musea – Intentional Creativity Foundation. The Musea collective is a curated gathering of unique voices committed to telling stories that inform, educate, and uplift our collective […]

An Eye On Intentional Creativity:: Layers Exhibit

Intentional Creativity Teacher Annette Wagner Opening Reception Sunday, September 15, 2-5pm The fine art group exhibit LAYERS featuring members of the Women’s Caucus for Art, Peninsula Chapter, will be on display at the Los Altos Hills Town Hall from September 2019 through March 2020. The expression of this exhibit proves that works of art have many […]

An Eye On Intentional Creativity:: Tania Magennis

CODEX, the 13 Moon Painting Journey led by Shiloh Sophia, Founder of Cosmic Cowgirls and Intentional Creativity®, started in September of 2018.  Little was I to know HOW this experience as a Cosmic Pilgrim on a Flight of Fancy was to turn my life upside down and impact my business and my life and how […]

An Eye On Intentional Creativity:: A Cup of Tea with the Universe

Welcome to A Cup of Tea with the Universe, a video blog by Intentional Creativity Coach Svetlana Pritzker with creative collaborator Alexandra Isaievych. Their visual journeys guide individuals on living actively, while involved in the universal flow of co-creation. This episode is about finding the freedom in the splashes of paint and the importance of […]

An Eye On Intentional Creativity:: Group Show

An incredible three-day Group Show show featuring Intentional Creativity Teachers and Artists, was held at Mirada ART, a gorgeous gallery space in Half Moon Bay, California. Color of Woman Teachers, Neesa Mills and Jane Sanguinetti curated their show as a way to introduce their local community to both their Intentional Creativity paintings and Art as […]