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Painting Gaia with Jassy Watson

By |September 22, 2014|

Deepening and Honouring your Connection to the Earth Creatively Gaia A 9 week e-Journey with Visionary Artist, Intentional Creativity Coach, Teacher and Earth [...]

The Creative Soul Deck

By |March 5, 2014|

The Creative Soul Deck can be purchased from the following artists: Shiloh Sophia Studios Annette Wagner Art Marie Howell Art Jessica Bowman  

"Living with Intention" A Conversation with Mary Anne Radmacher

By |February 24, 2011|

And just before we get started...we Cowgirls invite YOU to Live Like You Mean It. Everyday...or as close to everyday as is womanly possible. No matter what. We honor the sovereignty of your heart, and your natural ability and right to live in service to your fondest dreams, wildest wishes, most profound aspirations. We gift you with that big, opalescent-pink permission slip to Live with Intention!

She Rises

By |February 16, 2011|

As 30 years worth of stuck feelings came flooding back, I did the only thing I knew how to do. Create art everyday and believe it would heal me. It was a desperate act. And it saved me.

Opening The Door To Your Abundance

By |February 1, 2011|

Abundance is all around us. It’s the hot water flowing over our bodies after a day planting the garden. It’s the laughter we share with friends. It’s finding the perfect pair of jeans that make our butt look fabulous. It’s in the air and earth and water. Acknowledging the good that is already in our lives is the foundation of abundance. If the only prayer we say is “Thank You” that can be enough.

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