When we create, we enter into a divine flow of potential that changes us, changes others & makes a contribution to the world.
-Shiloh Sophia

About The Exhibit

We believe that women are sacred vessels who impart their wisdom to children, family & loved ones. Those of us who are not mothers still hold the sacredness of love, nurturance & wisdom. The artists in this Sacred Vessels Museum Exhibit have come forth to share their sacred stories with us all. Through this multimedia exhibit, we witness the inspiration and impact of the wisdom held deep within each artist.

“Making something from our own hands & hearts calls in the sacred within each of us!”
-Milagros Suriano-Rivera

Exhibit Media

Museum Exhibit

Virtual Presentation

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Thank you for witnessing the exhibit!

Special thanks to: 

Shiloh Sophia for her dedication to ensuring that

all women artists are seen and recognized.

All of the Exhibiting Artists that shared their beautiful art with us.

Exhibit Page Design and Concept

Naa Kwarley Amissah
Curatorial Director

Kelly Bonsall

CoCurator Coordinator

Milagros Suriano-Rivera
Sacred Vessels Workshop Guide

Anne LaBrie, Design CoCurator

Jessica Richmond, Design CoCurator

Exhibit Virtual Presentation

Naa Kwarley Amissah

Video Compilation and Editor

Lead Technologist and Designer

Promotion and Communications

Naa Kwarley Amissah, Kelly Bonsall, Anne LaBrie, Ashley Merritt


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