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We Are…

A Circle. A Community.
A Heart-Centered Collective of Creatives from around the Globe…

When you choose to become a Musea Member, you will find yourself gathering with our global community of creatives and makers of all sorts for fun, creative, and inspiring virtual monthly circles. Together we celebrate art, share our stories, build creative resilience to navigate the complexities of our world, practice love and community care, and engage in Intentional Creativity processes. Just to name a few…

Our collective is based on an ethos of LOVE being at the center of our choices. With love at the center and creativity to nourish and catalyze us, we believe can do great things together! Our Musea Members regularly share with us how powerful it has been for them to be welcomed, to find a place of aligned belonging, where witness and generosity of spirit abounds, and where support is offered not only in their creative practice, but in their life journeys. As our world continues to face many challenges and uncertainties, here at Musea, we have chosen to create a place of sanctuary, offering the powerful resilience-building tool of Intentional Creativity and the embrace of caring, creative, and inspiring community!


We Gather Around What Matters to Us and Our World

All of our Membership Levels offer you the chance to…

  • Build meaningful relationships with creatives around the world
  • Access and catalyze your self-expression with Intentional Creativity® Processes
  • Participate in inspiring group art experiences and enjoy the energy co-creation
  • Receive meaningful support in your creative process and be witnessed as you share your art and stories
  • Attend our #POP (Paint Our Projects) Open Studio Parties and paint LIVE in community for motivation and inspiration!
  • Join our monthly affinity circle exclusively for Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color
  • Be inspired by our our weekly curated Musea Member Zine with a chance to have your art featured!
  • Hone your craft with member-exclusive multimedia Intentional Creativity ‘how to’ art project videos from our Leadership Team and Guild
  • Receive Member-exclusive savings on Musea educational offerings
  • Enjoy ease of connection and opportunities to collaborate with other members via our proprietary iMusea app (desktop/mobile) – free from ads and distraction!
  • Feel the support of our dedicated Membership Team who are there to answer you questions and witness you
  • Access our Musea Membership Library which includes hours of Intentional Creativity programming to inspire and propel you forward on your creative journey!


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$10 Month | Enroll


Learn More
$22 Month | Enroll

Scholarships for Membership: We are committed to providing everyone who wants to, the opportunity to become a Musea Member. We believe powerfully in the benefits we are offering and are committing a Membership Team to make it happen. If you know you need to be a member but cannot afford the $10 a month, go here to request a scholarship. Those who can pay full price allow us to pass on the savings to others.

About your MUSEA Membership commitment: This monthly membership investment goes towards supporting Guild Staff to deliver the value of your membership. We believe the ‘value’ is far beyond the monthly amount and we hope you do too. If after 3 months you have a need to cancel, write to us and your membership will be canceled within that 30 days cycle.

Study Intentional Creativity in 2022 ALL of our MEMBERS are INVITED to consider joining us for courses throughout the year. Plus, when you register for a course, we often provide savings on tuition for our members. If you are an active student, you will likely make much of your membership fees back by the savings you’ll receive throughout the year.

About Becoming a MUSEA Member


Where story, art and science intersect

For more than two decades MUSEA has nurtured an Intentional Creativity cultural framework rooted in the teachings of a matriarchal art lineage of storytelling and image making. Intentional Creativity is an inter-disciplinary practice weaving creative arts, sciences, somatics, transpersonal psychology and archaeomythology.

CONNECT As a Musea Member, you are a part of creating the colorful fabric of the future informed by artists. We are Painters, Poets, Sculptors, Storytellers, Dancers, Illustrators, Seamstresses, Actors – all forms of self-expression make a contribution to the life we are creating together. While many of our members are revolutionaries at heart, we aren’t spending all of our time and resources dismantling old systems, rather we are creating new structures designed to carry us into a stronger and more holistic weave.

CONTRIBUTE When you become a MUSEA Member you are contributing your own unique threads to the weave because we desire the goodness of your company. As an advocate for the importance of the self-expression of each person, we begin to shape a culture that champions the images, voices, hands, stories from many lands. And of course, the many MUSES! Who knows how soon your very own art may be featured in an upcoming show! Dream about it – because modern-day women artists getting into high-end galleries and museums, has never been likely. We are changing that.

EXPERIENCE Our memberships are designed with you in mind and heart, in consideration of the kinds of connections you have told us matter to you. In 2021, since we aren’t able to invite you to in-person gatherings yet, we have amplified the diversity of our virtual connectivity. You choose how much or how little you participate. As a member, you are part of participating in and experiencing the shows we are sharing.

PARTICIPATE We have structured the MUSEA Membership levels to align with the growth stages of our members. Our memberships are highly experiential including practices of meditation, movement, music, mythic imagination, educational exploration, and the Intentional Creativity approach to making art. These experiences are brought into each of our member meetups, which we call Circles. We invite you to bring your journal, colored pens, red thread, and a cuppa tea, coffee, or champagne to each circle or show opening. Yes, some of us even wear fancy hats and scarves! Embrace making each membership experience a contribution to your own art and creative lifestyle.

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