For over ten years our movement has featured women’s art, stories and voices through our magazine, which has taken on many forms over the years. Here you will find archived material and as we continue to unfold in our new vision, new articles regarding upcoming shows.

Artifacts of the Future – Show Opening

By |December 22, 2020|

On December 16, 2020, Musea launched the Artifacts of the Future Exhibit, featuring the incredible work of 80 women artists who participated in the 2020 Artifact Medicine Painting Class. We had an incredible live virtual show opening hosted by Curator, Shiloh Sophia, and Co-Curator, Amber Gould, with attendance from over [...]

Kinship with Creation: Musea Museum Show for Shiloh Sophia

By |November 30, 2020|

Greetings! What a wonderful gathering of around 150 people who watched during our November Community Red Thread Connect Call!  We are grateful for all who attended live and witnessed the beautiful works of  Shiloh Sophia. It is a delight to see our community be inspired by Shiloh's artwork and  [...]

MUSEA – Curator’s Update from Shiloh Sophia

By |June 29, 2020|

Here at MUSEA, we've been busy in a great way! Our dedicated focus has been providing support for our community during COVID-19, Raven and Hummingbird Micro-Loans for women leaders in the community, the Re-Membering Circles for Mending Racialized Trauma, and at least 4 gifted programs in Intentional Creativity® for our [...]

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