Each year, I write about Black History Month. As the first Black woman appointed as Executive Director of the Intentional Creativity® Foundation, my writing this year holds an extra special meaning for me. But, this year I also struggled with what I was going to share.

Looking at the status quo - "the current state of social structure or values", I have been blessed to have lived outside of the box I am put in as a Black woman by these structures. They say I have 3 strikes against me:

  • I am Black.
  • I am a Woman.
  • I do not have a college degree...

Yet, I reached a six-figure salary when I was working in corporate america. I have been promoted before and above those in my then field (I.T.) who did hold the degrees. I have been chosen to lead tech teams above men who had been in the field far longer than me. I would say those are 3 strikes for me...

And now I have the honor of leadership within MUSEA's Foundation and community.

I have always lived my life outside of the box, personally, and writing this helps me to realize that I have also done the same professionally. I am, and will always be, Unapologetically Black. But that still wasn't anything "intriguing" to write about for this year's Black History Month article. Then, I came across an image on social media that said it all. No words are actually needed - as they say: "A picture is worth a thousand words..."

So, for this year's Black History Month, I am choosing to simply leave the picture that finally got me inspired to write. No words necessary.

Article written by Sumaiyah Wysdom

February 7, 2024

(Image Credit: Jessie Turner - Facebook)