Let's have a paint party cowgirl-style!

June 7th: Paint Your Cowgirl/boy Hat

June 14th: High Tea Party

4:00 pm Pacific

(both days)

"The secret, Alice, is to surround yourself with people who make your heart smile. It's then, only then, that you'll find Wonderland."
~Mad Hatter

Alice had Wonderland. We have MUSEAland...

Embody the archetype of the Mad Hatter and join us for an adventure in MUSEAland where we play in paint with our cowgirl/boy hats! Self Expression is a key component of Intentional Creativity® and this FUN'raiser is sure to allow sufficient space for your "muchness." We culminate with High Tea to show off our new hats and bask in the glow of being fully self-expressed.

Our Mad Hatter Paint & Tea Party will happen over 2 days:

  • Day One: June 7th - Paint and embellish your cowgirl/boy hat.
  • Day Two: June 14th - Put on your best outfit, wear your hat, and join us for High Tea.

We will surround ourselves with people who make us smile! And then we will truly discover the wonders of MUSEAland.

The FUN'raiser will be held virtually via Zoom on June 7th and 14th at 4:00 pm Pacific Time (Northern Hemisphere: 1p HT | 4p PT | 7p ET | 1a CEST | Southern Hemisphere: 9a AEST | 11a NZST).

I'm coming to the party!

Have you ever been intrigued by the characters in Alice in Wonderland?

NOW is your opportunity to replicate the wonderful and free mind of the Mad Hatter! The Mad Hatter is a free spirit - saying, doing, embodying whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. Come paint your cowgirl/boy hat and be free to be who YOU want to be! Show off your style, your glam, your beads, baubles, and beauty as you create a hat like none other.

"There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger!" ~Mad Hatter We know this place to be MUSEAland, where all things are possible. Slip down the rabbit hole and sit with us for tea. Entertain your Muse and surround yourself with those who are sure to make you smile.

Come show us your "muchness"!

Exist in Perpetual Tea-Time

(if only for a moment...)


The Intentional Creativity Foundation invites you to let your Inner Child out and then have tea with us


A hat painting party, culminating in High Tea Time


June 7th - Paint Your Hat Party

June 14th - High Tea Party

Both days @ 4:00 pm Pacific Time


Virtually via Zoom


To ponder the answer to the riddle: "Why is a raven like a writing-desk?" No one knows the answer so you get to CHOOSE - a principle tenet of Intentional Creativity. Become self-expressed and choose the answer that is best for you in your life.


Let your hare down (pun intended) and fling some paint unabashedly! Enjoy dressing up, vogue a pose, and enjoy tea in community. Best yet? This FUN'raiser allows the Intentional Creativity® Foundation to continue offering programming that meets the needs of the MUSEA community and beyond.


The materials and supplies list will be provided upon registration. However, these are simple supplies - many of which you most likely already have on hand.


About the ICF

The Intentional Creativity® Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which stewards the MUSEA Museum, the Permanent Collection (artwork by Art Matriarchs Sue Hoya Sellars, Caron McCloud, Carmen Baraka, and Shiloh Sophia), and our Museum Membership. We offer programming that both benefits the community and offers creative play dates, like the Mad Hatter Paint & Tea Party.

Since our inception, the ICF has enjoyed the benefits of being a self-funded nonprofit. All of our funding comes from Membership, workshops, and other programming, as well as your generous donations. Funds raised allow the organization to continue offering interesting and engaging programs and events and also supports the MUSEA community through grants and other forms of assistance.

It is our goal to remain largely self-funded in order that we are able to maintain the autonomy we have enjoyed - without the constraints of receiving, managing, and reporting on grants. We could not have done this without you!

We are deeply grateful for your support of the ICF through your participation in the Mad Hatter event! Without your participation in programming such as this, we would not be able to sustain a self-funded structure for the past decade. Thank you!

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The ICF has merch! Purchasing our "Intentional Creativity is My Foundation" branded merchandise offers you the opportunity to claim tee shirts, mugs, and tote bags which allow you to show your pride in being part of the MUSEA community while supporting the Foundation in its fundraising goals.

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Invite the Muse and let your Inner Child roam free in MUSEAland!

Please note that upon registration, you will be presented with a page which confirms that your registration has been successfully completed. Soon thereafter, you will receive an email with full details about accessing the event and the private group in our iMusea App. To ensure we have a valid email address for you, complete the form on the page that is presented.

The Intentional Creativity® Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which has remained wholly self-funded since its inception. The cost for this FUN'raiser covers the administrative and design costs associated with hosting and delivering the event, as well as promotion and marketing, and allows the Foundation to continue offering diverse programming to the community and our Members. All proceeds support our non-profit, which funds our museum, art education, and scholarships for our current and future members, students, and the community-at-large. 

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Explore Membership

Our collective is based on an ethos of LOVE being at the center of our choices and self-expression being a key ingredient to a fulfilling and conscious experience of life.

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