About The Exhibit

This exhibit features nearly 100 curated images from our November 2023 Call for Art offered by MUSEA Intentional Creativity Museum. The Cura Futura Exhibit was made possible through a collaboration between the Intentional Creativity Foundation and MUSEA University.

Cura Futura - Healing the Future or Healers of the Future...

As you behold this collection of images, you will see the symbols and the stories, the archetypes and the patterns, and the layers of many artists who have been studying at MUSEA University. This collection of artwork was curated from artists who completed the LEGEND: Archeo Futura, LEGEND: Clan Cura, VIVID23 StarSong, Maverick, and Lucid painting courses in 2023. Artists from those classes were invited to submit their artwork and we were pleased to have over 40 women submit to the call! The Intentional Creativity Museum is honored to collaborate with the University and to host this display of magnificent art and powerful story.

“There are legends

that come from the past

and there are legends

that come from the future.”

~ Curator, Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Virtual Presentation

Museum Show


Images + Stories

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Thank you for witnessing
the Cura Futura Museum Exhibit.

Special thanks to: 

The Intentional Creativity Foundation

MUSEA University

CURATE Shiloh Sophia, Museum Curator

Sumaiyah Wysdom, Virtual Presentation, Exhibit Site Design, Art Call and Curation

Kelly Bonsall, CoCurator Coordinator

Anne LaBrie, CoCurator

Milagros Suriano-Rivera, CoCurator

Jessica Richmond, CoCurator

Music by:
Amber Samaya

LEGEND Clan Cura Album



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