A Year-Long Exploration of Colour through Curiosity and Play

Guided by Master Colour Weaver

and Certified Intentional Creativity Educator

Liz Chamberlain

Class Begins April 1, 2024

Colour theory is only the surface aspect of this offering. There are many layers...

By creating templates for colour mixing exploration, the thinking piece is removed, allowing us to enter flow as we play, mixing the colours, following a pattern.

On a deeper level, it's about perception - recognizing our perception is different than others, as well as in various situations. Evidence supports that specific parts of the perceived colour spectrum is muted when we are sad or depressed. Humans have the capacity to see more vibrantly and better differentiate between colours when we are leaning towards a more joyful state.

Often more familiar, many studies express how colour affects our mood. We believe colour perception and our mood are reciprocal. Each influences the other. And we believe this influence is unique to each individual.

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Message from Liz

The Experience


The Intentional Creativity® Foundation and Liz Chamberlain invites all creatively inspired adults to join us for this collaborative course


  • A year-long exploration of colour and colour theory through curiosity and play
  • A 13-step Intentional Creativity® painting process - True Colours: the Rainbow Muse - incorporating what was revealed in our curious colour play throughout the year
  • Non-conventional Mixing Wheels
  • Substitute Mixes for Discontinued Colours
  • 3 and 4 colour primary systems explained and explored
  • Common colour terminology explained with useful examples
  • Printable templates as well as instructions for drawing your own
  • Create a beautiful play book to use as a reference, as inspiration, and as documentation of this year-long journey, and as a starting point for exploring new colours and art supplies


Class begins April 1, 2024 and runs through March 31, 2025

First Mondays, alternating between 10 am and 4 pm Pacific Time

All calls are recorded and available in the private classroom


90 minute - 2 hour class sessions each month, delivered LIVE via Zoom

Private classroom to deliver all content, with lifetime access

Private community on the iMusea App for sharing, witnessing, and support


Joy, Resilency, and Confidence

To give fun frameworks to create a relationship with colours and art supplies, to empower Intentional Creativity Practitioners, to reclaim joy and confidence by understanding how we as individuals engage with colour - body, mind, heart, soul - enhancing Muse-led flow during IC processes to access deeper insights.


Joy and confidence with colour, encourages more time spent in heart space, avoiding abrupt transitions into brain space (which opens the door to the critic). Therefore Colour Curiosity will enhance Muse-led flow during IC processes.


Reclaiming joy and confidence amplifies the impact of Intentional Creativity work out in the world, by empowering us with experiential wisdom through fun colour experiments.


This year-long experience is an investment in Y-O-U. Gain a deeper understanding of colour theory and colour mixing to take your artwork to the next level! Master Colour Weaver Liz Chamberlain is an expert in her fields - both colour theory/mixing and Intentional Creativity. Learn from the best! A year-long (full 12 month) study of colour for only $597!

Register and Pay In Full

If you are in need of a payment plan, we are offering 3-Month, 6-Month, and 10-Month payment plan options. We hope that one of these options will give you the space you need to join us for this journey.

(Please note that payment plans incur a 13% administrative fee to cover the administrative costs associated with managing the payment plans.)

3-Month Payment Plan

We have a very limited number of full and partial scholarships available. If you are in need of financial assistance to make this class possible, please fill out the Scholarship Application below.

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Tentative Schedule

The Colour Curiosity Play Book course is scheduled to meet on the first Monday of every month, beginning April 1st, and alternating between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm Pacific Time. The schedule is subject to change. All live Zoom calls will be recorded and made available in the private classroom along with additional lessons and materials.

You will find the monthly topics of discussion below:


Liz Chamberlain, Master Colour Weaver

Certified Intentional Creativity® Educator

Liz is an Intentional Creativity Teacher (2023) and Coach (2021), a Red Thread Guide (2020) and a Teacher of Cosmic Smash Booking.  She is the curator of Paint with heART, handmade watercolours intentionally curated to entice the Muse.


Liz is passionate about colour, delighted when exploring how far a colour can stretch, feeling most excited when investigating the middle space… where art and science (chemistry, botany, biology, physiology) intersect, embracing structure and chaos, space and connection, seeing beauty in a mess or “perfection” in a “mistake”. Becoming aware of and living within the many shades of grey that exist between black and white…and maybe even creating a few more.  She lovingly invents and tests new recipes for watercolour paint, carefully crafting each set to mix and play well together.  Liz is always learning and discovering more about the pigments and mediums she works with to create beautiful, joy evoking art supplies.  

Her art is a practice in processing feelings and connecting to deeper wisdom, where colour is a fluid symbol, expressing and evoking emotion, providing perspective, antidote and transformation.  Her soul work is to spark inspiration and curiosity while sharing that which delights and fascinates her, holding space for others' colour discoveries as they reclaim joy and confidence, in order to amplify the impact of their work in the world.

Connect with Liz



Instagram:  @lizzieloumixedmedia

Facebook:  EmbraceYourInspiration

Intentional Creativity® Foundation

Intentional Creativity® Museum

The Intentional Creativity Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which stewards the Intentional Creativity Museum located in Sonoma California. The Foundation offers beneficial programming to our Museum Membership and artists-at-large which are designed to assist the community of artists in their artistic journey. This course will educate artists on cohesive colour in their paintings, thereby aligning the artist with what galleries and museums are seeking.

In addition to beneficial programming for artists, the Intentional Creativity Foundation offers bi-monthly museum exhibits open to the public to both submit artwork for and enjoy the showcase of art during our virtual museum shows. We work with our Guild of graduates certified in the Intentional Creativity approach to offer teachings on intentional art making which has many health and wellness benefits to all those willing to be open to the process and possibilities. Fifty percent of the artists in the world are women, yet only 2-3% of women artists are represented in galleries and museums. The ICF, through our Museum, seeks to shift this paradigm.

Our Membership consists of practitioners of Intentional Creativity - whether you are an artist or simply a creative individual on a conscious journey to Self though intentionally created art/acts. No experience or skill is necessary to partake in the benefits which Intentional Creativity can cause and create.

The ICF is proud to collaborate with Liz - a graduate of MUSEA University's Intentional Creativity certification course, Color of Woman. Bringing the Colour Curiousity Play Book to our Members and other artists to equip them with colour theory principles and further edification of their craft is a key component in our stewardship of the Intentional Creativity Museum.

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Reclaim joy and confidence and amplify the impact of the Intentional Creativity work you put out in the world.