Writer Elizabeth Gibbons aka Glitter Wasp/Bejeweled Baroness
My first encounter with the art of our illustrious leader, Shiloh Sophia, took place about ten years ago at her gallery in Sonoma, Color of Woman. It was one of those brilliant, luminous moments that are often called an awakening.  I remember so clearly, to the depths of my being, the feeling that arose as I gazed upon her art.  I felt that I had come home…..and in a sudden flash of clarity I knew that not only had I come home but I had come home to myself.
The art of Shiloh Sophia impacts us at the level of the heart and soul in a  way that opens us up to new possibilities of healing, wholeness and  connection.  Her art is bold and spiritually daring both in scale and in subject matter.  Her images of the Virgin Mary are grounded in the context of an enormously lengthy and historic tradition, and she brings them into a contemporary context that connects modern day women to the messages of healing and wisdom that arise from the “Divine Mother”. Shiloh’s art conveys the loving intimacy that is symbolized by the presence of her precious “Mary Ma”. Her paintings are brilliant, simple, profound and accessible all at the same time. Her genius is revealed through her ability to contain contrasting concepts within her art that work together harmoniously. She is one of the artists who is forging new roads to the future, where women’s art will be recognized and valued as it deserves to be.  There is a gap in the life of our culture that urgently needs to be filled by women such as Shiloh; women of stature, truth and brilliance of vision.
Shiloh debunks the mythology that art can only be created or collected by the esoteric few.  Her service to community

Our Lady of the Red Thread

and creativity, and her attitude of brave irreverence toward judgment, inspires us to embark upon an adventure into the landscape of our own imaginations and souls. The time has come to move into a new way of “being” in the world, a way that is epitomized by artists such as Shiloh.  Her art and her teachings encourage us to freely be who we are, with no apologies.  In viewing her art, we find a place that is rooted in authenticity.  Shiloh breaks the glass ceiling for women artists; she is leading us on a Renaissance of Creativity that is truly a sacred symphony of design, beauty, inspiration and healing.

Glitter Wasp

Elizabeth Gibbons aka Glitter Wasp is a visionary artist and an “Art Critic” who champions women artists. She resides in San Francisco at the Palace of the Soul with her three fabulously talented children and her “revolving extended family”.  She can often be found in her studio playing with sparkling arrays of dazzling beads and glitter.  “Glitter Therapy” is her favorite pastime. Don’t be surprised if after reading this article you discover that you find mysterious pieces of glitter upon your being!!  Glitter WASP has been known to travel far and wide in her mission to spread sparkle around the world. If you would like her to feature you and your art in her column please contact her at  pangels@pacbell.net If you would like to learn more about her inspiring art and workshops offered to enchant your life visit her web-site at  http://www.enchantedeye.net/ or   http://cosmiccowgirlsuniversity.com