REVEAL Community Call – Recording from 5/27

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Wow! Helloooooooo! We opened a global museum yesterday! It was so wonderful to gather for our REVEAL preview of the website The MUSEA website has been a six month labor of love for myself and my team, especially Sarah Mardell and Amber Gould. The museum has been in the works for 30+ years! Our physical location in Sonoma was purchased in 2016, yet I have been running art spaces for women since my mid-twenties.

I am so glad that close to 200 women showed up to celebrate the site’s beginning. I had an emotional day – because not having you there in person was hard for me. I felt so isolated suddenly in a big building filled with art and no one there to see it but me. I missed my teacher Sue, and my mom Caron, and Mary and Jena, my two closest colleagues in the adventure which is Intentional Creativity. While I am grateful for technology, I will also be grateful when I can have an official opening with our community there. The whole thing, while virtual is really very very real, as you will hear about in the recording if you weren’t able to attend live. The energy in the E=mc2 is just as real as the light filled matter.

We intend for the site to be a valuable resource in our community for years to come. Yep, we are 17 years into the 100 year plan that was started by our community of women owners, Cosmic Cowgirls, LLC. I will share more with you as the days unfold, as we move towards our external launch – which may be after we can open to the community to come in person for champagne and cake! In the meantime, we will continue to develop the site as well as the most optimal way to showcase art going forward.

If you feel called to support the work, as well as to stay in communication, the best way to stay connected to all things Musea is to sign up to become a Musea Member,the basic level is just $10 and goes 100% towards women’s work. It will likely be years before membership can be a big part of making this possible financially. Every single member who signed up yesterday to show support is wind beneath our wings and gives us courage. If $10 a month isn’t reasonable for you at this time, sign up for a scholarship to stay connected and be on monthly calls with our community. For a long term venture like this, the Intentional Creativity Foundation will be working closely with our sponsors, donors, community, and in time, grants we hope!

I can really feel in my body, heart and mind what a big shift this was in the body of work which is Intentional Creativity. I am still finding language, and grounding in the reality of all of it.

Oh, how I am holding on for dear life to my own piece of the red thread…and at the same time asking if your thread is woven with ours?

One of the personally exciting parts of this new venture is that I am moving into my desired position in life, to be a Curator of a Museum, and not just any museum…one that is defined by the voices and images of women. I know Sue would be so proud, and I am so happy my mom, Caron was on the call yesterday, she sent me this:

“Oh my dear God! Oh my dear Shiloh!!! I am in total awe”

Nice to have your mom be proud of you!

shiloh sophiaTo keep myself grounded over the past few days I have been in my studio painting each night, remembering who I am and what I am here to cause and create!

I have a new show I hope to reveal in the Fall of my current works, and as Sue Hoya Sellars was fond of saying, “Let’s Commit Art”.

See you at the drawing board!





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