Who We Are: The Red Thread Nation is a tribe that is ‘chosen’.
We are a tribe of creatives, poets, artists, dancers, dreamers, healers, visionaries and change makers.We are a community of woman dedicated to creativity, connection, conversation and collaboration.We all come from different geographies and genealogies, and for many of us we do not feel we ‘fit’ where we came from. THIS is a place where we CHOOSE to participate inside of a newly defined culture. A culture defined by a community of creatives who are guided by the heart. Many of us resist the dominant over-cultures and are working to find our voice in world that might not have valued the things we have had to say.
Where We Come From: The Red Thread Nation was forged from a mutual desire to serve, empower and bless.
The Red Thread Nation is a collaborative project guided by two organizations, Cosmic Cowgirls University, founded in 2006 and The Color of Woman School, founded in 1994. These are alternative education vehicles that teach both online and in-person courses. Cosmic Cowgirls is a United States Based member owned LLC that is a nationally based and dedicated to transformational education based on the visionary arts and entrepreneurship. The Color of Woman School is an International teacher training for those who desire to ‘teach’ the method started by our Founder, Shiloh Sophia McCloud that teaches a style of cathartic healing painting that makes it possible for anyone to paint, and discover healing.  We are not a legal structure or organized corporation, we are a gathering of souls.
What we are working on: The Red Thread Nation is a university without borders teaching transformational education.
Our vision is three-fold – 1. University: online and in-person education globally 2. Community: Introduce and establish a culture that is guided by love and creativity 3. Magazine: Publish articles and conversations that teacher and empower ourselves and our readers towards causing and creating a vital life. By vital we mean a life where you are encouraged to become WHO you are and live out that life. Essentially our courses provide tools abou authoring YOUR future.
What We Care About: The Red Thread Nation is dedicated to creating systems of connection.
Our Vision is to forge connections between art, healing and women worldwide. Our delivery vehicle for this is our courses, our published materials and magazine, and creating relationships through a community with a common vision to connect through creativity. To discover what makes us the same in the most basic ways, and how we can be a part of something larger than ourselves but not lose sit of our individual visions for our lives. We develop systems, methods that we share with women, that create an opportunity for lasting change in their lives.
What We Believe: The Red Thread Nation comes from the knowledge that healing is possible.
We work with a culture of creativity that believes that all beings are inherently creative. Our research over the past 20 years has demonstrated that when women are given the tools to create a path of healing and self expression, that the ability to transform their lives is in their hands. We believe that inside of every single being resides an internal navigation system which is deeply connected with that person’s core identity and ability to self express. At the very heart of our work is to introduce others to the awareness of how this ‘system’ can work for them and the development of their lives.
Who Should Join Us: Women who feel called to creating connections with other women creatives.
By creative, we don’t just mean those who are practicing in the arts, since we believe that all beings are creative. IF you want to FEEL like you are a part of something larger than yourself, if you want to discover who you are at the level of your core identity, or if you just want to see what this tribe of wild women creatives is up to, then join us. Joining means you will be kept in the loop about your work in the world through our Magazine, RedThreadNation.com