“When the soul wishes to experience something she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image.”  ~ Meister Eckhart

Guardian of the Dream Gate

Guardian of the Dream Gate

I have known for 7 months that I would be writing this article for about manifestation for Red Thread Nation.  I filed that knowledge away until a month ago, when I received an email reminding me about the deadlines for submitting a draft, then finalizing the article for publication.  It’s no surprise that I completely forgot that the deadline was looming so close.  So, my attention, still turned elsewhere, invited the idea of authoring this piece into the fringes of my awareness, knowing that soon I would turn my full attention to it. And then everything I picked up to read, every podcast I played in the month of December, contained information about the manifest and the unmanifest.  Manifestation at work!

And it worked even though I had not actively been focusing my energy on calling in information that would help me with this article. I have long believed that the life force, the creative intelligence permeating everything that is, responds to our energy and the manner and direction in which we focus it.  But, I did not sit down and focus on this data, all these opinions, all the guidance that showed up.  I simply had a peripheral awareness that the concept of “manifestation” and I were going to be involved with each other.  Grateful, yes, I was!  But also curious – does our ability to bring into what we need into form include those things we are not fully engaged with in the present time?  Does manifestation work us even when we are not actively working it? Does manifestation work us even when we are not actively working it
Over at the Red Madonna LINK HERE, we are beginning a year-long exploration in poetry Joseph's Wheeland painted image of the Medicine Wheel and the sacred energies that live in each direction. Our teachings are called Matrix of the Red Madonna.” And, and of course, a matrix is something out of which something else is created or emerges. As I started sinking into the cosmology for this Red Madonna journey, what showed up for me was an image of the manifest contained within and emerging from everything that is unmanifest and not yet in form. That infinite formless inchoate chaos containing the pool of all potential possibility is always there, ready to come into form. Like TV channels or radio stations, the waves are always broadcasting and the possibilities are always available, but we don’t hear them until we tune our dials (giving my age away here), our focus, to them specifically. We call a specific wave to us, listen for it, receive it, and experience it reaching us, then see the pictures or forms it creates in the world we inhabit.

“Imagination lays the track for the reality train to follow.” ~ Caroline Casey


K-Heart on Your Dial

K-Heart on Your Dial

And here’s the place where we can stumble, as I discovered with the manifestation readings that showed up for me in December: even though I was not consciously tuning to them, they found me anyway. So, what is below the surface of my conscious imagination is also tuning into frequencies, even though I’m not consciously turning the dial. I am also tuning to stations I might not want to listen to. The programs in the old stories that inhabit my unconscious, the way I speak, even in jest, the belief systems I learned from my family, in school, from friends growing up all of these are auto tuning all the time. And the stations that broadcast on these frequencies can limit my ability to tune to new frequencies and to listen with the Ear in the Heart.


Listening with the Ear in the Heart

Listening with the Ear in the Heart

Consider that we humans are not solid, even though we certainly feel that way. Under a microscope, we are space and atoms, representing patterns and frequencies. We are energy that has taken a particular form, a specific form dreamed by God, some mystics would say. Our energetic frequencies call in frequencies that resonate with ours we receive the broadcasts from the stations were tuned to. To a certain degree, we can modulate those frequencies by excavating some of the unconscious story patterns we hold, then examining them in the light and shifting them. We change the channel. We also hold resonances of the stories we know about it, but have not successfully shifted yet. Until we shift the frequency of these patterns, we continue to resonate the old energy to tune to the same station and receive those broadcasts we no longer like.

You create by becoming
the person whose life includes

your creations. They shape you
as you shape them.

The relationship between you
is the ecology of creation.

~Hiro Boga

 Changing the channel is not as easy as pushing a button on the remote (or turning the dial, if you are my age). Shifting frequency involves catching the resonance we send out and replacing it with new images, new words, new patterns. This requires work, self examination, looking at what might feel unpleasant or painful or shameful. In our Intentional Creativity work at Red Thread Nation, we stand at our easels or sit at our writing benches and let that mucky stuff release through paint and ink and become compost, rich soil for new growth. This is how we shift frequencies. Our creative work, our canvas and paper, holds the old patterns so we don’t have to anymore.
We can create interference by a focus that is hard, rather than soft.  If there’s static on the station we’ve selected, it doesn’t help to turn up the volume and leave the dial where it is.  All we get for our efforts is louder static.   But if we gently move the dial, fine tuning the reception, allowing it to be at the place where the message is most clear, we are more likely to tune to a bandwidth resonating with the truth of our larger Selves. Just as conditions have to be right for manifestation to occur, allowing what we are seeking to appear in form.
Then we change the channel, tune into the new stations, and shift happens.
Start by asking the question, What am I ready to shift in my life?
Find out more about using Intentional Creativity to help you along your way on Susan’s website www.flyingtotheheart.com
Susan Rossi

Susan Rossi is a Practitioner of Shamanic Arts, Wake-Up Artist and Guide to the Way In at Flying to the Heart. She works with people seeking to creatively travel the sacred path into the Heart of What Matters Most.  Her core belief is that each of us holds inside the seeds of creativity, healing and transformation. Each of us holds a sacred story wanting expression. Her passion is helping clients and students discover how to nurture themselves in the garden of possibilities, to align with their unique purpose and calling, and to shine their own brilliance and beauty in the world.  She uses traditional and contemporary shamanic work and the process of intentional creativity with clients to bring transformation, healing stories and symbols into their lives.

This journey is not for the faint of heart.  It requires the willingness to  look deeply at what can seem impossible or frightening to change. It calls up the courage to paint the images of connection and write the healing stories that reshape lives, relationships, families and communities. Setting out on the journey awakens the ability to author the future we want to create. It is Susan’s privilege to be your creative collaborator and guide.

Susan is a passionate long-time explorer of mystery and metaphor and the relationship between mind, body and spirit.  She has a shamanic practice working with clients, students and apprentices, and has studied with Sandra Ingerman, Betsy Bergstrom, the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and indigenous healers, teachers and mystics for 20 years. She has explored painting, poetry and musecraft with Visionary Artist Shiloh Sophia McCloud and Poet Caron McCloud and is a certified teacher of the Color of Woman Method.  She is a hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, reflexologist and yoga teacher.

Susan can be contacted through her website www.flyingtotheheart.com or at flyingtotheheart@gmail.com.

Artwork above © by Susan Rossi-Guardian of the Dream Gate; Tuned to K-Heart on Your Dial; Listening with the Ear in the Heart.  Artwork by Joseph Rael: The Mother of Time. In the collection of Susan Rossi