Thinking about the word ‘community’ first takes my memories back to my roots growing up in a small town in Vermont. I think about the numerous examples of my family giving back to the community. These were not only actions that I participated in and witnessed, but also stories passed down from generations past. Of my grandparents who met working at a soup kitchen, or taking in people who needed help.  Sometimes we kids would be rounded up to go and clear up fallen leaves and branches from an elderly neighbor’s property or to bag up our old clothes to donate.  At the time, though we surely grumbled about doing what we viewed simply as a chore, we finished with an unexpected sense of happiness. This reaching out beyond the everyday matters of my own life, remains one of the most important and enjoyable actions I engage in today.

In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it.

Marianne Williamson

Today my sense of community remains close to my heart and home-my friends and family. The larger scope of what I feel as community has reaches around the world as well. Through my visionary art, I translate plights of turmoil and helplessness into images and symbols of hope, love and protection.  My work expresses voices of those who have been silenced or their actions for justice suppressed.  I invite Creatives of all ages to play in paint tapping into their innate Creative Wisdom for transformation. Together we are the antidote for each other!

What does your connection to Community look like?

Community for me is made up of the tribe I serve and the tribe I belong to and supports me.  I have spent my whole life looking for the tribe I belong to and it wasn’t until I stepped into my artist self, did I find them.  The community I serve did not become totally apparent until I found my tribe.  When I found the tribe that supports me my Sacred Work in the world showed up.  I do not believe we can do our Sacred Work alone, we need a tribe to hold us up when the arrows of our work get to our hearts as they so quickly can.  I was thrown out of a community recently due to taking an unpopular stand in the world.  The result is I now have freedom to fully belong to my Soul Tribe.  My Soul Tribe is not just one group of women, I believe as women we are much to multifaceted to believe that just one organization will be able to fulfill us all.  My Soul Tribe today is made up of women who are fully engaged in their Sacred Work in the world.  They are Cosmic Crones, fully imprinted women inoculating the young with truth and being inoculated by them.-Catt Gellar-Color of Woman Teacher