Join Musea co-founders, Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud for a special salon-style museum show where they will share stories about a few select pieces from the Musea Intentional Creativity Museum’s permanent collection. Our community story began in the 1930ies with the art of Lenore Thomas Straus and Eden McCloud. Both women intentionally passed their gifts onto other artists who then passed their gifts onto other artists.

The idea of passing images, stories, symbols and philosophies has been a part of our community in a conscious way since 1999, although it started much earlier than that within our own circles. We welcome our members and greater communities to a special salon ‘show and tell’ as well as an invitation to a greater understanding of what we mean by Matriarchal Lineage centering on women’s art.

Matriarchy in our work is not a reaction to existing societal structures, rather it is the acknowledgment of a much more ancient structure and way of working regarding how information is passed from a mother or mother figure to those in her circle. Explore our communities unique perspective on the topic of matriarchy, art and lineage and what weave you may be holding as one of the threads in the fabric of Musea.

A thread of fascination to our Curator, Shiloh Sophia is how each of the women who really began the lineage as we understand it today worked in image and language, art and story. We will explore the role that image and language will have in the curation of our museum going into the future.

Receive a walking tour of Musea as well as pieces by Lenore Thomas Straus, Eden McCloud, Caron McCloud, Sue Hoya Sellars, Janet Seaforth including a few special pieces from the collection of Alice Walker. Thread paintings, book arts and sculpture will be shared.

Now in our second year Musea has been focusing largely on our community and student work, now featured in the Community Gallery, as well as the permanent collection as a way to create a foundation for our work.

Join us July 21 at 4 pm PT live online for this special occasion to explore the roots of our beginnings. All are welcome!