Connected to the Mothership by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

The question that is being asked is this: How do we stay PRESENT to the vast suffering in the world and also stay inside a world that allows us to experience ‘guilt free’ happiness and wonder? Yes… it’s a paradox that can be understood by something that takes much practice.
The key is this: Everyone out there who is suffering this moment… this very moment… depends deeply on those who are swimming in happiness and wonder. Why are they depending on us in this way? Because happiness can, whether we believe it or not, be felt close-up and long distance. It is contagious. I know this first hand. It can lift all of us (including ourselves). Yes… why?… Because all our connections are supra-REAL.
“As unfathomable as it sounds, repeatable experiments reveal that quantum connections between two particles can persist even if the two particles are on opposite sides of the universe,” said an article on this on the site for the TV show NOVA
Physicist David Bohm talked about the Quantum state of ‘in-between’ that can be found between the minute moments of our immediate past and our current present. This is that magical space where most children live inside themselves; where music can be heard by a musician; where artists create art and where Shiloh’s fantastic theories on INTENTIONAL CREATIVITY exists. David Bohm did say….

“With the darkness perception is not possible”

Even though we want to focus on joy it is soooo very important for us not to deny (or ignore) world suffering. Why?…Because is is important for all artists to not lessen perception, but to enlarge perception. By knowing where suffering exists on the earth, we can send messages of love to those who are trapped in moments of time that are very hard. In the context of eternity a message can go forward from us that shares this special and personal message: All suffering is temporary. Blindness and hardship too are temporary. Love surrounds all of us this very moment.
In all the work I’ve done globally (as a news journalist) I have seen numerous women, who have suffered severely and in unimaginable ways, lift themselves up to dance, sing, laugh, live.
So… keep your doors open. Keep your eyes open. Do not be afraid to see our beloved world. This is the source of all creativity!

Lys Anzia

Lys Anzia

WNN – Women News Network founder Lys Anzia believes strongly in the power of women to transform the world. She is an award-winning playwright, (2007), a Pushcart Prize nominee (2010) and a most recently a returning panelist that speaks each year at the United Nations on media, activism and human rights. Anzia was also the first woman on the programming board for Colorado Public TV Channel12 KBDI in Denver, CO (US).