“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead


On behalf of Musea and Shiloh Sophia, we wish to express gratitude to all who were able to join us in witnessing and celebrating our Color of Woman 2019 Graduates during the September Virtual Sister Vision Museum Show.

What a beautiful gathering we had, in honor of this collection of work. In the words of Musea Curator, Shiloh Sophia, “These courageous women have journeyed together on a 9 month Vision Quest. These creative souls have been diving into the depth of their being to discover, articulate and reveal what lay hidden in their deepest soul and bring it forth in living color.”

And wow, did they ever! Seeing these images for the first time in circle, while connected to women from all over the globe, was a truly powerful and uplifting experience.

If you were not able to join us, you can watch the Gallery Show here.

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For our Musea Members, each month we hold a Virtual Zoom Circle which includes watching the Gallery Show and then doing an Intentional Creativity process with paper and pen. As this show took place during Equinox, using paper and pen we got kindly curious about what we wanted to let go (or release) and what we want to embrace (or have emerge) with the changing of the seasons.

If you are just coming to this post, and are new to our work, you may wish to learn more about the lineage of Shiloh Sophia and Intentional Creativity: https://musea.org/lineage/

If you are inspired to go deeper with us and study Intentional Creativity, we offer complimentary and tuition-based experiences.

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Upcoming Musea: Intentional Creativity Events

  • 10/8: Shiloh Sophia will be leading a complimentary 2-hour training on the Legends of the Red Thread. Watch live or watch later.
  • Mid October: Color of Woman 2021 Applications Opening.
  • November VIVID : 18th Annual Cosmic Cowgirls Gathering & Ceremony. Invitation coming soon!

For links to these events, visit www.musea.org/school

For our students, come see our Universal Calendar. A great tool to see upcoming events + dates for courses you may be currently enrolled in.

*Save the date: Our next Museum Show takes place October 21 at 4pm PT: Coming Home, featuring works by Musea Curator, Artist Shiloh Sophia. After which we will be gathering for an Intentional Creativity process exploring the show’s theme together.

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With love along the Red Thread,
~ Musea Collective

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