What a wonderful gathering of around 150 people who watched during our November Community Red Thread Connect Call!  We are grateful for all who attended live and witnessed the beautiful works of  Shiloh Sophia. It is a delight to see our community be inspired by Shiloh’s artwork and  in turn energize their own creative practice.

Kinship with Creation includes works created by Shiloh Sophia whilst she taught Intentional Creativity courses to thousands of women all over the world. Meanwhile, other pieces were created as illustrations of novels she has been working on in recent years.  These illustrations depict characters that experience epic journeys of transformation in a wondrous world colored with mystery, desire, discovery, and love.

The exhibition captured hearts and moved viewers to tears with the depth and profound power emanating from each painting.

One participant said: I seem to cry every time you present these shows online. Your presence, love, and wisdom are flowing out into the quantum field and touching these paintings that are being created because of your service to the divine.

What a deeply moving experience to witness these creations in the community especially since so many of our community were painting along with her for some of it.  If you were unable to attend or you would like a second, deeper immersion; you can view the exhibition here.

We invite you to watch the full community call. In the first hour, Shiloh Sophia introduces her show and there is a slideshow of the exhibit. Following the exhibition viewing, Jonathan McCloud, MUSEA Co-founder and husband to Shiloh Sophia interview her about the creations and how this particular exhibition came to be. You can watch the show opening below.

During the second portion of our community call, we had the opportunity to experience an Intentional Creativity® process based on the previous theme for the show “Coming Home”.  This was an exploratory process to define, express, and embody what it means to come home to ourselves. You can experience all that was offered in the second half of the call below.

These online shows are available to everyone as part of our belief that creativity is a human right. We are continually inspired by the ways in which our community can benefit and simultaneously contribute to this work. In the words of Shiloh Sophia: Those who participate in our Museum membership support us to break the pattern of less than 5% of women in museums represented globally, even though at least 50% of artists are women. As a result, the women who engage in this creative activism become the artists who are represented.

Become a member and support the evolution of Musea and the expression of women’s voices through art. Then join us on December 16th at 12pm PT for our next Musea Museum Show, “Artifacts of the Future”, featuring the works of Artists from the ARTIFACT 2020 Medicine Painting Course.

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With love along the Red Thread,

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