Revolution Is In the Eye of the Beholder

By Laura Toller Gardner

Dedication: To my teachers who each embody originality, and have inspired in me the profound craving for authenticity. I am immensely grateful!

Claiming revolution is a solitary act.
There, I said it.
How does that assertion feel for you? For some it may reverberate like I’m selling out the sisterhood. Deep breath, I’m not. Please keep reading…
You may question, when did revolution ever manifest in singularity? Here is a simple litmus test: turn within to the precious dreams of your heart and you will find reflections of the elusive and yet conspicuous. While your revolutionary acts often include and even gain clarity and strength from the passion of others, the flame that lights the bonfire of your desire is personal and exclusive. Revolution is yours alone.

Laura, the youthful revolutionary.

Laura, the youthful revolutionary.

I offer you these incendiary questions to get your blaze going. Abandon caution and proceed with the wonderment of an authentic revolutionary!
If you cared not one whit for reputation, appearance or appropriateness, how would you show up in the world? How would this liberating authenticity make your life different than it is now? Can you accept that difference?
Have others made you wrong and unworthy? How have you conspired with them? What might be the consequences if you released them and yourself from this unholy covenant?
What are you terrified to do and/or say? What is the basis of the terror? Is it true?
What secret(s) do you keep? What might become possible if you courageously shared your secret(s) with someone trustworthy?
Are you hiding? What might happen if you were fully seen?
Is it acceptable to love yourself unconditionally? Is it acceptable for others to know how much you value yourself? What would be the consequences if others thought you were self-important, narcissistic, grandiose?
Revolution is about allowing your uniquenesses to blossom as they need to, in whole, effortless you-ness. You can most certainly support others’ revolutions, and even wage collaborative revolt. Just make sure that your presence and participation is evolutionary for you, to ensure that your revolutionary spirit is well served. Modeling, following, and restating others’ ways and wisdom may be the highest form of flattery for the ones being emulated, and it is one of the surest paths to heart and soul paralysis for the emulator. Please be about your own revolutionary business, no one else can do you the way you can.
I invite you to take a stand for your revolution and share about it in the comments. Let us know who you are, what’s important to you, or how you engage with the incendiary questions. Share your brand of revolution!
The Notorious Author Laura Toller Gardner

The Notorious Author Laura Toller Gardner

Laura Toller Gardner I am a liberating-thought leader, an author, animal intuitive, and branding and marketing executive. I have worked for 20 years with non-profit and for-profit clients helping them tell their compelling stories and enhance their bottom lines.
My writing focuses on heart and soul sovereignty, overcoming the Cult of Perfection, and spiritual healing through the embodiment of Notorious. I believe that transformation is a daily ritual. I value authenticity, freedom, and mirthful humor.