I am living as an expatriate in Bahrain, in the Persian Gulf.
In June,  I publicly announced my offerings for Intentional Creativity Workshops on the island. I have held some private sessions and workshops from my home studio as well as at a local Aikido and Yoga studio where I was asked to offer classes and Red Thread Sessions.
March was a very busy time. I was invited to share IC in a mini-workshop and have my own booth at a Wellness Day, and to present a teaser at a fashion show for a fashion academy. I had around 100 people doing the first few steps of a 13 step workshop together. They visioned, set an intention and created an opening.
Below are a few photos from the fashion event, from my booth and also from some students creating paintings in my studio.
~ Rien Cassidy   (www.riencassidy.com)

Students painting.

Paintings from a workshop.

Creating Portals of Opening

At the fashion event…