Writer Kathryn Barry Elliott, Ph.D. aka Sparkling Wisdom Warrior

At some point, if you’ve answered an inner call, you find yourself on a quest.
While we commonly pursue goals for external rewards and known destinations, we pursue quests for internal rewards and unknown ports of call. We undertake an inner journey of transformation that yields priceless gifts. One of these gifts is an ever-deepening connection to wholeness.
Wholeness is a state of awareness. In this state, we feel more connected to what has heart and meaning for us. We experience a deeper connection to who we are and our creative capacity. We move closer to our inner visions and our ability to manifest those visions. Wholeness connects us to our ability and desire to unfold our sense of self that resides deep within our souls. Wholeness connects us to our most human and spiritual dimensions.
While the pursuit of external rewards is often associated with acquisition, the pursuit of a quest moves us to relinquish. Quests move us to release, reframe, and deconstruct the inner walls that inhibit our innate ability to experience wholeness. Quests move us into different relationships with the mental models and conceptual frameworks that inhabit our inner world.  And in the process, quests move us into a different relationship with ourselves.
My experience of shifting these relationships spans the gamut from mildly unsettling to a feeling of annihilation. The shape of my identity morphs and transforms. Unsettling. Disconcerting. Discomforting. While no one accompanies me on this inner journey, I take comfort that others walk a similar path. Connecting with others on their quest for wholeness supports me in mine.

Quests move us into uncharted territories to face unknown challenges. Quest challenges engage us with deeper, inner dimensions, aspects of ourselves that we wouldn’t encounter otherwise. Throughout most quests, we also face recurring challenges of self-doubt, uncertainty, indecision, and loss of inspiration and vision.
However, without quest challenges there would be no quest gifts.
As we arrive at the new port of call, we encounter gifts of inspiration or insight, an expanded perspective, a deepened and renewed sense of self, or an increased connection to our potential, our abilities, our talents. These are the gifts of wholeness that we reap for our willingness to take the inner journey and transform our inner world.
Embracing our desires to explore and unfold our creative and spiritual selves as a quest is both liberating and healing. We find liberation in shedding the very linear notions that are intrinsic to our get-ahead, earn-a-living-but-not-a-life culture. We find healing when we acknowledge the transformational gifts that we receive as a result of our quest.
To all of us who are on a quest, we must take time to appreciate. We must take time to acknowledge the courage it takes to be guided by our quests. We must take time to glory in the wonder of our experience and give thanks for the deepening connections within our inner world that have taken place. And, we must take time to celebrate our quest for wholeness.
Intuitive artist, writer, teacher, and esoteric coach, Kathryn Barry Elliott connects people to their energetic wisdom, spiritual truth, and creative potential to increase wellbeing, ignite insight, and navigate their inner world with wonder and delight. You’re invited to visit her website:  http://www.EnergyAtPlay.com/