The Grove of Intention~ A Healing Place for Contemplation, Connection & Community, Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand: The Grove of Intention, an experiential mural for contemplation, connection, community is near completion. In support of community healing from the recent shootings, the unveiling of The Grove will take place on Saturday March 23, 2019 at Westpac Lane in Christchurch. Constructed and designed by California IC teacher Kerry Lee and New Zealand IC Teacher Rosie MacCarthy, the mural is an interactive work of art.

The mural is a catalyst for healing, a place to contemplate and process utilizing Intentional Creativity – in the midst of a crisis.” ~ IC Teacher and Artist Rosie MacCarthy

The Grove of Intention consists of seven symbolic trees. Each tree has a theme and a related inquiry including:

  • The Connection Tree which asks “Where in Christchurch is your favourite place to be in conversation?”
  • The Peace Tree which asks “What is one wish you have for the world?
  • The Witness Tree – How do you help improve the world?
  • The Wellbeing Tree – What nourishes your soul?

At the base of each tree is unique Contemporary Symbolism that ties in the the overall themes including simple whimsical houses symbolizing connection, triangles symbolizing transformation and change and circles representing humanity and our oneness. Given the recent shootings, the artists are adding white thumbprints to The Connection Tree representing each person who was killed.

“It is our hope that The Grove of Intention will provide a place where love and compassion for each other can continue long after the memorial flowers at the Botanical Garden are gone.” ~ IC Teacher and Artist Kerry Lee

The mural will be in place for approximately 2 1/2 years, currently a construction zone at Spark Square on Westpac Lane as part of the rebuilding of Christchurch post-earthquake. After which time the shopping complex with offices will open, and the center tree, called the Connection Tree will become permanent installation at the center of the square.

Rosie MacCarthy and Kerry Lee on site.

Rosie and Kerry have also been supported by a village of people in Christchurch helping to complete the mural due to being hampered by the weather and, of course, the shootings last Friday when the city was in lockdown.

Kerry Lee, Artist and IC Teacher:

Rosie MacCarthy, Artist and IC Teacher:

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