Celebrating the Grand Opening
of Musette Atelier
and the Cosmic Kiss Exhibit!

On May 1st, we celebrated the Grand Opening of Musette Atelier, MUSEA Intentional Creativity Museum’s newest gallery space, opened by Co-Founders, Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud. The couple hosted a grand opening celebration which felt like a “ …taking a deep exhale, knowing that we have the opportunity to bring back laughter, connection and creativity to our physical spaces in Sonoma!”

While we soft-opened Musette during Spring Equinox, the May 1st Grand Opening was timed with Beltane. This day has different meanings, yet for our co-founders, it is indeed a celebration to mark a new chapter, a dream coming true in the unfolding of MUSEA.

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Celebrating our Musette Atelier
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