• Welcome and New Member Orientation
  • Introduction to Intentional Creativity
  • What Communications to Expect From Us
  • Meet Your Member Guides!

Welcome to your new MUSEA Membership! We are so honored to have you as one of our many muses and look forward to welcoming you into our community of creatives! Whether you are brand new to Intentional Creativity, or have already been journeying with us, we welcome you with open arms and celebrate you joining our Circle.

This email will serve as your New Member Orientation, and contains supportive links and resources you will want to return to! We will also have this New Member Orientation as a linked resource available in the Membership Portal.

As a Member of our Artist Level 1 or Society Level 2 Membership, your circle access, member benefits, and resources are all found on our easily accessible Membership Portal.



If you identify as a Black, Indigenous, Woman of Color, we also invite you to apply to join our monthly Sacred ECHOES of the Well – Women of Color Circle. After your application is received, a member of our BIWOC Leadership Team will be in contact with you with further details. This circle is a benefit of all Membership Levels.

New Member Orientation

Below we have outlined five simple steps for your New Member Orientation! We encourage you to engage with each step outlined below as a way to initiate your membership journey, learn about your member benefits, and connect with our incredible community.

Consider making time to complete one step a day, or do them all at once! Each step takes just a few minutes, and will support you in getting familiar and settling in with ease to your MUSEA Membership.



Visit our Membership Portal to learn about our our 2023 Membership ThemeCreative Sanctuary. This is a place for you to find solace and replenishment in your creative practice, supported by an incredible community! It is a sacred place where your devotional creativity can be nurtured and your truest self expression and soul voice accessed!



Familiarize yourself with our monthly Membership Circles and add them to your personal calendar to receive attendance reminders and Zoom access. Our Membership Circles include: Artist Circle, Imprensiva Salon, Sacred ECHOES of the Well Circles, #POP Open Studio Parties + a quarterly monthly public Museum Show!



Complete our short (3 min) New Member Welcome Questionnaire. This will help us learn about you and how we can best come along side you on your Intentional Creativity journey! Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer our questions!



Come introduce your incredible self in our MUSEA Member Creative Sanctuary on the iMusea App. You can download the app on your phone, or join via desktop. Once you are on the app, simply select the MUSEA Members group and request to be added.



Pick up a watercolor or mixed media journal or notebook in a size of your choosing. You will want to have this to engage with the creative inquiries, Intentional Creativity processes that occur in most of our circles and classes! Watch our Watercolor Materials Overview video to gain some insights on how to work with a watercolor art journal!

New to Intentional Creativity? An Introduction


If you are brand new to the practice of Intentional Creativity, we encourage you to view some of our Educational Videos sharing about the practice, philosophy and methodology of Intentional Creativity, and how we work with it in our community. Of course experiencing it for yourself it the most exciting way to begin! You can also engage with your Member Resource Library that includes hours of Intentional Creativity classes and processes – whatever calls to your muse.

As a part of your membership journey, we offer monthly Intentional Creativity processes and art journal/notebook inquiries for your to engage with. These happen live at our monthly member circles, and are also available on your Membership Portal. This will provide you with opportunities to practice Intentional Creativity and experience the joy and healing that comes from this way of engaging in self-expression! No experience necessary, just the willingness to show up and let yourself create freely.

We invite you to begin to set up your creative studio space, whether that is your kitchen table, a closet, an art room, or the corner of your bedroom! Set up a beautiful altar, add some candles, jars ready with water, a selection of paint colors to get you started, a ball of red thread (which we use in our creative connection circles), and a set of paintbrushes all your own. You have opened the door to Intentional Creativity, and now you can let yourself get excited and even more curious as you step into your Artist Archetype with us!


What Communications to Expect From Us

Our Membership Team will be sending membership communications to your inbox every other week on Tuesdays, providing membership weaving, reminders of events and resources, creative inquiries, and member spotlights. Look for emails from ‘Creative Sanctuary’ as these are your membership specific emails within Musea!

We also publish a once monthly Museum newsletter that goes to members as well as a quarterly Member ‘Zine’ that features stories, reflections, art and inspiration from our membership community. Who knows, we might be featuring you one day soon!

There is a lot of goodness in store for you on your MUSEA Membership Journey. We encourage you to take it one step at a time, and engage with our nourishing creative content at your leisure and when inspired. You can pick up where you left off, or jump in to something new! All approaches are welcomed and we encourage you to follow your creative joy!

Once again, we are truly excited to have you join us as a member.

We look forward to creating a wonderful future together,

With heART,

~ The Musea Membership Team with Artist Shiloh Sophia


Meet Your Membership Guides!

As a part of your Membership benefits, we have two dedicated Membership Coordinators who are available to answer your questions and support you in navigating your membership journey. Meet Marnie Dangerfield and Chatelle Jeram – here to answer your membership-related questions as well as the co-guides of our monthly Artist Circles!


Marnie Dangerfield is a certified Intentional Creativity Guide from British Columbia, Canada! She combines her passion for nature, mindfulness and Intentional Creativity®, and provides support, guidance and powerful inquiry to effectively support others to grow their own way! She is a nature lover and often brings this into her sessions. Email: Marnie.Dangerfield@musea.org


Chatelle Jeram is an Intentional Creativity Coach who hails from New Zealand! She enjoys supporting others in breaking through fears and limitations so they can move forward with more freedom and clarity. She is passionate about empowering people in discovering what they want in life and how they can get it! Email: Chatelle.Jeram@musea.org