Here at MUSEA, we’ve been busy in a great way! Our dedicated focus has been providing support for our community during COVID-19, Raven and Hummingbird Micro-Loans for women leaders in the community, the Re-Membering Circles for Mending Racialized Trauma, and at least 4 gifted programs in Intentional Creativity® for our communit – reaching thousands of women.

Here’s a little look at where we are…get a cuppa’ something good and feel PROUD that you are a part of a global movement honoring a diversity of women’s voices, stories, and art. YOU ARE PART OF THIS MOVEMENT MOVING! You might need to move your hips and paintbrush to get in the groove!

As for me, I am delighted, and yes a bit of an over-flowing cup with projects. I haven’t been able to turn towards the art shows specifically the way I had hoped this Summer – plus needing to be closed in our physical locations. Yet, onward! What a journey eh? We are working on it behind the scenes

I invite you to continue reading as I share a few exciting things for you to know! If you’d like to leave a comment, come on over to my post in the Red Thread Cafe.

Siempre Adelante


If you are not yet a Musea member, feel free to join to participate in our events and shows.

You can apply for a three month scholarship, or support Musea and know that your $10 a month is going directly towards the huge effort to finance bringing women’s voices to the front of the art scene. We aren’t waiting for them to come to us – we are defining the arena which represents less than 2% of women worldwide in museums. Our museum at present is 100% women artists. We will represent men in the future, in connection with women in our community.

The savings for courses and other benefits over the years will far outweigh your investment – and it is tax-deductible.

Imprensiva members are invited to our Salon next Thursday at 4pm PT, where Jonathan and I will talk about “Will art save us from irrelevance?” and will focus on the work of the Sapiens author, Yuval Noah Harari and his theory on uselessness and relevance for the future of humanity. What role do art and artists play?


UPCOMING SHOW AUGUST 26 at 4pm PT = Save the Date!

The next steps for the MUSEUM – we are working on our first online show for CODEX which will take place during our Red Thread Connect call for MUSEA members on August 26. Codex artists will be invited to share about their experience, then we will go into discussion groups to talk about – you guessed it – curating consciousness through Intentional Creativity. I will also offer a teaching on our philosophy about consciousness.

She Rides The Equal Sign: My 13 Moon Codex Painting

She Rides The Equal Sign: My 13 Moon Codex Painting



Our 3rd and 4th quarter line up of shows is exciting! For starters, We are over the moon that those who participate and complete our ARTIFACT Course will be invited to be part of an associated show focused on our work as the artifacts of this Age/Era/paradigm. What story will we tell? If our art was found 500 years from now, what would the archeologist discover about who we were as a people in the uprising and global pandemic of 2020? Truly relevant timing for women to claim their archetype! We just started this week – hop on to be a part of my only painting class this Summer and a chance to participate in the show. – Musea Members and Guild save $100 using code ‘paint’

ARTIFACT is also our first-ever experiment with having a Women of Color circle within a circle. We are doing culturally specific breakout groups and teachings for Black and Brown women to experience Intentional Creativity® on their terms. While we have had different diversity focuses within Intentional Creativity, we are proud to bring this template forward based on Resmaa Menakem’s work in the book, My Grandmother’s Hands.



Our Summer Show, the Un-finished Works of Sue Hoya Sellars 1936-2014 is on display at MUSEA in Sonoma and can be viewed by appointment. We plan to bring this show online towards the end of Summer. These were all the creations in her home when she walked on into the future.

Candlelit Painting



We aren’t just focused on our work within Intentional Creativity. Look at this woman’s art! Kine’ Awe is from Senegal in a very male-dominated art market. We are going to feature her and her work along with an interview. We are working with a French-speaking Guild member, for support with translation. This piece is called Offrande a Leuk Daour or Condition Feminine.

Kine says: “My work pays tribute to African contemporary and traditional women. Traveling constantly between continents (Africa, America and Europe), my art reflects my position as an insider and an outsider to a society that witnesses societal changes in which women have active roles. My work examines the agents of Westernization and globalization as seminal in defining and redefining the image of African women “at home”, on the continent. With the Curve Line or geometrical, I give the viewer my perspectives on women in Senegalese and African society living between tradition and modernity.”

Kine Awe Painting



Join us July 6 for our next Re-Membering Circle for Mending Racialized Trauma. We are delighted to welcome Lauren Adorno-Weatherford and Semerit Strachan to our Musea Team as on-going leadership for Re-Membering. What started as one call has become a revolution in and of itself for women Leaders of Color in our community to educate all of us.

You can donate on the page if you want to contribute towards the speakers.



We are offering our second season of Intentional Creativity Coaching, the Motherboard Training. We are opening for interest today! This is our curriculum focused on how to use this work with coaching, healing, helping professional trades with visual thinking. Bringing image and language to media, marketplace, corporate and graphic recording fields.


Musea Motherboard Intentional Creativity Coach



  1. Congratulations to those who completed the Dance of the Critic and the Muse (which is a pre-requisite for Motherboard) GOOD WORK!
  2. We continue to host monthly Cosmic Cowgirls Happy Hours for our owner-members. Last night’s call was hosted by Mary MacDonald.
  3. We wish to celebrate that Amber Gould, Milagros Suriano-Rivera and Uma Mulnick led their first-ever collaborative offering for MERIDIAN – Pain and Paint with over 1000 women registered and over 350 live. The team will be joining together to bring you another session – coming soon!
  4. MUSEA is over three months into COVID-19 and we are very proud to say that during this time we have only increased our commitment to providing jobs for women in our community. Adding up to 7 new paid staff members to the projects we are working on.
  5. Our Red Thread Connect call yesterday had over 85 women attending live and we focused on three different processes for trauma and resiliency. You can watch the recording here.
  6. With gratitude to the Intentional Creativity Guild members for their curriculum and support at the start of the COVID-19 cycle. And much thanks to Uma Mulnick and Rosie Mac for tending our cafe so beautifully.
  7. I wish to welcome a member of my family Maia Lemann – Sue Hoya Sellars granddaughter, to our Musea team. She is working closely with us on many projects.
  8. We formed a Co-Curator’s Circle with the Guild to support us in bringing shows forward together.
  9. Motherboard Student’s graduated, and joined the GUILD!
  10. And finally. Without Sarah Mardell, Amber Gould, Jenafer Owen, Mary MacDonald, and my husband Jonathan, we could not do what we are doing here at Musea.

To create what we are creating isn’t reasonable. It isn’t logical, and it isn’t financially feasible – it just doesn’t make sense on paper in any way. But, we are making it so. With our heart, our head, and our hands, we are creating a future that is more just, equitable, and beautiful in the arts.

The poster above, Siempre Adelante, was commissioned for clinics that work with Spanish speaking women – to have in the patient rooms. The whole series in Spanish and English is here. When I was designing the posters, we asked the Spanish speaking women what phrases they wanted to see. Since that time I have loved the phrase…. always moving forward! And indeed, we are. What are you making to represent what matters to you?

Siempre Adelante! Always moving forward!

Shiloh Sophia Painting