Centering and uplifting women in the arts!

We are a revolutionary online and on-location Museum exhibiting solo and groups shows
as well as housing a permanent collection
at our Musea, Sonoma location

We offer dynamic forms of engagement including…

Regular open art calls
A vibrant digital magazine
Virtual museum shows
Online connection and creativity experiences

Our vision is to uplift artists through robust art education, activism, community connection, and art scholarships.

Musea is the collective name for our membership-based and artist-run Museum, University, and Art Community
shaped and informed by the world’s largest Global Art Movement – Intentional Creativity – a creative practice and philosophy
of making art with mindfulness, rooted in our enduring matriarchal lineage that spans over 100 years!

The practice of Intentional Creativity is the common thread of our work.

 To learn more about our University, Guild and Intentional Creativity community, visit our sister site www.musea.org

Our Story

The MUSEA Intentional Creativity MUSEUM was founded by artist Shiloh Sophia in 2000. We are a living Museum with a virtual gallery and physical galleries around the world through our Musea Global Centers. Together we curate artists, rotating shows, studios and exhibits. Our focus is art made with Intention, Contemporary Symbolism, Storytelling, and art gatherings.

Musea has served up to 15,000 students per month, certified over 450 leaders, and continues to grow its online community called the Red Thread Cafe Classroom. Serving nearly 9,000 women creatives through providing a private container where women are free to share their creative works in progress, ask for witnessing and lift each other up. Musea also offers monthly virtual Red Thread Circles via Zoom that reach thousands of women a month, forging connections near and far.

The Museum is rooted in the Intentional Creativity movement which is a method of making art with mindfulness and intention at its center. This method has been passed down through a matriarchical lineage of founder, Shiloh Sophia’s family. The philosophies of Intentional Creativity inform Musea as a collective and our various projects and platforms. It is also the inspiration that led to the creation of this our Musea Museum as well as the School of Intentional Creativity.

This museum exists in many places and many spaces. Our headquarters are located in Sonoma California as well as in this virtual space. We are also proud to collaborate with artists who have trained in the Intentional Creativity method in joining their studios or museums with our movement. With hundreds of certified Intentional Creativity Teachers across the globe and many opening their own Musea Global Centers for teaching Intentional Creativity, the possibilities are expansive. These Intentional Creativity Teachers form a constellation of museums that link our movement across our planet.  

 During a time of intersecting global challenges and social transformation, this is also a way of responding as artists and engaging in our own powerful forms of activism – activism rooted in love, acknowledging each person’s right to be self-expressed, uplifting women creatives as essential to Art (inclusive of women of color and culture), and amplifying the reach of Intentional Creativity and its powerful capacity to bring healing. This is not your average Museum! This is the emergent, ubiquitous container for one of the most powerful Art Movements on the planet!

Our Museum Membership

A personal invitation from Curator, Shiloh Sophia

Why Musea Membership

Be a part of the Museum of the future by becoming a member today! By joining us you will be gathering with our global community on a regular basis in our virtual circles, viewing incredible art, and practicing your own craft. While women make up over 50% of the world’s art makers, we represent less than 5% of those being exhibited in museums and galleries. With joy, we formally invite our community to bring your dreams and our collective dreams into reality by joining us as Musea members. Musea is the plural of museum, so we don’t think of ourselves as a building or a website housing art, rather, everywhere a member is, there a Musea exists.

Become a MUSEA Member

Our Artist Membership Level provides you with:

  • ARTIST CIRCLES: First Wednesday of the Month Join Intentional Creativity Guild Members Chatelle Jeram and Marnie Dangerfield for an opportunity to connect with fellow musea members along the Red Thread and experience Intentional Creativity process in sisterhood.
  • MUSEA MUSEUM SHOWS: Third Wednesday of the month Join Musea Curator, Shiloh Sophia, for monthly Musea Museum Shows featuring the works of women artists in our Musea Intentional Creativity Community.
  • ACCESS TO OUR MEMBER RESOURCE LIBRARY including: Hourlong Creativity Processes, Painting Classes, Drawing Classes, and Red Thread Teachings

About Intentional Creativity

Anthropas Shiloh Sophia Painting

Intentional Creativity® is a philosophy of infusing what we make with intention, through mindfulness and embodiment. This approach to making our art can be applied to any medium and any thematic topic. Think about the last time you were presented food and the difference between smears and disorder on the plate, or a presentation curated with love. It is not a mystery that human beings by and large, prefer something curated with mindfulness from the maker. Everything we make and bring into form has a level of intention. Our work specifically, is to make this approach conscious, practice it in our art forms and the ways we live.

Working with this level of awareness can cause awakening at an exponential level, as well as catalyze healing and move stuck energy. The frequency of Intentional Creativity with the power of love is having an incredible impact in our communities – many claim it has been life-saving.

When we make something we infuse it with our energy. As it becomes infused, it takes a charge and becomes a resonator. This charge of energy is returned back to us, based on what we put into it. This is reciprocity at the quantum level.

If we choose to, we can also send this same feeling energy out to others, and yes, it travels there instantly. This is quantum connection. Even after we are done with what we make, years later it can still carry the ‘charge’ from our intention in the molecules. This is measurable science, intention in action. And we hope, love in motion.

Learn More

 “We don’t think art is something just for those who are gifted or creative but is a way for all beings to access their own stories, ideas, beliefs and healing pathways.”– Shiloh Sophia, MUSEA Founder

Our Vision

Musea Intentional Creativity

We are working to create a space constructed by artists for artists. Everyone deserves to have creativity in their lives. Painting. Music. Language. Cuisine. Culture. Architecture. Poetry. Theater. Pottery. Drawing. Sculpting. Dance. All mediums, when made with a sacred intent, tell a story. A story of the artist, and the time they were living in, as well as what they wanted us to know about who we were as a people at that point in history.


MUSEA Global Centers

Our physical location of the Museum of Intentional Creativity, located in Sonoma California, is not only a place to view pieces of art but to truly inhabit and use. In order to nurture a community focused on uplifting the voices of marginalized artists to create healing and an honest representation of culture we have made our museum a space where people can gather and utilize the space.  We want to gather to discuss how we can grow together rather than alone This requires your willingness to see the space as valuable beyond square footage for rent but rather a container for collaboration, creativity, activism and gratitude. 


Artist Fund

This museum is operated by the Intentional Creativity Foundation, a 501c3 founded in 2015. A main project of the Intentional Creativity Foundation is funding microloans for artists. These donations go straight to artists and fund their work. This is part of our effort allow all artists’ voices to be uplifted and heard. Many individuals are held back from self expression for financial reasons.


Explore the Many Facets of MUSEA


Join for monthly Red Thread Calls and connect with a community of women creatives.


Our university has something for everyone, whether you have picked up a paintbrush before or not! Shiloh Sophia has been teaching for over 27 years, developing a 'way of working' with creativity that makes it accessible to everyone.


The tradition of Intentional Creativity has been passed down from generations.


Part of being part of our commuity means constantly educating yourself, and showing up for meaningful change.

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