I want to remind you that the forest is far more than a source of timber. It is our collective medicine cabinet. It is our lungs. It is the regulatory system for our climate and our oceans. It is the mantle of our planet. It is the health and well-being of our children and grandchildren. It is our sacred home. It is our salvation.

~ Diana Beresford-Kroeger, Biologist, Botanist


– A Group Exhibit Honoring and Advocating for our Global Forests –

MUSEA Intentional Creativity Museum, in collaboration with Tree Sisters International, invite to you to join us for the LIVE Museum Show and Opening of the Mother Tree Group Exhibit, Wednesday, April 20 at 9am HT | 12pm PT | 3pm ET | 9pm CET | Next Day 5am AEST | 7am NZST.

This exhibit is a masterful curation of artwork submitted to our juried Mother Tree Global Call for Art, which ran from February 8 to April 1, open to self-identified women creatives who submitted earth-based, multimedia art representative of their love and advocacy of our global forests.

This creative collaboration between MUSEA Intentional Creativity Museum and TreeSisters International reflects the shared heartfelt desires of both organizations to stand for the protection, healing and regeneration of our global forests which contributes to the protection and wellbeing of all living creatures. The art call and Museum Show are a fundraiser for TreeSisters Reforestation Projects, with 50% of submission fees and ticket sales being donated as a means of cocreating an investment together in global reforestation through art activism! This partnership between the two organizations was birthed through their shared vision of supporting the cultural shift required to grow from a consumer species to a restorer species – able to be at cause for the regeneration and healing of our earth.

The Mother Tree Exhibit is also inspired by Musea’s lineage and legacy of activism on behalf of women and girls, and our precious earth home. Co-Founders, Curator Shiloh Sophia, and Jonathan Mccloud, along with the Intentional Creativity Arts Guild have been actively advocating for the health, wholeness, safety, and freedom of women globally. As an organization, MUSEA recognizes that the status of women and ecosystems are often experiencing similar harm inside of our current geopolitical structures and with this exhibit seeks to encourage its community as well as other interested artists to use their creative talents to advocate for our shared planet and the rights of all living beings.

Tree Sisters International is a non-profit organization that seeks to give back to Nature by restoring the global forest. It is a social change and reforestation charity that places tropical forest restoration in everyone’s hands. Through individuals and businesses, that give back to nature every month, TreeSisters has so far funded the planting of over 22million trees across twelve locations worldwide spanning countries from Brazil to Nepal. They fund a diverse portfolio of tropical reforestation projects that are ethical, community-led, expand natural forest cover, and aim to avoid further deforestation.

You can learn more about their organization here: https://treesisters.org/

– About the Museum Show and Exhibit Opening –

The Mother Tree Museum Show begins at 12 pm PT on April 20, and will be take place LIVE online over zoom. The show will be hosted by Curator Shiloh Sophia, Curatorial Director, Amber Samaya Gould, along with TreeSisters Artist Liaison, Kathleen Brigidina who will share about TreeSister’s women-led reforestation efforts and how artists are involved!

During the show we will share the Exhibit Presentation featuring the juried and curated Exhibit Images. The images will be of multi-media art forms, many of which will include an accompanying writing, that can be accessed and viewed on the Mother Tree Exhibition Page at our online Museum Site, iMusea.org. There will also be an Artist Sharing Circle, some live music, and a beautiful honoring ceremony for our Global Forests and the healing of the Earth, in anticipation of the upcoming Earth Day on April 22!

Plan on up to ninety minutes for this the museum show and discussion with the hosts and guest artists.

If you did not submit to the art call and would like a way to support our goal of raising $5000 to plant over 90,000 trees, you can donate for your ticket. There are $10, $20, $50, and personalized donation options via the Eventbrite Ticket page, which can access by clicking the ticket link below.

If you would like to donate but do not wish to get a ticket, you can donate directly through our PayPal Donation collection system here with an amount of your choosing: https://bit.ly/38ChmjH

We look forward to having you as our guest at the museum show. This event is open to the public, and we encourage you to invite your friends, family, and community along for a date at the museum!