Metamorphosis Museum Show

Call for Submission of Art
for the Metamorphosis Museum Show

An invitation to participate in a curated and juried Museum Show
of metamorphic proportions…

Hosted by:
MUSEA: Intentional Creativity Museum

Metamorphosis Museum Show

Call for Submission of Art
for the METAMORPHOSIS Museum Show

An invitation to participate in a curated and juried exhibit and Museum Show of metamorphic proportions…

Hosted by
MUSEA: Intentional Creativity Museum

MUSEA Intentional Creativity Museum is excited to be hosting the Metamorphosis Art Call, a juried Exhibit, featuring the artwork of artists who have expressed this theme in the medium of their choice, and in any way they choose to personally interpret the theme through their art.

We believe that the many shifts and changes that can happen as part of the journey can require just as many little acts of trust, and sometimes huge leaps of faith, along the way.  As the larva must have faith that the imaginal cells, which have not yet come to be, will carry it through the process of being able to free itself from the chrysalis in order to spread new wings and fly, similarly, we must have faith in our imaginal selves to be able to carry us through the process of our own…

Thus, the theme for this Art Call is:

An Inquiry into Metamorphosis

We invite you to express this theme in the medium of your choice, in any way you choose to personally interpret the theme through your art.

Here are a few questions intended only to help spark ideas for your work, but  please note they are not intended to limit your own interpretations of what you would like to create for this theme in any way.

Are you going through a major personal, familial, or communal transition?

Have you been through a past Metamorphosis, wanted or unwanted?

Do you feel yourself being impacted by global social, climate, or permaculture pattern changes?

Do you feel a shift happening within your body, heart, mind, and spirit connection?

Are you sensitive to shifts in the relationship between energy and matter within the human body as well as the planet?

Have you experienced a transition within the quantum field of the Red Thread?

Are you aware of the transitions of the yearly cycles of the earth and moon?

Do you feel yourself being taken through a metamorphosis via Cosmic influences you may not yet fully understand?

Submission Details





SUBMISSION FEE:  $40 per submission

Note: The submission fee reflects the administrative and design costs associated with hosting the art call, exhibit, museum show, and promotion and marketing, as well as keeping this as part of our permanent museum collection and archive. All proceeds support our non-profit Intentional Creativity Foundation, which funds our museum, art education, and scholarships for our current and future students. 


This is a Juried Show. This means that pieces accepted are chosen by jury members, via an anonymous process, to be in the Exhibit.

  1. Submit up to 3 pieces of artwork, in any medium, created by you which embody our Metamorphisis theme.
  2. Include with each submission a short, written description (up to 50 words) that provides the context for the chosen art piece(s).
  3. High resolution image in JPG/JPEG format. The is the only image format which is being accepted.
  4. Cropped without any background (such as your living room or easel) showing in the image.
  5. Support the promotion of the Museum Show + invite three guests to attend the show!


Good quality image in JPG/JPEG format of an artwork in any medium of your choosing – watercolor, mixed media, acrylic, clay, etc.  NOTE: We have how-to documents and a wonderful support team to answer your submission questions.

The Benefits of Participation

Being included in a museum exhibit  is something you can add to your Artist Portfolio, and share with your friends, family, communities and beloveds. We will also be providing you with an official Artist’s badge of Inclusion in our Musea Intentional Creativity Exhibit that you can showcase on your websites and any place you wish to share it! You will also be provided with media for promoting the live Museum Show and inviting guests to attend.  

The show will be featured on our iMusea Museum site as a unique Exhibition Page, and shared broadly with our 10,000+ international community, Membership, and Guests. The Museum Show will also be shared over our Social Media channels and housed on our Musea YouTube Channel. 

Your participation in our open call for art is a wonderful way to be supported by our Museum in celebrating the journey along with the transformation.

Take a picture of this QR code with your smartphone camera to apply via our JotForm app directly from your phone. You will need to have your submission image ready in your phone image library in order to upload it.