Creativity Connects and Heals

“The sovereignty and self-agency that shows up with creating; choosing where you move the pen or brush next and listening closely to your inner voice; is one of the many things we love about practicing creativity. Every time we create with intention, we find that we experience a sense of freedom. What has been astounding is how this is felt in times of grief and challenge, as we have discovered personally and witnessed in our clients’ journeys.”

~ Chatelle Jeram and Marnie Dangerfield, Musea Membership Coordinators

This week’s zine introduces our new month-long Relationship Exploration on the topic of CREATIVITY. We bring awareness to the ways in which a devotional creative practice can support us in processing our grief for the world, holding loving and prayerful space, and taking meaningful action in the face of global suffering.

We are gifted with a guest Member Letter from Membership Coordinators and Artist Circle Guides, Chatelle Jeram and Marnie Dangerfield, who speak to us about the positive impact of creativity as a way of life, complete with a juicy invitation to join them for a month-long painting journey which might just catalyze you in getting your entry complete for the Mother Tree Art Call!

For our Museum Events, we share an invitation to the RITUAL: Revealing the Hidden Self Museum Show and Exhibit Opening March 16, plus provide you with a link to catch the replay of the STARCATCHER Paint Party!

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Ritual Painting by Musea Member, Nancy Thompson

Community Highlights
Honoring Grief Through Creative Acts

Stitched Prayer for Peace for Ukraine, by Cristina Caldis

As artists, we intuitively understand the power of image and visual communication. However, did you know that the same innate quality that draws us to visual beauty can make us more susceptible to stress that is related to viewing traumatic images? An image classified as eliciting a traumatic triggering response can also vary greatly from person to person. For example, a hunter may find an image of a deer head mounted to a wall completely benign while a Vegan may find it highly offensive.

However, there are collective global events that are generally very distressful for many people to witness and it seems like we’ve been under a cascading onslaught of them for some time now. Millions of deaths from Covid, images of violence by police against citizens, fires that have been purposefully started in the Amazon to clear the way for more cattle, or the record-breaking massive fires that we saw across the western United States, Canada, Australia and beyond, women and girls being stripped of their right to attend school in Afghanistan, thousands of immigrants desperately seeking asylum being sent back to countries where they are likely to experience further harm, and young children imprisoned in the same kinds of cages typically used at animal shelters. The list could go on and on; including the current Russian Military invasion of the Sovereign nation of Ukraine.

It can be heartbreaking, exhausting, frightening, and difficult to hold onto hope in the face of such despair. There is a lot of research now about a phenomenon called Vicarious Trauma. A term that used to be reserved primarily for first responders and therapists. A simple description is that it involves a series of symptoms that can happen after hearing about or being witness to a traumatic event that has happened to someone else, particularly when our own feelings of hopelessness and helplessness are triggered. When we feel that we want to be able to help but can not.

However, there is something that we as artists can turn to in these situations and that is our creativity. One of the many gifts that Intentional Creativity offers us is the ability to process our difficult feelings like grief, anger, depression, or fear through our devotional creative practice. This can help us to move those emotions through and out of our bodies so they are not getting trapped and contributing to longer-term stress or suffering. Our creativity can also act as an anchor that grounds us into the present in a way that allows us to see more possibilities and gives us multiple channels for self-expression and care for ourselves and others. It can also involve a practice of putting intentions for healing for the world within your creation, supporting the process of expressing grief that sometimes has no other witness or place to go.

Shiloh Sophia, has offered teachings on her personal practice of this which includes adding simple mark-making to our paintings that honor those who’ve been hurt and those who’ve been the cause of the harm. In this way, our creations can act as prayers and Talismens of healing for our communities, global collective, and precious earth.

This month’s Membership Journey Relationship Exploration theme is CREATIVITY.  As we progress through the month of March together, the Zine team and Musea Collective invite you to explore how creativity can be a source of healing medicine for yourself, those you love, and those who you do not know but long to send peace and healing to. This can change everything. This is something you can do when you feel powerless, overwhelmed, afraid for yourself or others, or alone. It is an action that honors the heart and keeps it open, when it could be tempted to close.

May we lean on creativity in this time to keep our hearts alive and well together.

~ Written by Jessica Richmond, Musea CoCurator and Magazine Lead

A bowl of hearts created by Red Thread Cafe Classroom member, Kim Hansen who wrote:

“A bowl of peace hearts to give away. A prayer lives in each one. For the Ukrainian people, for the Russian people,
for the oppressors- that they will awaken. Made with my granddaughter, using the colors of the Ukrainian flag-
blue for the sky, yellow for the fields of wheat and sunflowers.🌻🇺🇦🕊  I brought them for people at a labyrinth walk for peace,
have them in the garden in front of my house, and we are making more to leave all around town!🌻💙💛🕊”

Metacognitive Drawing by Musea Member Alky Markotich, inspired by last months
Member’s Imprensiva Salon on the topic of  Imagination and Conscious Cognition

Member Letter

Entering into Exploration of our Relationship to CREATIVITY

Dear Musea Members and Guest Readers,

When we were approached to write the letter to introduce our We Are All Related membership theme of ‘Creativity’ this month we both responded with a hearty Yes!

We have experienced our own journeys with creativity in our unique ways over the years. We’ve also been fortunate to have shared, witnessed and cocreated as we journeyed through Motherboard and Color of Woman IC training together, and now continuing with the Prisma practitioner adventure.

Along the way we have altered our relationship with creativity, become aware of old stories and realized we have the power and ability to create new stories as we go forward. All thanks to tending and nurturing our relationship with creativity, which is why we are looking forward to exploring this theme with Members both in our Artist Circle March 2nd and throughout March in the Musea app.

Chatelle shared in a recent email to her beloveds:

“My everyday practices for feeling good, transforming resistance, and expanding my awareness have become infused with creativity.

For some people, the word ‘creativity’ or saying ‘I’m creative’ is a no-go zone; a concept that conjures up fear, and ‘I can’t’ or ‘not good enough’ or ‘no way!’ types of energy. That was my experience for most of my life.  I wanted to describe myself as creative, yet for many years I distanced myself from that.  I had associated creativity with talent or genius, as some of us are taught to do.

Wonderfully, I came across creative practices where willingness and curiosity are asked for, dedication is encouraged, openness is essential.  This approach to creativity is an accessway to your inner information, intentions, and inquiries.  What does this mean to you? Is a frequent question that comes up.”

While prepping for this article, Marnie wrote in her journal:

“This is an opportunity to get kindly curious about your relationship with creativity. A chance to choose to raise awareness of some of the stories you might be carrying. Is creativity about talent? Do you have to be successful and sell pieces to be considered creative? What other areas of your life have you noticed this story arising? I meet so many people who don’t think they can garden, or ‘I can’t cook’ which are all ways of creating. The truth is you are creative every day, what clothes you wear, what food you eat. These are all creative choices and all things we can learn to build a relationship with and choose to be intentional about. What if we bring a spirit of joy and love to our creations? Bringing that intention to whatever we are doing and witnessing what that can do.

In my experience that requires a choice and a commitment to tend and nurture your creative practice. Spending some time each day to intentionally create your way. You can begin now, open your journal, or your choice of creative tools and play! Imagine what we can all create! What may never have been created before is awaiting you at the end of your pen, paintbrush, garden trowel, whisk. Let’s do this!”

The sovereignty and self-agency that shows up with creating; choosing where you move the pen or brush next and listening closely to your inner voice; is one of the many things we love about practicing creativity. Every time we create with intention, we find that we experience a sense of freedom. What has been astounding is how this is felt in times of grief and challenge, as we have discovered personally and witnessed in our clients’ journeys.

Remember, the creative practice is not necessarily about getting ‘better’ at drawing, writing, painting. It’s not about the ‘skill’ (though it can be if that is what you want). It is about the conscious, intentional practice of connecting with you, creating a meaningful relationship and access with yourself and as a result, that impact flows into the world.

With artful inspiration!

Chatelle & Marnie

~  Chatelle Jeram and Marnie Dangerfield are our Musea Membership Coordinators and Artist Circle Guides

If you are looking to commit to a creative practice in March, Chatelle and Marnie have a special offering inspired by the Mother Tree Art Call called WISDOM TREE. You can learn more here:


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What’s On at the Museum!

March 16 at 4 pm PT!

Ritual Exhibit

Musea Intentional Creativity Museum invites you to join us for the Ritual – Revealing the Hidden Self Museum Show and Group Exhibition Opening. This exhibit features exquisite painted imaged created by students of the Ritual yearlong painting class, guided by Shiloh Sophia, over 13 moons in 2021.

Ritual is MUSEA’s 2021 Intentional Creativity Course in Medicine Painting and Mythic Journaling dedicated to healing through calling the whole soul out of exile. This class focused specifically on the ways art-making can guide us towards mending our relationships with ourselves, our body, our community, our family, our lover/s, and our environment. And very specifically, how we organize our lifeways.

We encourage you to claim your Eventbrite Ticket for the Museum show today and invite your friends and family along for a date at the museum! 

All of our Museum Shows are Complimentary and open to the public! We encourage you to invite your friends and family to the show. Simply copy and share this link on your Social Media, email or text!

STARCATHER Paint Party and Multimedia Art Experience
Purchase the Replay for $35!

On February 26 our Intentional Creativity Foundation Team came together to host the STARCATHER Paint Party! We had a wonderful turnout and a creative adventure that touched our hearts, expanded our horizons, and had us taking on a whole new brilliant star-shine together. In this creative process, Guild Member Milagros Suriano-Rivera guided us through the creation of our own Constellation of Healing – a hanging wall piece that serves as a powerful talisman an reminder to claim our cosmic address and the unique and brilliant gifts that belong to us!

If you missed the live experience, we invite you to register for the STARCATCHER Class Offering which is available in perpetuity as a part of our Museum Class Offerings. Simply click the button below to Register!

Participating in Starcatcher was eye opening for me! Not because I’d never created a dream/Starcatcher before – I have – but because listening and watching Milagros, Amber and Sumaiyah present the material and navigate Zoom “wowed” me! Yes I taught a class on Zoom before, was terrified and not much went the way I’d planned as I did it alone. These three showed me how well collaboration can work and encouraged me (yes me!) to ask for help. I’ve asked my daughter, who is a coach/trainer to work with me in presenting my next workshop (Sacred Scars)! The way Milagros laid out Starcatcher, how Amber directed the participants and Sumaiyah’s music kept the 3 hour workshop so moving and interesting you didn’t have time to get bored! You wanted more! My daughter knows Zoom, will do the journaling part and will choose the playlist leaving me to focus on teaching the creative process! Win/Win for all!

Phillis Taylor

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“Gather with us. Be a part of our movement. While we can’t yet be together in person, we don’t need to be isolated from one another. Every place a MUSEA Member is, a MUSEA IS, so we are all over the world! Being a member is something to feel good about and connected to as a part of each of our individual stories, as well as our collective story.”

~ Shiloh Sophia, MUSEA Curator

Curator, Shiloh Sophia (center), with Musea Guild and Staff Members at the Vivid 2021 Gathering! 

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