“I try to understand it in the context of Creator and Creation. That’s what really fuels the beauty of making intentional artwork – Intentional Creativity – that it is a way in which we can directly be in this core inquiry of ‘Who is creator, and how am I part of creator, and who or what is creation and how am I a part of that?’ And then with every brush stroke making a  little prayer dot – being at that joining point – that little bridge between creator and creation…”

~ Emily Grieves, Intentional Creativity Teacher

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The Gift painting by Shiloh Sophia

Community Highlights

A Roundup of our MUSEA +
Member Happenings

During the month of May the MUSEA Membership community has been exploring the theme of our relationship to our Spirituality – this includes a reflecting on where our spirituality comes from, what rituals we practice to express it, and how creativity plays a role in the expression of spirituality.

Spirituality is a very rich and dynamic part of many of our lives, and seems to naturally fit within Intentional Creativity practice. If you are new to our Membership Journey and to Intentional Creativity, we invite you to watch some of our short Intentional Creativity Teachings to learn about the ways art and spirituality intersect.

Consider what arises for you when you think of your spirituality, even in this moment. Some of us may feel deeply grounded in our spiritual practices and beliefs, some may be exploring new spiritual territory, others may be questioning their spirituality and whether their belief systems, inherited from their upbringing or culture – which form the basis of one’s spirituality and spiritual practices – truly fit them authentically. There are edges to walk!

Wherever you are inside the exploration of your personal spirituality, one of the key creative inquiries you can hold in your awareness is: How did you form your spiritual beliefs, and what are the regular rituals you practice to honor and express them?

Reflecting on this inquiry will likely reveal surprising insights and at the very least will support you in re-centering and taking stock of your own spirituality and the practices (or no practices at all) that flow from it.

Here are a few of our members reflections from the month!

“Following up after our Artist Circle last week with our very special guest @Milagros Suriano-Rivera.

As I shared briefly in circle, connecting with Nature is a part of my Spiritual Practice, though I have not always considered that to be so, since ‘spirituality’ is not something I have explored much.

What I’ve realized since the circle is that my photos of nature/plants are also a part of my spiritual and creative practice. I had not thought of them in this way before. When I am out in nature, mindfully present and aware and noticing with awe and wonder the beauty that is around me, I inevitably bring out my camera, it is not pre-planned, the scenes around me call me to do it, partially for me but also so that I can share some of these magical moments with others.

I’d love to hear what is happening or arising for you as you explore your relationship and practices regarding Spirituality this month. Grateful that we get to explore together in this compassionate and caring membership space.”

~ Marnie Dangerfield

Every bead is a prayer. Every prayer is assigned.
The assignment is Love.

As I get ready for my Being About It! Solo Museum Exhibit hosted by MUSEA on June 15th, I am making my handcrafted creation with love at the center and my intention held tightly to inspire, impact, and impress on others that showing up for your creativity is the greatest expression of self love there is! Let it ripple out to all who choose to receive it while holding space for reciprocation.

More to come soon!!

~ Milagros Suriano-Rivera

“To give form at the monthly theme I started to connect and listen conscious to my soul. And to use my creativity as a tool.
For example the last three days I am figuring out how to make intuitive and quick little paintings.
I connect very conscious with my soul and start to paint in my Atelier.
I put three A4 papers down on my table, choose intuitive two or three colors and paint. I use acrylic paint, ink and wax crayons.
I give myself a limited time. About 5 or 10 minutes each paper.
I follow my brush and let it pop up and flow. I feel very good if it flows or not, every outcome is oké says my Muse.

I show you the results of 3 days exploring. Continuing story.”

~ Selma Marion Egberts

#CreativeConversation with Intentional Creativity Educator, Emily Grieves

Watch this month’s #CreativeConversation with host Milagros Suriano-Rivera, joined by guest Intentional Creativity Teacher and Artist, Emily Grieve, as they speak about Cultivating Spirituality and Honoring our Relationship with Creation.

Emily is a Color of Woman graduate, Guild member, and former Red Madonna teacher and will be sharing her amazing journey creatively and spiritually and how those two paths converged for her.

“I try to understand it in the context of Creator and Creation. That’s what really fuels the beauty of making intentional artwork – Intentional Creativity – that it is a way in which we can directly be in this core inquiry of ‘Who is creator, and how am I part of creator, and who or what is creation and how am I a part of that?’ And then with every brush stroke making a  little prayer dot – being at that joining point – that little bridge between creator and creation…” ~ Emily Grieves

“Cosmic Family” painting by Maasa Craig

Member Zine Feature

Wellness with Chatelle

Featuring Member Coordinator, Chatelle Jeram, Certified EFT Practitioner

For this month’s Zine Feature, we are sharing a special offering from Membership Coordinator, Chatelle Jeram who shares her personal practice of art journaling combined with EFT. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as ‘tapping’). It is a scientifically supported self-regulation practice that is primarily used for inducing stress relief. It is something that can be practiced by anyone at any time. Our Membership Team has been inspired to begin to offer our members and museum guests Creative Wellness Resource as we recognize the increase in stress, overwhelm, sadness, grief and anxiety for many, and wish to weave in supportive practices that will contribute to both our individual and collective resiliency.

In this video, Chatelle offers an overview of the benefits of EFT, as well as a guided EFT practice that you can engage with to try it out for yourself. Chatelle shares:

“With the intentional creativity approach, we are witnessing our thoughts and feelings as we create, and we can acknowledge what we are present to as we write or draw or paint. And of course as we’re writing or drawing or painting or whatever type of creativity you are using, we are also bringing in somatic movement – inviting in the awareness of our bodies and the information that our bodies provide to us as we move and as we create. My invitation to you today involves journaling and some EFT practice.”

Supplies needed: Journal, markers, and any craft supplies you may have on hand that you’d like to use.

Chatelle is offering EFT + Intentional Creativity circles in the coming weeks. No experience in EFT necessary! These will be 75 minute circles for gathering and practicing EFT along with creative techniques focusing on different themes. A wonderful aspect of using EFT in a group setting is “borrowed benefits” which refers to individuals benefitting from tapping along with others. You can find out more by signing up to Chatelle’s newsletter: https://kellestudio.com/contact/

We hope you enjoy this offering from Chatelle and will come back to it often.

~ The Musea Membership Team

What’s On at the Museum!

ENTHEOS: Connecting to the Spiritual Essence of Wild Earth

MUSEA Intentional Creativity Museum is delighted to present ENTHEOS: Connecting to the Spiritual Essence of Wild Earth, featuring the nature photography of Julie Steelman, who will take us on a journey through a ‘Digital Safari’ of the wild earth, and preview her photography book. Julie is a cherished member of the Musea Community and a personal friend of Curator, Shiloh Sophia and graduate of Musea’s Motherboard and Color of Woman certificate trianings.

This LIVE Museum Salon event will take place Friday, May 27. There are two pathways to join us!

Ticketed Admission ($20) – Begins at 4:00 PT: Join Musea Curator Shiloh Sophia and Julie Steelman for a focus on the fox! Julie recently had a profound experience with the red fox and Shiloh tells a new version of the old story of fox woman. This special first half an hour is for an intimate group of ticket-holders who are committed to supporting Artists and Museum events like this happening in our community. If you cannot attend live you can still purchase a ticket and a recording of this conversation will be emailed to you. Those who purchase a ticket for this opening event will also receive a PDF copy of Julie’s nature photography book Wild Sacred Beauty. After this special event completes, we will then begin the ENTHEOS Museum Show in and welcome our General Admission guests to join us.

General Complimentary Admission – Begins at 4:30 pm PT: Join us for the ENTHEOS Museum Show, featuring a 40 minute mini-film of Julie Steelman’s photography and planet forward activism across the world revealing her encounters with a diversity of animals including tigers, lions, penguins, rhinos and grizzly bears! Julie will share with us live her inspiring story of connecting with the essence of wild nature, and why this matters to all of us.


What if you knew wild animals were transmitting messages of upliftment and empowerment to you all the time? Would you want to know more? You are invited to a digital safari of stunning imagery of exotic wild animals immersed in their natural habitats from around the world.

Award-winning wildlife photographer, Julie Steelman, takes you on an up-close and mystical journey through the wild animal queendom. She shares the life-changing messages the wild ones have revealed to her, what she calls “pings” or direct instructions from the Universe. See how the divine reveals itself through nature as you experience the wonder and awe of it all.

Mama Gaia is calling us to evolve so we can co-create a thriving planet. This experiential journey will take you deeply into your heart and activate a humble awakening within you, one from which we can serve more consciously. Please join us for this unforgettable soul safari into wild earth.

In the lead up to this inspiring event, Curator Shiloh Sophia sat down with Julie Steelman for a Power Creatives TV Episode in which Julie discusses her upcoming Museum Show and what inspires her to connect with ‘the essence of wild nature’.  We invite you to watch the video below and hope you enjoy this insight into the show!

Our Museum Shows are open to the public! We encourage you to invite your friends and family to the show. Simply copy and share this link on your Social Media, email or text! https://imusea.org/attend-an-event/


Join our Membership community from around the world to practice devotional creativity, meet for monthly virtual artist circles, philosophy salons, hone our craft, and create together for personal and collective healing!

MUSEA is a global community rooted in a matriarchal lineage that passed the tools of transformational art-making, from hand to hand. Our legacy is in the field of education and activism, and through exhibiting the artwork of thousands of women.

Come create with us!

Curator, Shiloh Sophia (center), with Musea Guild and Staff Members at the Vivid 2021 Gathering! 

Have Membership Questions?

Contact Member Coordinators: Chatelle Jeram at chatelle.jeram@musea.org or Marnie Dangerfield at marnie.dangerfield@musea.org.