All Our Relations
Starting Our 2022 Membership Journey

In this letter…

“Being in circle together is coming home.”

  • Wednesday 1/5 at 12pm PT: Artist Circle with Chatelle Jeram and Marnie Dangerfield 
  • Wednesday 1/12 at 4pm PT: Imprensiva Salon with Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud on the topic of Your Invisible Worldview Revealed
  • Tuesday 1/14 at 12pm PT: Infinity Muse Complimentary Class with Shiloh Sophia
  • Thursday 1/20 at 4pm PT: Guild Circle with Virginia Masson and Amber Gould
  • Thursday 1/27 at 4pm PT: The Art of Women of Color for BIWOC members with Elders Semerit Strachan and Lauren Adorno-Weatherford. **If you are a Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color Member and are not on the list to receive announcements for these calls please email and we will add you!**

Visit your Member Dashboard for Zoom access details and to add these dates to your Calendar! 

Below is a Creative Inquiry from our Membership Coordinator, Chatelle Jeram, shared with our community in the iMusea App! We invite you to consider the inquiry and bring it to your journal as a ‘warm up’ to our upcoming Artist Circle!

Creative Inquiry


Chatelle Jeram

Membership Coordinator

Intentional Creativity Teacher & Coach, New Zealand 

I’m playfully pondering the word and concept “RELATIONSHIP”. The above photo is of a segment of my Visionary Self painting, noting the maze like pathways and the surprises that show up along the way. Paying attention to the way the layers integrate and the in-between spaces are in relationship with the bolder shapes and patterns. If you consider the word “relationship”, what arises for you?

I am looking forward to welcoming our Members to our first Artist Circle of 2022 on January 5th at 12pm PT, along with Membership Coordinator, Marnie Dangerfield, as we explore this theme together via our pathway of Intentional Creativity! When we gather and create together, there are sparks of insight and wonder in the Field.  I have come to trust in our gatherings, that the power of creativity and community is present, without trying.  For me, being in circle together is coming home.  And to gather with artists and creatives, sharing drawing, poetry and musings that arise from our collective imagination brings joy and understanding that is beyond words!

Next Museum Show

Join us for our January 19, 4 pm PT Museum Show and exhibit opening for the Dream a Nü Dream Solo Exhibit, featuring soul artist, Laura Hollick, and photographer Kevin Thom.

About this Solo Exhibit

Dream a nü Dream is about re-imagining a world in which the richness of human creativity can work in partnership with the Earth’s majesty. As we face the birth canal of these transformational times, there is a deeper call to remember our roots and grow new ways of being that honor and revere beauty, creativity, nature, and its cycles.

The colors of the rainbow guide us through this exhibition. They represent the full spectrum of human creativity and our capacity for creative expression. Color takes us through a journey to re-imagine how we can be on the Earth, honoring her majestic beauty while simultaneously bringing forth our creativity and wild imagination.

Each image in this show is a glowing portal that opens into the richness of our soul’s imagination, a way to hear the whispers and roars of the Earth’s desire for us to Dream a nü Dream.

All of our Museum Shows are Complimentary and open to the public! We encourage you to invite your friends and family to the show. Simply copy and share this link on your Social Media, email or text!

Upcoming Events

Do you desire deeper access to your creative, soulful self? Do you want to claim the power and potency of who you are at this moment and your meaningful place in this universe?

Join Intentional Creativity Teacher, Milagros Suriano-Rivera and Musea CoCurators for the Starcatcher Paint Party! Take yourself on an artist date, or gather your friends together online for an afternoon of painting with purpose and the creation of your own beautiful constellation of unique, symbolic painted stars. Prepare the art studio, and let your Muse out to play, because it’s time to shine!

Carnaval of Spirit Love BIWOC-Member Art Call
is open for submission until February 6!

If you are a Musea BIWOC Member, this art call is a chance for you to have your artwork featured in an amazing exhibit housed in our Virtual Museum, as well as a celebratory LIVE Museum Show, hosted and curated by our BIWOC Leadership and attended by our global community on February 16, 2022 at 4 pm PT. And you get to be a part of shaping it! We invite you to submit up to two paintings that embody this theme of Celebration, Color, Culture, and Creativity. We wish to invite you to be with the inquiry: What is the story I wish to share?  Learn more about our BIWOC Member Circle.

“Dear ones, we know things in the world continue to shake-rattle-and roll and that means we all need to keep dancing! At Musea we hold the vision that Intentional Creativity can be resilient medicine in times of need. Let us continue to move towards each other in learning, growing and discovery.”

~ Musea Co-Founders, Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud

  • Happening Now – MAVERICK Yearlong Painting Process Gone Rogue with Shiloh Sophia All are welcome – women, men and gender non-conforming. Only one ticket per household needed + members receive tuition savings!
  • Apply for PRISMA Intentional Creativity Practitioner Certification Training 2022 Guided by Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud This is ideal for those who are healers and guides working with private clients and small groups virtually and in person.
  • Starts March 1 – MOTHERBOARD Intentional Creativity Coach Certification Training Guided by Shiloh Sophia Apply now to prepare for a 9-month voyage of Awakening Consciousness through the power of Visual Language and Technology. All of the above offerings offer Education Credits in our future Musea University plans!
  • January 14 – INFINITY MUSE Complimentary Class with Shiloh Sophia Access your Inner Muse through Meditation and Magic Making

As part of our new Member Letter format, we will be featuring some of our Member’s multimedia art and stories, highlighting the incredible art and devotional creativity that is flourishing in our Musea Collective! Below is our new ‘Art In Motion’ section, and first up is Moana Whatu. Don’t forget to turn on the sound!

Moana sealing in her Intentions with black gesso on her Maverick canvas!

“I woke this morning with the words floating through my mind ‘seize the day!’ There’s intention in that! I also appreciate the quote by Brene Brown “ times of great uncertainty, we have to intentionally choose courage!” This is what we are being invited to do in Maverick – allow ourselves to be in the uncertainty of the times we live in! I love that we are doing this together as a connected supported community!”

Art In Motion!


Moana Whatu

Intentional Creativity Teacher &  Guide, Australia

Introducing our 2022 Membership Theme

Every year at Musea, we like to be intentional about choosing a theme that our community can meaningfully engage with throughout the circle of the seasons. 

Last year, our Members enjoyed the Create The Year theme, with weekly Intentional Creativity prompts from Jenafer Joy. The purpose of this Theme was creative instigation – giving our members a shared practice they could get playful with, post about, and have witnessed in our iMusea Member app, inviting the joy of creative access in bite sized pieces!  Our gratitude to the incredible Jenafer Joy for providing us with a full year of inspiring creative processes. If you didn’t have a chance to connect with the Create The Year Intentional Creativity exercises in 2021, they are available for you as a resource in the Member Resource Library. 

As we approached 2022, our Membership Team brought out the magnifying glasses and looked up close at what was emerging in and through our community – what was the next theme that wanted to come through? What we began to notice was a continuous thread appearing around the powerful significance of RELATIONSHIP. We are talking capital ‘R’ Relationship – the recognition of our many layers of interconnection that is vital to our wholeness as people, our effectiveness as artists, our personal and collective healing, and our desires for a more just, kind, connected world. 

In 2021, we also celebrated the life, legacy and passing of Native America Elder and Intentional Creativity Matriarch, Carmen Baraka, who had imparted her deep wisdom before walking into her future, encouraging us to embrace and live fully in the reality of our interconnection with all Life and each other. She said, “I am so proud to be indigenous. I know we have an innate spiritual sense, a great reverence for Mother Earth… and this keeps us in the arms of our Creator. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin – we are all related!” A powerful, traditional Lakota prayer, which she shared with us willingly, inviting us to inhabit and embody it fully. 

We are all related. Just pause and feel the energetic power of that phrase and its resonance with the Red Thread connection that so many in our Musea community celebrate. We are all at different places in our journey of what it means to be a fully connected and conscious human being, and yet the consensus seems to be that we crave and long for deeper connection with one another, with our global family, our ecosystems, our food, our bodies, our sensuality, our creativity. There is a craving for full connection, and the healing of all that separates. 

In honor of Carmen Baraka and all that she stood for, our theme for 2022 is WE ARE ALL RELATED. We will be working with this theme by providing you with monthly Relationship Exploration Inquiries into specific aspects of relationship. These Relationship Exploration Inquiries will be announced during our monthly Artist Circle (the first Wednesday of the month). They will be woven through our various membership circles, shared on Member Dashboards, as well as unique posts with prompts you can engage with in the iMusea App. You will have creative freedom to explore and engage with these inquiries in your own unique and inspired ways, perhaps by writing them in your journal, bringing them to the canvas, or creating a poem.

We would like for all members to choose a Watercolor Journal to document this year’s journey, as most of the Intentional Creativity processes shared by Shiloh Sophia and Musea Circle Leaders will be done with watercolor paper, watercolor and/or acrylic paint, markers and pens. We will be providing you with watercolor painting tips and tricks and examples along the way in our iMusea app and Member Letters to give you some inspiration! 

An example of a Watercolor journal, from Curatorial Director and President, Amber Samaya.
Her journal is watercolor paper, in which she also uses watercolor paint, acrylic paint, and black pens to texture her watercolor images. 

We are looking forward to this potent year of exploring Relationship, and the many powerful and beautiful ways we are all related to one another and this earth. 

Thank you for choosing to journey with us in 2022!

~ The Musea Collective

If you would like to know more about Native American Elder Carmen Baraka, we encourage you to visit her SPIRIT WARRIOR Solo Exhibit Page.

“There are many paths to creator, I have walked quite a few. I believe that the more paths you walk, the better your understanding of others. I have held Native American Circles for women and girls for over 30 years. My work is about finding your core truth. Spirit Awakening through Ceremony, connecting with Ancestors and Spirit Guides and embracing Mother Earth and her messages.  Healing hands work ~ healing through shifting energy… My message at the end of any day is ‘Live your Joy’. 

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin, We Are All Related” ~ Carmen Baraka

A Message from Curator, Shiloh Sophia

Dear Musea Members!

WE are so over the moon excited to be introducing our new Member Letter format guided by our President of the Intentional Creativity Foundation, Amber Samaya! Isn’t this just beautiful? I am always so proud of our team here at MUSEA but I feel like the past year we have really gathered our wisdom and our strength to navigate these times, together.

Amber and I had the pleasure of speaking with Laura Hollick and Kevin Thom for our January show this morning and dreaming up the dream for their future museum show! I have been following Laura’s work since 2010 when she interviewed me for Soul Art TV and Jonathan and I even traveled to Canada to meet her and Kevin and be a part of Soul Art Day in 2013. What a joy it will be to share their work as both a couple and co-creatives with you – please mark your calendar and plan to join us.

I am delighted to be a part of sharing our theme for 2022 – We Are All Related – inspired by our work with Carmen Baraka and the Good Relations Pledge.

When I look at our line up of events for our members and students I could not be more overjoyed to partake in all of this beauty with you. Thank you so much for being a part of it!

In service and joy,

Shiloh Sophia,
MUSEA Curator

Shiloh Sophia standing in front of her MAVERICK canvas – ready for some rogue action! 



Become a Member today of one of the world’s largest and most well established Art Movements – MUSEA : Intentional Creativity!

“Gather with us. Be a part of our movement. While we can’t yet be together in person, we don’t need to be isolated from one another. Every place a MUSEA Member is, a MUSEA IS, so we are all over the world! Being a member is something to feel good about and connected to as a part of each of our individual stories, as well as our collective story.”

~ Shiloh Sophia, MUSEA Curator

Curator, Shiloh Sophia (center), with Musea Guild and Staff Members at the Vivid 2021 Gathering! 

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