For over ten years our movement has featured women’s art, stories and voices through our magazine, which has taken on many forms over the years. Here you will find archived material and as we continue to unfold in our new vision, new articles regarding upcoming shows.

An Eye On Intentional Creativity:: A Cup of Tea with the Universe

By |August 22, 2019|

Welcome to A Cup of Tea with the Universe, a video blog by Intentional Creativity Coach Svetlana Pritzker with creative collaborator Alexandra Isaievych. Their visual journeys guide individuals on living actively, while involved in the universal flow of co-creation. This episode is about finding the freedom in the splashes of [...]

An Eye On Intentional Creativity:: Group Show

By |August 9, 2019|

An incredible three-day Group Show show featuring Intentional Creativity Teachers and Artists, was held at Mirada ART, a gorgeous gallery space in Half Moon Bay, California. Color of Woman Teachers, Neesa Mills and Jane Sanguinetti curated their show as a way to introduce their local community to both their Intentional [...]

An Eye On Intentional Creativity:: Ilona Lantos

By |June 14, 2019|

I responded to a call for Hungarian Artists and submitted 5 of my Color of Woman 2017 paintings (Legend, Artist, Alchemist, Visionary and Black Madonna) to participate in an art exhibit at the Baltimore Washington International Marshall Airport. I felt very excited about this opportunity. The exhibit is organized the [...]

An Eye on Intentional Creativity:: Inner Wise Woman

By |June 9, 2019|

Gisela Pineiro: Western Australia In May, I ran my first Intentional Creativity residential retreat in the south western region of Western Australia at a lovely airbnb. I have been teaching my Inner Wise Woman Workshop in day classes for nearly a year now and it is very popular. The theme [...]

An Eye On Intentional Creativity:: Woven Devotion and the Handmade Art of Life

By |May 19, 2019|

Emily K. Grieves, Teotihuacan, Mexico I am racing to gather my thoughts for you before the words fall away. I have just returned home from a week in Oaxaca, Mexico, where I co-facilitated the “Awaken the Great Mother Within” journey, and I am so filled with images and impressions, colors [...]

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