MUSEA – Curator’s Update from Shiloh Sophia

By |June 29, 2020|

Here at MUSEA, we've been busy in a great way! Our dedicated focus has been providing support for our community during COVID-19, Raven and Hummingbird Micro-Loans for women leaders in the community, the Re-Membering Circles for Mending Racialized Trauma, and at least 4 gifted programs in Intentional Creativity® for our [...]

We opened a Global Museum yesterday, Shiloh Sophia

By |May 28, 2020|

REVEAL Community Call - Recording from 5/27 Support our Vision for a global women's museum through MUSEA Membership   Wow! Helloooooooo! We opened a global museum yesterday! It was so wonderful to gather for our REVEAL preview of the website The MUSEA website has been a six month [...]

An Eye On Intentional Creativity:: Guild Gathering

By |February 7, 2020|

McMinnville, Oregon In 2018 our teacher, Shiloh Sophia revived the medieval practice of gathering those who have developed proficiency in an art of trade, into a guild of Journeywomen. Our preparation includes the yearlong Color of Woman Teacher training in Intentional Creativity, completing our thesis, and creating our initiate book [...]

An Eye On Intentional Creativity:: Phyllis A. Taylor

By |January 17, 2020|

Orlando, Florida In December of 2019 I participated in Art Basel! I was excited to have been invited by the Art Basel Miami Gallery to join several other African/American, Caribbean and Latin American artists to show their works. Art Basel Miami Gallery is located in the neighborhood known as Little [...]

An Eye On Intentional Creativity:: Virginia Masson

By |November 21, 2019|

It is with great joy that we share Virginia Masson's up and coming December 2019 opening of the Great Lakes Center for Intentional Creativity, the mid-west affiliate for Global Musea – Intentional Creativity Foundation. The Musea collective is a curated gathering of unique voices committed to telling stories that inform, [...]

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