On January 20, 2021 Musea launched two new virtual art exhibits at the community Museum Show –  the “Legend : Mystic” and  “I am Musea : Sacred Studio Spaces” exhibits. The Museum Show was hosted by Curator, Shiloh Sophia, and Curatorial Director, Amber Gould, providing introductions to both shows,  and facilitating an artist sharing circle where participating artists could share about their experience. There were over 150 show attendees who were gifted the experience of watching the virtual shows for both exhibits live together; relishing and celebrating the incredible art of women in our Musea Collective. 

How exciting it was to have so many community members in attendance for the opening night of our  new exhibits! Many of the show attendees offered descriptions of the exhibits  in such terms as “magnificent”, “mind bending”,  “awe inspiring”, and “transformative”. It is safe to say that all who were present at the call felt the magic of connection that comes with joining together for such a special event. We hope you will have a sense of that connection as well when you view the exhibits, linked to below.  

Note that for the Legend : Mystic show, 50 of the 100 paintings were curated for a more detailed view and an opportunity to read what the artist has written about her work directly on the exhibit page. In the future some of these paintings will be on sale through the museum gallery store, so please keep checking back to for continued developments. 


The Legend : Mystic exhibit was a collection of paintings created by 100 students who participated in the annual Legend painting course – a trademark course created by the Cosmic Cowgirls. The most recent Legend painting course and Cosmic Cowgirls annual gathering was rescheduled from April 2020 due to travel restrictions. In response, the Cosmic Cowgirls teamed up to utilize their collective tenacity and creative prowess to plan and curate the VIVID 2020 Online Gathering for our entire student body and Musea Collective. At this gathering the Legend : Mystic painting process was designed as the feature painting event – making the painting experience available to our entire community at once!

The VIVID gathering was wildly successful with over 200 women worldwide in attendance to paint, dance, tell stories and be together in a legendary context! For seven days women gathered online for daily Legend painting video releases, interactive group circles, pop-up salons, late-night speakeasys, powerful teachings, BIWOC-specific talking circles, open studio zoom calls, meditations, music, and engagement in our private iMusea app.

Legend : Mystic was the first retreat-style Legend painting course to be taught entirely on-line with beautiful results in regard to both the completed paintings and student reports of their dynamic learning experiences.  The week ended with a lovely Rite of Passage for the group and guidance on how each student could develop their own customized Rite of Passage Ritual at home upon the completion of their paintings.   

Legend is also a foundational and required course for the Color of Woman teacher training certificate program. It is also openly offered to all women who feel called to delve deep into inquiries around  “Who is my Legendary self and how do I live a Legendary life.” As with all intentional Creativity courses; it provides a container through art making, writing, ritual, meditation, and movement that allows students to safely take a transformative journey along the path of their personal identity development through the experiential use of mulitmedia arts. 

Each year Legend offers a theme and this year’s was, Mystic. The choice was easy because as Shiloh and the Cosmic Cowgirls like to say,

“Around here we believe that every woman who so chooses is a mystic or a mystic in training. In addition, a mystic is someone who has intimate knowledge of the mysteries, and that great change in life doesn’t happen through thinking about it over and over. Rather, the  greatest access to transformation may be by moving into the seat of your own sovereignty through creativity”.

For the Legend : Mystic journey, each woman began with her unique intention set and held close to her heart, from there, moving through exploration of the seven facets of the Feminine Psyche. This catalyzed each woman to begin to claim her authority and the necessary skills to navigate her OWN consciousness, as well as the co-creative power to enable her to access her personal Mystic in service of her soul’s voice. Along the path, students were offered a medicine basket filled with mysterious and practical teachings including Metacognitive Drawing, Medicine Painting, and the Motherboard Intentional Creativity Coherence Meditation all of which are held within the framework of a neuroscientific somatic approach to healing.

At the completion of her journey, each student was offered the option of submitting her painting along with an accompanying piece of writing describing her experiences of  this powerful painting journey. Over one hundred artists submitted completed works, each painting a soulful reflection of her poignant and courageous travels into the internal landscape of her psyche through the seven domains of the Mystic. These included Painter, Priestess, Prophetess, Poet, Peacemaker, Provocateur, and Psychic.

As with most group painting courses, viewers will notice similar themes running throughout the exhibit but all of the artists have represented their own very personal and original symbolism and style of her work. Each painting can be considered a window into the universe of the artist’s own Mystic nature.

View the complete Legend : Mystic exhibit here


The second exhibit to be revealed during the Museum Show was the I Am Musea : Sacred Studio Spaces exhibit. This is a collection of still life  photographs of each artist’s studio or creative space, complete with the Musea color wheel and red thread. These were submitted in response to Musea’s first ever Juried art call, created and facilitated by the Musea Co-Curators!

Our community was invited to intentionally curate a scene that depicts their studio as sacred creative space. This is part of the what makes the experience of Intentional Creativity painting so nourishing and transformational. It demonstrates how the art making process is supported and informed by the intention we put in to setting up the space. With this art call, Musea wanted to show that we are a community of artists connected by the Red Thread around the world, and that everything we do with creativity can be held within the context of ritual which becomes part of our quantum connection. 

After much difficult deliberation by a panel of jurors from the Co-Curator Art Call Team, prizes were awarded to three finalists. These included:

First Place – Johanna Ringe, image: Quirky Sunshine is Always Refracted into Rainbows

Second Place – Sharon Handy, image: Studio In the Space Between

Third Place – Rose Shaw, image: Sanctuary of Peace Through Painting

It was a delight for Musea to be able to collect and share such powerful and beautiful images of our artists’ sacred studio spaces, adding to the sense that we are in this together, creating forward into the future and showing up to the canvas for transformation!

View the complete I Am Musea : Sacred Studio Spaces exhibit here.


We thank you for taking the time to visit Musea : Intentional Creativity Museum
and for being the
many muses, many lands, many voices, and many hands of our collect art movement. 


Special Thanks to: 

Curator and Legend : Mystic theme creator:  Shiloh Sophia

Curatorial Director and Exhibit Designer: Amber Gould

Virtual Show Design – Legend : Mystic: Jenafer Owen

Virtual Show Design – I Am Musea : Sacred Studio Space: Amber Gould

Co-Curator Art Call Team: Jessica Richmond, Cheryl Gallagher, Margie Bettiol, Tammra Harrison and Maia Lemann

Exhibit Design and Support: Maia Lemann

Museum show article author : Jessica Richmond


Acknowledging our Artists

Legend : Mystic Exhibit

Elsie Chang, Mary Ann Padulo, Barbara Hall, LeighAnne Bianco Rook,Paula Chess, Jessica Richmond, Squidge Lain, Noni Gander, Bettina Kim Simpson Young, Jenafer Owen, Lisa Williams, Anna Louise Throm, Anna Maria Michalski, Uma Joy, Latifa Lipton, Nona McKinney, Elsie H. Chang, trish o’malley, Emma Taylor, Nadya King, Mary Jean Bretton, Kate Langlois, Dena McKitrick, Mary Jean Bretton, Dierdre Davidson, Margie Bettiol, Deborah Kasman, Gisela Pineiro, Anasuya Isaacs, Gwen Gardner, Deborah Ann Bustin, Valerie Kravette, Natalie Moyes, Leann Sasamoto, Patricia Hansen, Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates, Sylvia Bhagavati, Jenn Krumm, Jesamyn Angelica, Angie Delaplain, Sue Rogers-Harrison, Starflower, Chatelle Jeram, Gina Rivers, Dr. Nirtana Susan Goodman, Annie Zimbel, Tara Taranto, Sherri Keikilani, Gwen Umphrey, Cj Madrid, Zya Be, Dr. Sue Boardman, Antara Davis, Debra Lee Babcock, Helen Litwiler, Milagros Suriano-Rivera, Bobbie Jonas, Noni Collins, Amanda Kent, Madhavi Devi. Debora Granja, Kerry Cummins Blank, Becky Mackeonis, Juniper Mainelis  Aka  Juniper Bay Meadows, Carol E Fairbanks, Annette Wagner, Sabine Thompson, Cassielle Bull, Monica Pryor, Cindy Messer, Moana Whatu, Paula C., Lauren Adorno-Weatherford, Colleen Crotty-Good, Tanis Roberts, Olivia Marie Oso, MaryJo Briggs, Irene Phelps Michaels, Amy Weber, Pepper Freye, Mirjam – Saray Rothen, Susan Spangler, Vanita Chauhan, Erin E King, Elizabeth Fritz, Semerit Strachan, Florance O’Neal, Anna Corsini, Maggie Yowell Wilson, Nancy Thompson, Sharon Handy, Cornelia Rabia Meinhardt, Nancey Eason, Anne Clay, Janice Harston, Erin E. King, Kristine A. Izak, Lucy Claire Curran, Johanna Ringe, Debbie McLeod, Heike Hudson, Susan Hubacker, Grace Vashti Solman, Jacquie Shenton, Amy Hatch, Nura Luna ( aka Leonor Murciano-Luna), Dawn Karolides, Katya

I Am Musea : Sacred Studio Spaces

Carol Fairbanks, Kristin Faigh, Darlene Mondloch, Carmelina Zullo, Sharon Handy, Noni McKinney, Virginia Masson, Johanna Ringe, Rose Shaw, Bette Wappner, Barbara Daughter, Priscilla Kline, Marsha Mees, Elsie Chang, Dawn Karolides, Marium Rothem, Jackie Fowler, Marie Ann Padulo, Bettina Young, Sue Bayley, Valerie Valentine, Marie Aguilera, Lisa Gardner, Lauren Adorno-Weatherford, Anna Maria Michalski, Juniper Mainelis, Emma Manchester, Liliana Garcia, Julie Graber, Marcela Starflower, Moana Whatu, Irene Michaels, Laurie Marshall, Magie Yowell Wilson, Patricia Hansen, Carmen Baraka


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