Call for Submission of Art
for Living Legends

An invitation to participate in a show of Legends…
Created, curated, designed and hosted by
MUSEA: Intentional Creativity Museum

Legend 2023 exhibit, Intentional Creativity Museum, Shiloh Sophia

MUSEA  Intentional Creativity Museum is excited to be hosting the Living Legends Art Call featuring the artwork of legendary women who have painted with us in the Cosmic Cowgirls’ Legend course from 2008-2022. 

A message from Shiloh Sophia – MUSEA Intentional Creativity Museum’s Curator and Cosmic Cowgirls Founder: 

Imagine that in 2008 Caron McCloud, Sue Hoya Sellars, Mary MacDonald and myself all sitting around a table in Healdsburg California at our Cosmic Cowgirls location that we had for ten years. We engage in something my mother Caron called – essential wisdom – where she would ask questions like – if you only had one course to delivery in all of your life and it mattered oh so much – what would it be? Legend came out of a conversation like that – we reverse engineered the things that seemed to matter to us the most as women, identity, image, story and the capacity to transform yourself through creativity.
Yet the creation of LEGEND was wedded to an issue that I was having with art making in general. I had gone to art school to learn to make art, but it turns out you learn about art there, making is something else entirely. I knew I was an artist and I wasn’t great at painting in a classic sense. So Sue and my mom Caron worked with me to develop what they called, a way of working – painting without knowing how to paint. Legend is based on the awareness that women need to paint themselves, to reclaim their own image – but that most of us don’t know how to paint. Could it be taught? Well we figured out how and taught it to groups of women and then eventually at the urging of Mary MacDonald – we lead our first virtual course in 2009?! Not sure on that exact date –
We are delighted to be inviting all years of LEGEND to join us for the first ever MUSEUM show of Legend!
~ Curator, Shiloh Sophia

Legend. A choice to journey to personal breakthrough… A path to access your own voice. An expansion of your mind, heart, and ability to express yourself. A life-changing impact…

This is an invitation to showcase your Legendary Self. The Living Legends Exhibit is the collective voice of legendary women throughout the world. A look into the bad-ass women of the Intentional Creativity community. You have dared to be a legend in your own time, now let your voice be heard through the power of your art!

The images submitted to the Living Legends Art Call will be included in a celebratory Virtual Exhibit and Museum Show that will showcase the amazing artistry of our legendary community. This show is not juried, and therefore everyone who submits an image will be included in the Exhibit. You are also invited to submit a poem or story that accompanies your painting (300 words or less).

We are allow for up to 3 pieces of art from the Cosmic Cowgirls Legend course held between 2008-2022 can be submitted, as we recognize that many of our community members have painted many Legend paintings and may want to have a few of them showcased. We are excited to see your multiple unique submissions!

Submission Details


SUBMISSIONS OPEN: January 8, 2023

SUBMISSION CLOSE: February 8, 2023

EXHIBIT UNVEILING AND MUSEUM SHOW:  February 22, 2023 @ 12 pm PT 

SUBMISSION FEE:  $30 per submission

**Full Scholarships available**

Note: The submission fee reflects the administrative and design costs associated with hosting the art call, exhibit, museum show, and promotion and marketing, as well as keeping this as part of our permanent museum collection and archive. All proceeds support our non-profit Intentional Creativity Foundation, which funds our museum, art education, and scholarships for our current and future students. 


  1. Submit up to 3 painted works from the Cosmic Cowgirls Legend course held between 2008 and 2022.
  2. Optional: Include with each submission a written description or poem (up to 300 words) that provides a story and context for the chosen art piece(s). 
  3. High resolution image in JPG/JPEG format. 
  4. Cropped without any background (such as your living room or easel) showing in the image. 
  5. Support the promotion of the Museum Show + invite three guests to attend the show!  


Good quality image in JPG/JPEG format of a painting that has been painted on canvas, wood panel, or watercolor paper.  NOTE: We have how-to documents and a wonderful support team to answer your submission questions. 

**All pieces of art submitted will be included as long as it meets our image quality standards.** 

Have you seen the Invitation to the Legend Course video featuring legendary women from the Intentional Creativity community?
We invite you to view it here as inspiration! 

The Benefits of Participation

Being included in a museum exhibit  is something you can add to your Artist Portfolio, and share with your friends, family, communities and beloveds. We will also be providing you with an official Artist’s badge of Inclusion in our Musea Intentional Creativity Exhibit that you can showcase on your websites and any place you wish to share it! You will also be provided with media for promoting the live Museum Show and inviting guests to attend.  

The show will be featured on our iMusea Museum site as a unique Exhibition Page, and shared broadly with our 10,000+ international community, Membership, and Guests. The Museum Show will also be shared over our Social Media channels and housed on our Musea YouTube Channel. 

Your participation in our open call for art is a wonderful way to be supported by our Museum in Celebrating the Art Legendary Women!

legend art call qr code musea

Take a picture of this QR code with your smartphone camera to apply via our JotForm app directly from your phone. You will need to have your submission image ready in your phone image library in order to upload it. 

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