Musea : Intentional Creativity Museum is thrilled to announce the opening of the Kinship With Creation Solo Exhibit, featuring new works from Curator, Shiloh Sophia.

Kinship with Creation, a body of working spanning four years from 2018 to 2021, reflecting Artist Shiloh Sophia’s experience of being with creation and connecting to the elements, specifically water, and fire. These paintings represent relationship, nature, and being in ceremony. Some are inspired by Intentional Creativity community members, as well as characters from her fictional writings.

Join us for our Live Museum Show on June 16 at 4 pm PT to celebrate this incredible collection of soulful, elemental art. Shiloh Sophia will be with us live to share the inspiration behind the paintings in this exhibit as well as her deeply moving insights about Medicine Painting and it’s powerful place in her life.  

shiloh sophia

Kinship with Creation In-Person Musea Sonoma Exhibit Opening – June 19 from 12 pm to 4 pm PT!

You are invited to join us in person at Musea, Sonoma for the opening of Curator, Shiloh Sophia’s Solo Exhibit, Kinship With Creation.

This will mark the much-anticipated re-opening of Musea’s Sonoma Gallery and School Campus, giving us a chance to connect together in person for a date at the museum. It is also Shiloh Sophia’s birthday so we will have a chance to celebrate with cake!

The in-person Museum Exhibit Opening will include a viewing of the Kinship With Creation exhibit, guided by Curator, Shiloh Sophia, light snacks and beverages, and an opportunity for attendees to enjoy the beautiful Musea Sonoma experience, including redwood trees, gardens, bookstore, and consciously curated sacred space.

We look forward to a wonderful day celebrating art, community, and Shiloh’s birthday with you!

Do you have a desire to engage with Intentional Creativity Medicine Painting and paint in-person with Curator, Shiloh Sophia? Join us this summer for our PRIMA MATERIA painting retreats at Musea, Sonoma.


Come in person to the museum for a very special gathering with Shiloh Sophia. Gather under the Redwood trees, in a space made for Intentional Creativity. Come to our living museum. Enjoy nourishing feasts together, curated by Jonathan with our flowing Musette wine. Hear and see illustrated talks from Jonathan and Shiloh and participate with your ideas. Create a portfolio that will serve as a record of your experience of liberation and shaping your own consciousness. Learn how to illustrate your ideas and experiences with watercolor and ink with a metacognitive illustration.

What if there is an original soul-self that has always existed, whole and intact?
What if no matter what has happened to you, this part of you has been keeping track, evolving along with you, and contains the healing you need? What if through Intentional Creativity and ongoing practice you could contact the source of this innate being and begin to live from this new awakening, practicing first this relationship in your interior life and then in your relationships with others? To gain access to our source self, we will visit nine frameworks that reveal areas that keep us from being self-expressed to open the door to the Self beneath the self.

We are calling this place and part of you “a potential for Prima Materia.” You are making contact with your very first matter, your formless form. The “you” before you. As the Artist Alchemist, you will illustrate dynamic ideas, imagery and patterns. This is the ceremony. Your art will be the literal artifact of freeing yourself and your consciousness; the record of the work done.

You are your own magnum opus!

Musea : Intentional Creativity Museum
Valley of the Moon in Sonoma, California


We look forward to a wonderful season of  creativity, reconnection, and celebration of life!