Musea : Intentional Creativity Museum is pleased to announce our upcoming exhibit opening, April 21 – Hats In a Pandemic created by multimedia artist, Lizz Daniels.

This is a performance art image series of Lizz in a stunning and whimsical array of hats created over 60 days in 2020. Knowing that art brings healing and generates resilience, Lizz was determined to express herself and stay inspired during the global pandemic. Creating these hats gave Lizz’s muse a chance to shine, and inspired thousands of people around the world to smile, laugh, and consider what hats they might want to put on or take off.

Hats In a Pandemic – Origin Story

From her home in Oslo, Norway Lizz watched as the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world. She was consumed in a whirlwind of news and information— much of it often contradictory and overwhelming. In this midst of it all she turned toward art to navigate through the moment. Having been a collector of art supplies and many bits and pieces over decades, Lizz had ample materials on hand to utilize in her hat creation. She also began to rummage around her house (which, she was bound too during lockdown) for everyday household objects that might serve a creative purpose. And, did they ever!

Lizz explains that her first hat in the series, “Subversive Granny” stems directly out of the the challenges and confusion she was facing at the onset of the pandemic. It was hard to sort fact from fiction, and with that energy informing her, she went ahead and made her tinfoil hat creation. When she mustered up the courage to share her image online she was surprised and pleased that people connected with her creation. This kicked off a 60-day creative project in which she committed herself to creating art every day, producing an incredible series of fun and satirical hats to express herself through the challenges of the early pandemic days. This had Lizz entering into the realm of performance art (informed by her and previous experience with clowning) and stepping into new forms of exposure. She ended up being featured on the news in Norway, as well as having one of her hat images chosen by an electrical company to serve in their marketing and promotion. This ‘subversive granny’ found her way to the spotlight through her authenticity and bold creativity!

We invite you to join us on Wednesday, April 21 at 4 pm Pacific Time for the Hats In a Pandemic Museum Show and Exhibit Opening, where Lizz will join us LIVE to share about her hats and inspire us with her creative insights.

This museum show is sure to make audiences chuckle and feel the inspiration and resilience that Lizz to boldly embodies through this performance art series.

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