Good morning from Sweden, dear creative beings all over the world!

I am a former University Professor who decided that art is the road to a kick-ass life, so eventually I got my courage up and asked for a year off! Last year I became a certified Coach and Teacher of Intentional Creativity, and am currently inching my way into what I perceive as a spiritually thirsty, but lacking Swedish society with my Creative Concoctions, Coaching Ways and Bodyworking Hands.

I organize Red Thread Cafés in my hometown Karlskrona, to introduce people to the circle and inquiry practice which we use in Intentional Creativity. A lot has shifted for me, since I decided to do something “different”, which is a lesson I learned from one of the many books I listened to over the years. AND THIS leads me to my INQUIRY for the week for YOU:

WHAT did you decide to do differently, in order to shift from one leg of life to the other, as it were?

Or if you are still in that stuck place… WHAT tiny little thing, what slight move, can you make/DO DIFFERENTLY from what you are doing now (which obviously is not working…) in order to make something shift for you?

SHARE HERE with us – what did you do differently or what do you plan to do differently?

Perhaps just BREATHING before pressing the Nespresso-button? Or turning to your partner letting them know you love them, before heading for the shower. Or putting one dot of paint on the canvas before waking up the kids, running off to work? WHAT IS/ WAS it for you that you can do to make a shift? Share with us!

Lots of Love, Jessica