Musea : Intentional Creativity Museum is pleased to announce our upcoming solo exhibit opening, Fierce Fabulous & Feminine, featuring the artwork of Intentional Creativity Teacher and Elder, Phyllis Anne Taylor (aka “Pannet”). 

As an Intentional Creativity teacher Phyllis Anne Taylor offers individual creativity coaching and facilitates workshops focusing on acknowledging, accepting and activating one’s imagination and insight to fully express one’s Fierce, Fabulous & (Divinely) Feminine being! Phyllis is dedicated to creating and teaching art that reflects women’s true, authentic and beautiful selves. She believes that the storms and challenges of life are what make us Fierce and Fabulous, and invites women to embody the power of their divine femininity, always being authentic, never jeopardizing their individuality. Her images reflect her commitment to living this out and inspiring other women to embrace all aspects of themselves and their story.

Phyllis focuses on creating art that reflects women in all of their Female glory. The feeling of freedom and wholeness seen in these images reflect women in their own personal view compared to how others (the world) see them is the motivating factor for Phyllis creating this series. Through visual art Phyllis wishes to teach women how creating their own Divine Feminine images can help them heal internal wounds they may harbor around body image, emotional, physical or psychological pain the women may have been suppressing. 

By using painting as an alternative method of expressing their feelings women may re-imagine their lives by transforming pain into purpose through images. Sometimes there are no words to express what one has experienced and even if there were one is often unable to articulate those feeling because of grief, pain or shame. Intentional Creativity can be a powerful healing process which has a way of energizing, nurturing, teaching and mirroring our true selves. 

We invite you to join us on Wednesday, May 19 at 4 pm Pacific Time for the Fierce, Fabulous & Feminine Museum Show and Exhibit Opening, where Phyllis will join us LIVE to share about the creation of this incredible portrait series and offer her creative insights.