Feminine Frequency Festival

In August of 2020 the Intentional Creativity Guild was invited to participate in the Feminine Frequency Festival – a virtual global gathering for women leaders, curated by women leaders, with a global audience of close to 5,000.

The founder of Fem Talks, Jessica Hadari and our Curator Shiloh Sophia have worked together over the years to bring to bring women’s art forward. Jessica invited Shiloh to teach, as well as to invite her community to show their work. Together to two cooked up the idea to feature several artist’s works a day throughout the world.

Members of the Intentional Creativity Community were invited to register and participate in the Festival. Over 40 Artist gave their ‘YES!’, and with their prowess for self-organization and courage to share their work, they were able to quickly curate and deliver content for an for 8 days featuring five different artists per day.This included paintings, poetry, classes – all highlighting and amplifying the powerful work of Intentional Creativity!

The Feminine Frequency Festival is dedicated to nourishing and uplifting women by providing a safe and inviting forum for the sharing of wisdom, inspiration and creativity. So many diverse and talented individuals shared their poetry, music, meditations, storytelling, drumming, astrology, tarot, reiki, journaling, intuition, art, leadership tips, wellness classes, and so much more. The introductory email said it was “an enriching mix of soulful performance, insightful classes and engaging experiential sessions,” and all of it was delivered so beautifully.

A huge shout out and THANK YOU to Curator, Shiloh Sophia for giving our community the opportunity to shine, and for sharing your stunning paintings, poetry and classes in the Festival and to Jessica Hadari for allowing us to collaborate! You might also notice that Shiloh’s art, was featured in the graphic for this year’s festival, and the festival opened with her poem, Festival of the Open Heart.

We would like to acknowledge all of the Intentional Artist of Musea: Intentional Creativity Art Show.

Milagros Suriano Rivera, Sue Bayley, Jan Jorgeson, Ashley Merritt, Elaine Chan-Scherer, Kisma Reidling, Corina Stupu Thomas, Olivia Oso, Phyllis Anne Taylor, Angela Collins (Anasuya), Maria Perry, Rose Shaw, Melina Brochu, Uma Joy Mulnick, Kristine A Izak, Rosamaria Polidura, Grace Steenberg, Nadya King, Elsie Chang, Juniper Manielis, Darlene Cook, Patti Livingston, Angie Delaplain, Kendall Sarah Scott, Sahar J, Virginia Masson, Sue Boardman, Barbara Hall, Patty Lammateo, Barbara Daughter, Marion Maenner, Anni Borsoum, Jassy Watson Earthist, Tricia Dietrich, Marnie Dangerfield, Anna Maria Michalski, Meissa Kym Dowling, Natalie Moyes, Dzenita Delic, Ally Markotich, Anne Jewett, Dena McKitrick and Kristen Aardema Faigh

You all ROCKED IT and have made our collective story even more LEGENDARY!

Painting by Shiloh Sophia: Holy Fire
Written by Rosie Mac ~ Intentional Creativity Teacher and MUSEA Co-Curator