Falling in Love with ME

A year long study and implementation of Self Love with Uma Joy.  

A sweet connection of Intentional Creativity® - painting /drawing conversation, and connection

Starting Tuesday, March 5 (for 12 months)

Yes! This is for that Juicy Treasure that YOU are!

Self Love <=> Self Care <=> Self Respect

No experience is required. Beginners and accomplished creatives are welcome!

A curious mind and openness to LOVING YOURSELF is all that is needed.

We will be connecting on Zoom, though if you are local or are coming through Taos, New Mexico, there will be opportunities to join IN PERSON.

Filling our Lives with Loving Kindness - for ourselves and others

"Whimsy Hearts" by Uma Joy

Hey Sweet Sister -

I am so excited about this offering. I love my life and sharing the gifts I have to offer. It lights me up working with Beloveds that are ready to Awaken, Grow, Explore, and Live the life they are wanting to live.

So often I hear "I am so exhausted - I give and give and give and have nothing left for me;" or "I don't even know where to start and I don't have time to even think about what I want."

There are so many variations of these statements - Maybe you relate to them or you have some others that ring true for you.

I know I lived them for years. I knew I needed time for me and I kept telling myself I'd take that time later, right now I needed to...(XYZ fill in the blank). I waited long enough that I FORGOT how to take care of me and I was so far out of the habit it has often been a struggle to change old habits.

We are taught that!  That is what has been expected of most of us and – for me -  that’s what I did!  And I was happy doing that – UNTIL I WASN’T!  Don’t get me wrong – I still LOVE doing for others.  That is who I am, and something I love to do.  HOWEVER, when I don’t do for me – I end up having nothing left to give myself OR to others and I start to resent it.   

Many of us have believed what society (and advertising) and religion, and social media etc. tell us about the way we are supposed to look, how to dress, how we are supposed to be SUPER WOMAN!  And do it all!  It is so unrealistic.  I don’t know about you -  but I want to deep dive into changing this.  I want a different relationship with myself  - and if you feel this too – I’d love to journey together.

With everything inside of me I believe we (ALL OF US!) deserve good in our lives. We deserve love! and that starts with LOVING OURSELVES. With that, we can give to others and RECEIVE from others too. I really have thought I loved myself – and I do! AND – I notice how I have put everyone else’s needs and wants before mine.  In reality, that is not a very nice way to treat myself.  I am ready to do better.   

This is not a new concept for me -  I have been working on it and have come a long way.  I keep hearing other women saying they are so ready to change, thus, this is why I have put together "Falling in Love with ME."  We deserve to do this – to LOVE ourselves to honor and care for ourselves, to enjoy our relationship with ourselves.  YES! Please!

Each month in “Falling in Love with Me” we will explore and embrace a different theme – loving ourselves, old frameworks that overrule us, body awareness, boundaries, forgiveness, and more.  We will meet the first Tuesday of the month on Zoom (or the first Wednesday if you are local and want to be in person)  – for connections, exploration, inquiries, a creativity process and more.

You will receive a couple of emails during the month from me for inspiration, journaling prompts, and at the end of the month we will have either a  3 hour Friday night or 5-6 hour Saturday session that is a more in-depth creativity process to help integrate all we did that month.  AND - you will have a 1 on 1 coaching session with me. There will be guest speakers and MORE!!!

Before you sign up -  let’s have a conversation to see if this is the right thing for you!  Schedule a free call with me by clicking the button below

Let’s Fall in Love with Ourselves together!  

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Most of us were never taught about loving ourselves.  In fact, many of us have inner messages that say it is narcissistic to proclaim that we love ourselves, when really it is very important to have that Self Love to live a healthy, joy-filled life.  

When we have Self Love (Self Care and Self Respect) our own personal cup is filled and we are able to give more to others.  We come to each relationship with a healthier mindset, and we are not reliant on others for our happiness and feelings of Self Worth. 


Are you you ready to: 

**embrace the juiciness of YOU?

**fall more deeply in LOVE  with YOU?  

**recharge with more zest for life?

**refill your cup and brighten your feelings of life? 

**to Shine your inner light on YOU?

If so, this offering is made for you. FALL dear one-  FALL in the best way possible.  FALL in Love with YOU.  You will be in great company as you explore your creative side and whittle away some "myths" about loving yourself, thereby freeing you to expand and let your inner love and light bloom into fullness. 

Self Love <=> Self Care <=> Self Respect

Join Uma Joy turning 2024 into the year that you totally embraced and embodied loving yourself

Calls, exploration, drawings, journaling, discussions, inspiration, self inquiries, and an 'integration" painting or process at the end of each month

Gather in circle with Uma Joy and other lovely women as we connect and explore together.  

OH HOW I WANT TO LOVE ME MORE!! Likely we can all add to the "Self Love, Self Care, and Self Respect" we have for ourselves. Do you feel called to join us?

Here's what's happening:


Uma Joy is so excited to bring this to you - there will also be guest speakers throughout the year.

WHAT are you being invited to?

Connection, creativity, exploration, awakening and fun, and most of all you are being invited to FALL in Love with YOU.

WHY are you being invited?

You are worthy of of being seen and heard.  When we love ourselves fully we step into that space more easily and genuinely, living life to the fullest, to commit to deepening your relationship to yourself, life and others.

WHEN are we taking the leap into a year of owning Self Love?


WHERE are we Gathering?

Mostly we will be on Zoom, though if you are in the Taos, New Mexico area and want to join in person we will meet at Uma Joy Healing Art Studio/Musea Taos on Tierra Luminosa, in Taos, New Mexico (zoom link and directions upon registration).

HOW will this be delivered?
We will meet on zoom (or in person). There will be emails, 1 on 1 coaching and an integration painting each month. (See below for more specific details of how this will flow.)


Sign up for a free call with me to talk about if this is the right program for you

Let's  talk !  

You are already complete, whole and wonderful. With guidance, compassion and support, you will breathe deeper, stand taller, and dial your compass to your true North.

'Held by Her Ancestors - True to Her Heart' by Uma Joy

About the Self Love Experience

By joining together for this year you will:

  • CONNECT - With the beautiful, "deserving of your own love" part of you;
  • DELIGHT in the joy of this new relationship with YOU;
  • EXPLORE your relationship with your True Self and what it means to love, care for and respect yourself;
  • FIND your most beautiful loving self;
  • CREATE your art work (drawings and paintings that say "yes I was here and I did the work")
  • DISCOVER how and why you want to show up in this world - for yourself and with others; and
  • EXPERIENCE the joys, possibilities, and the enjoyment of loving the company you keep when you are with YOURSELF.

What is this 'Intentional Creativity'® we speak of?

It's simple yet so profound. Intentional Creativity® means we create with Intention. Whether we are making a cup to drink from, planting a garden, making music or painting a painting, - we deliberately put our thoughts, intentions, and love into the creation. 'Creating with intention' is a process that Uma Joy will skillfully bring to the table to support you in bringing this concept into your painting process and into your life. We use it with each step of the process to access internal information and to connect with - and perhaps change - old stories.

You don't need to know anything about it, you don't need to be a great painter - all that is requested is that you show up with an open heart and mind to meet yourself and to let your Heart OPEN - your Muse guides you the rest of the way and you will have love and support through the whole processs. .

Click here so we can  have a quick talk.

When we practice loving-kindness and compassion, we are the first to profit. RUMI

Give yourself the gift of healing and being the ‘story-teller’ of your own precious life… Loving Yourself is the greatest give to you and those around you!

Held in the sacred container of community, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore what is needed to LOVE and HONOR YOUrself
  • Listen to your heart
  • Be guided by your inner Muse
  • Awaken your Creative, loving Heart
  • Connect with the Light within
  • Take the steps needed to be your loving best friend

Gently guided with love and kindness, you will be supported and given step-by-step demonstrations of any processes as you create your own unique drawings and paintings. These will include writing prompts, meta-cognitive drawings, meditations, and visualizations with ritual woven throughout. There will be times of Guest speakers joining us adding extra delights.

Uma Joy will share the process of Intentional Creativity® as taught to her through the Color of Woman training offered by Shiloh Sophia.
With the belief that we are all creative beings, she will offer guidance and share tools that will help you access the beauty of your Muse.

Using the theme of "Falling in Love with Me," together we will: 

  • Explore self awareness and how we tend to our own mind, body, and soul;
  • Explore how old frameworks and stories may be running in the background of our minds and how we can transform those old stories and make conscious choices;
  • Examine how we wish to live our lives and put into practice ways we can bring that to fruition.
  • Gain awareness and give voice to our own unique Truth and Light;
  • Create unique paintings and drawings that expresses the beauty of our own hearts and allow access to greater internal knowledge..
  • Feel the joys of a LOVING RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU 

March 5, 2024 and monthly thereafter for 12 months.*

(all times are listed as Mountain Time US ) 

First Tuesday each month 6-8 pm

Last Friday or Saturday of each month

Though there is greater value in participating live, all calls recorded and provided so no problem if you have to miss or leave early.

Contact Uma for more information or to reserve your spot!

An Invisible thread

Connects those destined to meet,

Regardless of time, place, or circumstance.

The thread may stretch or tangle,

but never break.

-Ancient Chinese Proverb.

Meet Uma Joy

Uma Joy Mulnick

Color of Woman teacher and IC Coach, Chiropractor, Artist, gramma, and homesteader in Taos, New Mexico

“…Living a life that embodies creating, joy, and love…”

Uma Joy is a 2013 Color of Woman Graduate (as offered by Maestra Shiloh Sophia) and has been teaching and sharing Intentional Creativity® since. She has additionally studied with Mandala Master Paul Heussenstamm.

Uma has been a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, and healing arts practitioner for 40+ years, is a mother to 2 adult children and gramma to 1. She recently moved from the Pacific NW (Portland, Or) to Taos, NM. In addition to teaching workshops and offering retreats, Uma is an Intentional Creativity® Life Coach, works with individuals, groups, and Corporations, and is a member of the Guild of Intentional Creativity®.

She was co-owner of a Yoga Center in Southern California and is still a practitioner of the arts.

“Everything I have done in this life has brought me to this moment. RIGHT NOW! My passion in this life is to share love and increase light in this world. It lights me up to work with people who want to be their full, beautiful SELF. Sometimes, somewhere along the way we can forget who we are, have hidden parts of ourselves, and/or lose our voices. When I see the light return to one’s eyes as they remember their beautiful Truth – my heart and soul have the greatest smile and joy within ME - for them - for us ALL! All beings have the need and right to be seen and heard, to KNOW their value, and to live in their own strength and power. My life’s purpose is to Awaken as fully as I can and to help others to do the same - making our lives the BEST we can make them and leaving this world a better place for all -  in the present and for those that come after us.”

For more information, please check out umajoyhealingart.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/umajoyart

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uma.joy/

A peak into the life of

Uma Joy

Uma Joy lives life with BIG Heart Connections. The world needs more compassion and connection.

While Uma has shared Intentional Creativity® for over 10 years and the Mandala for over 14 years, she has supported and witnessed the amazing discoveries experienced by those around her during healing sessions, retreats and workshops - along with life in general. Uma has lived a life that continually integrates all aspects of "doing her own work" into living her life awakened as consciously as she is able in each moment.

The power of this process through creativity and connection will allow each participant to Fall in Love with Herself in a way that she possible has not felt since she was a newborn baby! One pebble tossed in the pond has a ripple effect. Each of us are the pebble and the pond.

Last call...

Many of us are seeing the time is now to live in a way that is supportive to ourselves and those around us. We are live a life that allows us to remember who we are and to take care of that beautiful being inside of us!! It is time to connect with that deep soul inside, broaden our kindness and compassion towards ourselves, and "Fall in Love with Me." We will bring the love to ourselves and into this world. Let's do it together!

This year long gathering is $2497 - or $2104 when paid in full by Feb 20 (this is a $393 savings!) There is also a payment plan of $300 deposit and $200 per month, for a monthly call, 2 (or more) emails per month, a private 1 on 1 coaching call, and a creativity (painting) process at the end of each month.

Intentional Creativity® allows us to connect with the Inner Muse and information in ways that everyday life doesn't. Let's gather in circle - see and be seen, listen and be heard, send love and feel the love being sent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my questions answered?

Reach out to

Uma Joy - umajoyhealingart@gmail.com

208-315-3777 or set up your free call to discuss this

Is This Program Right For Me?

This program will benefit anyone ready to connect and create. No special skills are required. Come with open mind and heart and let the Muse do the rest - we'll be here to gently support you.

Are there any prerequisites that I need?

No - all skill levels are welcome.

How Much Does The Program Cost?

This year long gathering is $2497- or $2104 when paid in full by Feb 20. There is also a payment plan of $300 deposit and $200 per month, for a monthly call, 2 (or more) emails per month, a private 1 on 1 coaching call, and a creativity (painting) process at the end of each month. If additional options are needed contact Uma Joy - umajoyhealingart@gmail.com.

Is There A Refund Policy?

Cancellations requested before February 25, 2024 will be available for a refund less $200 or credit will be applied to future events. Cancellations after that time will be considered if the space is re-filled.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

Uma will be right with you - before and during the processes to answer questions and offer support as needed.

What if I can't start the program till later?

This program is set up as an ongoing program that will allow for you starting a a later start date, you will just join in where we are and still have your 12 months from then. There is also an option on the registration page for joining for 1 or more months at a time.