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Many Muses

Musea Student Body Exhibit 2019-2021

Revealing Soulwork

Color of woman 2020/2021 Student Work

Make Me Art

Photography Book – Jonathan McCloud

Into The Future

Solo Exhibit – Sue Hoya Sellars

Kinship With Creation

Solo Exhibit – Shiloh Sophia

Fierce, Fabulous & Feminine

Solo Exhibit – Phyllis Anne Taylor

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Past Exhibitions

Hats In a Pandemic

Solo Exhibit – Lizz Daniels

Women Woven Together

Open Art Call Exhibit

Spirit Warrior

Carmen Baraka Solo Exhibit

Anthropas : A Rites of Passage in Paint

Anthropas 2020 Students

I Am Musea : Sacred Studio Spaces

Juried 2020
Community Art Call

Artifacts of the Future

Artifact 2020 Graduates