About the Exhibit

This exhibit features 59 curated images from our February 2021 Women Woven Together Open Call for Art offered by Musea : Intentional Creativity Museum.

We created this special call in honor of International Women’s Day and the convening of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW) in March of 2021. Part of our mission at Musea is to give women an opportunity to express, through painting, their views and interpretations of “the status of women” and of our interconnectedness. This is a way to report on ourselves and be the ones creating the image of the Feminine we want to see in the world. This art call is the continuation of the work that our Curator, Shiloh Sophia, has been leading at The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW) for the last 7 years. For her Inaugural show at the UNCSW in 2013, Sophia presented a global show of over 40 women artists displaying the healing art of women and demonstrating the powerful impact art can have post trauma.

This Open Call invited artists to submit images that powerfully express women being woven together through our self-expression, diversity, multiculturalism, courage, compassion, connection with the Earth and our awareness of each others’ experiences.

We had over 150 women submit their incredible paintings to our open call. Musea’s Art Call Jury had the privilege of witnessing each wonderful submission and chose 59 powerful images that were most evocative and emanated the theme.

We are honored to be presenting this collection of powerful images and uplifting the artists who created them.

For all women. Everywhere.
We see you. We are with you.
We are woven together.
And there is strength
in the weave.

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Women Woven Together Paintings

The Wisdom Keepers
Flora Aube

This mixed media painting was inspired by my love of the deep patina, and light pouring through stained glass window cathedrals in Italy. While it began as an abstract piece in which I was intuitively allowing panels of light to emerge, over time the three figures came into being. They felt indigenous, bringing power, feminine strength and ancient wisdom. They possess a timeless quality of grounded spirituality and peaceful knowing.

Sisters of the Heart
Paula Dejoie

This collage/painting is inspired by my two loving grandmothers – one dark-skinned who overcame many challenges and the other fair-skinned who was born into relative privilege – and how they came together over the love of their children and grandchildren. The poem says it all: “You were there when, and are here now, and know all, and judge not. Thank You”

What They Held, We Hold
Kristine Izak

What would our Ancestors want for us? They couldn’t have imagined the complexity of our lives at this time on Earth. I close my eyes and feel them behind me, holding me, whispering in my ear that love is all. With arms outstretched I reach for communion. Where are the stars in you? Where are the stars in me? They are the same stars in my mother and mother’s mother, and in the mother of all mothers that we share. Oh, that first star, like a rose unfolding for eternity! It holds us all and we hold on, and our bodies are able to connect and heal together through a love for all of humankind.

Red Thread Sisterhood
Ally Markotich

A sisterhood of connection, witness and celebration passes the red thread of healing to a world in need.

The Cosmic Nun Carrying Creation
Emily Grieves

Acrylic, Oil, and Egg Tempera on canvas, 70×100 cm, 2020

Wisdom Circle
Katy Morse

Acrylic on canvas, 30″x40″ (13 moons from 2018 to 2019)

The women have gathered in sacred circle, called by the Great Mother of Love and Compassion to witness the healing of each other and their earthly connections. They are the lineage carriers of their race; Asian, African, Native American, Aboriginal, Hispanic, White, Mixed and ancient ones from a time before separation. They are attuned to the land and water that sustains their people, honoring the seasons of life from winter roots, to spring buds, to summer blossoms, and autumn fruits. Guided by the cycles of moon, they listen to each others stories about the joys and sorrows of the world. Soul Diver emerges from the scroll of wisdom that carries all the stories of all the women. She is sovereign, whole unto herself, a guardian for women who are disconnected from their true nature. Dragonflies bring messages of change. Great Mother is clothed in a matrix from which a new world consciousness is being birthed from love. There is a rainbow of hope.

This painting was created during a year long process with Shiloh Sophia and the Red Madonna Sisterhood. From month to month we were guided by offerings from the heart, and prompted to find our own revelations. “Wisdom Circle” is what came through for me. Eternal thanks to Shiloh for the sacredness she brings to our community, and the connections we weave through the red thread.

with Big Love,
Katy Morse ‘aka’ Katryn

Heart to Heart
Suzanne Michell

This painting represents my prayer/inquiry to understand the moment of time we were in during the early stages of the pandemic, the Black Lives Matters movement, and a political environment that felt divisive, angry and hate-filled. I turned to the canvas in prayer to get insight into what we needed to do to move past this and into a new era that was love-filled, inclusive and strove for justice. In my meditation, I was shown women around the globe energetically joining together, creating an unstoppable force united around these concepts. Women who looked past differences to see our commonalities. Women who supported each other, who shared resources, who understood that a brighter future lie in our becoming connected, “Heart to Heart.” This painting shows that vision, all held within the loving body of the Divine Mother.

Healing the Collective Heart
Elizabeth Fritz

“Healing the Collective Heart” flowed out of my paintbrush as an inner wisdom illustration for our world. In the layers of the painting, there is a codex of what I know about healing. Inclusion, self-knowledge, connection, illumination, healing trauma, healing worry, and healing the feminine sisterhood are the frameworks that came to me as I meditated and prayed in dots while I painted. The women in this painting represent every continent on Earth. They are connected through their ancestors and the future people of our planet. As these women hum and sing together they calm their bodies and are able to connect and heal together through a love for all of humankind.

I Am Clay Woman, The Mold Breaker
Perry Herman

Transforming Trauma
Nicole Lynette Shaw

We are connected to all women who came before us and to those who will come after us. Intergenerational trauma flows through our DNA… and so does the ability to create new neuropathways and different ways of being. We women, are sisters in spirit and women throughout the world share commonality… and it is imperative that we hold one another, support one another and share with one another. When we lift women, everyone is lifted… everyone benefits.

In Sisterhood We Rise
Olivia Oso

These soulful sisters, represent the 4 Nations of the world…
The four elements of life and the four-chambered Heart of the Divine Feminine.
Coming from the four winds:
The West represents Africa as she embodies the element of Sacred Water…
She who stands for North America, symboling our connection to Mother Earth and all her relations…
The sister of South America carries the eternal flame of Fire…
The Eastern sister breathes in Holy Breath and looks within.
We carry all these sacred elements with us.

In these changing and challenging times, in the “Me Too” movement,
women are finding their voices and standing up in their Truth and Rising up in Unity for the Highest Good and Healing of the planet.

48”x36” acrylic painting

Diane Gray

I have always had the desire to paint on canvas but never had focus time to do so. I just started painting shortly after I retired as a graphic designer at age 60. Ubuntu was my 4th painting.

After witnessing the upheaval in our world over the past few years I became very stressed and unhealthy, I decided that I had to make a change in order to cope and rediscover happiness. I began an excavation of my mind and soul in order to find true peace within. I turned off the news, started surrounding myself with positive energy, started taking care of my health after cancer and dug deep into my yearning for creating art.

I confess, I am a EMPATH. I’ve always have had difficulty understanding the hate that exists, especially when it has come to racial and sexual discrimination. This painting became my outlet to express my inner pain for those who have endured the years of abuse.

Being a graphic designer for years gave me a deeper appreciation for words and lettering. This is why I incorporated these phrases into my painting:

She turned her pain into power and her visions into victory… fully awake I simply see truth.”

The purpose of the words in my painting engage the viewer and which hopefully stirs deeper thoughts within them so there is a conversation between the creator and viewer. The repetition of eyes in my painting refers to the gate that leads to the inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. The intertwined thorns symbolize the difficult paths and struggles that one endures. The roses convey hope that someday our world will become more compassionate. The young bi-racial model featured in this painting has suffered years of bullying, her eyes show the seriousness and determination in her soul.

From the beginning of time the divine principles of Ubuntu have guided African societies. ubuntu means “I am, because you are”. In fact, the word ubuntu is just part of the Zulu phrase, which literally means that a person is a person through other people. Ubuntu has its roots in humanist African philosophy, where the idea of community is one of the building blocks of society. Ubuntu is that nebulous concept of common humanity, oneness: humanity, you and me both.

What Ubuntu means to me personally, is to have respect for other people regardless of their race, sexual preferences or creed; to care about others; to be kind and considerate to others on a daily basis.

My painting was created with acrylic paint on a 48” square stretched canvas.

Phyllis Anne Taylor

No matter their nationality, ethnicity, beliefs, origins, etc, there is a common denominator… We are all women. At some point in their lives or history, women have been “subjected” to men and unfortunately not always in good ways.

The Garden’s Isolation
K. Ansley Pye

Female figure and Botanical in oil paint 30x24x1.375. She is in a solitary isolated space immersed in the garden that surrounds and in fact “tattoos” her body, as she has become part of her own garden. This work was created during my time in quarantine in 2020 and reflects the isolation and solitude of that time for me.

Kate Langlois

Acrylic, A vision of Women of color creating the world from their fullest embodiment and expression, as painted by a white-bodied woman. 2019

Knitting The World Together
Priscilla Kline

Best friends sharing their passion for knitting together (the world) regardless of ethnicity, race, or stereotypically acceptable body parameters. I encountered these three women knitting while waiting for vendor booths to open at a fiber festival. I was so struck by them, I asked if I could photograph them in order to paint them. Sweetly they agreed.

My Sister’s Keeper
Milagros Suriano-Rivera

30×40 acrylic on Cardboard. Inspired by Radiant Queens Sisters and the bond that we have woven together as we explored how we see ourselves in each other.

Sacred Lineage
Grace Steenberg

“We are all related”
Acrylic 120 x 150 cm

Women Bear the Weight of the World
Beverly Skoll

Watercolor collage; women of many nations join together to nurture and support the world, its children, its creatures of all habitats, its cities and its countrysides. Women lead with compassion and welcome all with open arms.

Ahimsa – Practicing Loving Kindness
Carol Fairbanks

We are part of creation, part of the living network of all, connected to the Earth, in harmony with the flow of life.

Cosmic Creation
Jassy Watson

A journey from cosmic conception to death and returning.

In Their Image
Valerie Kravette

The Elohim, a feminist creation story. 36 x 48 acrylic, gold leaf.
Red Madonna 2017, Color of Woman School

Fierce Gentleness
Marcela Starflower

Acrylic on canvas inspired by the four elements and Spirit who are part of our make up, body, mind and Soul. Fierce gentleness is all around nature, air can be a breeze or a hurricane and at all times powerful. My wish for all women is that we cultivate honoring our whole spectrum of humanity and radical acceptance of ourselves and others.

Living Sacred Community
Havi Mandell

Inspired by a two-year painting process, Wisdom’s Table, with Shiloh Sophia, this is an honoring of the Infinite Mother of our ancestors and ourselves, sisterhood, and the dance of cosmos and earth through each of us, centered in love. There is a sense of centeredness and wholeness, ever-evolving growth, and intimate connection with the community of life.

Virginia Masson

This painting depicts my sacred soul journey back through generations of my ancestors to our Original Mother. Stories of magnificent courage, horrific choices, deep love and loss and of generations who had enough hope for humanity to bring life to the world. It is also my story of gratitude, forgiveness, love, and the recognition that my existence is truly a miracle.

We Come Together From Many Lands
Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates

I hail from many lands, made up of many bits… White Great Grandmother, Black parents, Native American heritage, and a tinge of Swedish from the slave owners who owned my Ancestors. I am comprised of many traditions, and likewise so does the Sisterhood. This painting represents the world from which the Sisterhood hails. All races, all colors, all Sisters…

By Birth, Breath and Blood
Shelley Hines

We are One and woven together at birth through Ruah (holy breath) and by blood. Acrylics. Having delivered over 1000 babies I was moved by the idea of the woven together theme. This is my first time ever entering a piece!

Ghosts of the Women in Red Dresses
Le’ema Kathleen Graham

This painting honors missing and murdered indigenous women.

You Are the Line Segment
Cheryl Gallagher

This artwork, which evolved during Vivid 2020, depicts in a form of divine feminine timeline, musing on the concept of time and space being merely our personal, temporal experience, and perception. I grapple with the experience of being in this evolutionary matrix as both particle, and wave, at the same time. As One infinitely tiny line of temporal experience in this fixed yet experiencially evolving universe. In terms of an “Everything has already happened” perspective, time and space are quite mutable, bendable, foldable, less like a finished painting and actually more like a flying tapestry of Being. In this image, on the right, an indigenous woman peers backwards through time, centuries before and inner-visions the galleons of the explorers coming on the horizon, sensing the catastrophc impact on her and her society, her elder’s wise face reflecting resignation and yet somber detachment. On the left, a futuristic feminine astronaut, centuries from now, views her cosmic space vessel. Light language messages and waves of the multidimensional travel all over the image, time and space are broken (lower left corner) flowing out without form. A Merkaba hints at both future and past origins, the women’s crowns are lit up with energetically cross-dimensional flow and cosmic discoveries. In the center, a beautiful contemplative Mother Divine sweeps up our home planet to her loving and healing heart, powerfully and lovingly praying over all our planet’s courageous suffering, swirls of stars caught in her embrace, visibly demonstrating the elasticity of time and space, depicting these women woven together forever, past present and future, a moment here frozen in time.

Sisterhood of the Red Thread
Nadya King

Sisterhood of the Red thread was inspired by a call to paint images of women to celebrate connection and sympatico in 2014, shortly after my introduction to Intentional Creativity®. The first piece, Dancers, completed shortly after International Women’s Day, hangs in our Lionel Ballet School as inspiration for the students and teacher . Sisterhood was painted that fall, and honors women from different cultures and groom the stars! Acrylic on canvas, 24×30″

We are connected,
Woven together with stitches of love
Heart to heart
Spirit to spirit.

Through the ages, space, lifetimes
Dancing in brittle starlight,
we sing our way home!

When the Women Gather the Language of Love is Universal
Lauren Adorno-Weatherford

The Midwives Came
Carolyn Faivre

36X 48 acrylic on canvas Carolyn Faivre 2020. There is no mention of this in any biblical text I have ever read, but…I know that if a woman named Mary journeyed with her betrothed to Bethlehem to gather with their clan, her condition would be noticed. As in the nature of tribal communities, help for kin and stranger is generously offered. Word of her need would pass through streets and encampments. Midwives would come and attend Mary in her fulfillment of her sacred contract. Women as first witness to this holy birthing would know the specialness of this night. They ensured the babe’s safe passage into our world in fulfillment of the prophecies.

And Still We Dance
Penelope More

The under painting is inscribed with prayers of connection covered over by exuberant swirls of abstract painting. Then the dancers made themselves known, each adorned in colorful big skirts and their best finery as they held hands and twirled together through space in celebration of their connection and life itself. It is an acrylic painting on canvas 24” X 30”. Each dancer is enhanced with a little crystal jewel.

Mapping the Future
Feature Redfox

 30″ x 40″ acrylic painting on canvas about the possible paths of women as a collective for the future, with shadows of the past and its strictures.

It’s All Me
Matia Spicer

This mixed media (acrylic, modeling paste, oils, and inks) piece is an expression of the intricacies of the women within all women that exist together and hold the whole together. The painting shows the interconnectedness of those personalities. Shown here are several emotions I am experiencing since the death of my mother. The girl who always has that sadness and cloudy skies overhead, the girl who is barely holding her head above water being held up by the warrior, the girl who seeks her soul at the ocean, the girl who loves nature and finds God there, and the warrior within that is holding it all together and pressing them all forward.

Chosen, Safe, Loved
Sue Boardman

 Mixed media on wrapped canvas. Acrylic paint, collage, sequins

Dawn on the Minnesota River
Alexis Estes

The mural painting was done in November 2019 to re-envision the beauty of a day when woman and mankind lived immersed in nature. A tipi with Lakota singers is depicted on the left side of the Minnesota River, and Ojibway wigwams are depicted on the right side of the river. This mural was created for the women and children residing at an Indigenous-based women’s shelter in Minnesota.

In the Dancing Grove
Semerit Strachan

This work was inspired by the relatively common practice these days of women gathering together in retreat. By co-creating sacred space they re-discover interconnectedness with nature, sacred space and connection within themselves, and a surprising connectedness with each other even if they have just met. The result is a rootedness with the Earth and with women that allows the essence of each woman to fly in true and authentic expression of Spirit through each woman and through the collective of women gathered at that particular retreat.

On Cello Strings and Borrowed Wings – A True Story
Reanna Lacy

36”x48” Acrylic on Canvas.

The meaning behind this painting:

What began as an attempt to understand, process, and paint a near-death experience unexpectedly morphed into the start of a family history journey. A quest to reconnect with family, and to get to know my ancestors.

The tree is my Family Tree of Life: part family tree, part tree of life. She is the matriarch and the feminine of Life. Creation. Joy. Family. Bonds through and across generations. Health. Strength. Endurance. Steadfastness. Reaching to heaven. Grounded in earth.

She is Life.

The five icons (owl, hummingbird, butterfly, dog, and rose) represent my five healing angels who were with me during my ordeal. Five of my family members who have passed on. Five unique, wonderful, lovable, and loving women. Five incredibly strong women who lent their strength to me when I most needed it.

I knew before I began this painting that there were five healing angels, and I knew who two of those angel were. But it was through the Intentional Creativity process that I learned the identity of the other three. Together they are my great-grandmother, my grandmother, my great-aunt, and two aunts.

During the process of painting this story, I felt impressed upon to learn more about my healing angels. I began calling family members, and digging out old photographs. I gathered stories and the images to go along with them. I’ve learned so much that I wish I’d known while they were alive, and I wish I’d been old enough to know the elder women—especially my great-grandmother. Inspiration tells me that she is the matriarch of my angels. A woman whom, in life, was a strong, assertive presence, yet always poised, and eternally kind and loving. A woman who stood proud and unintimidated, well ahead of her day in the 1920’s and 30’s.

I knew my grandmother best. We had a special bond my entire life. Something beyond words. She passed away in January 2020. I had been her caregiver and I held her hand as she took her final breath and crossed the veil.

Two days later I was in the hospital, and before I went into septic shock I received two different messages from two different women telling me that as I’d been an angel to Grandma, so she would be an angels to me.

I didn’t understand until much later, as I regained consciousness and awareness after two days of surgery for septic shock. Doctors had fought hard all that time to find the perforation in my intestines and to keep my heart beating.

While I was still unconscious, my parents played cello music for me. It reached me and I remembered. I asked about it later. An anchor to this side of life.

I remember presences. I remember colors and warmth. I clung to this place—to the other side of the veil which I straddled. And later, as I began to wake, after they removed the intubation tube, my eyes still closed, I groggily announced the presence of family in the room. Family no one else could see.

Family—women—watching over me.

The faces faded from my mind as I stepped back into this realm with both feet. But the vague images and feelings and impressions remained. And I awoke with a sharply clear mess imprinted in my mind: family is infinitely more important than we have any idea about.

I lived. I had my healing angels by my side. My family. My grandma was my angel now. And she wasn’t alone.

Five incredible women. Strong women who had endured so much in life.

I am part of them. My family.

And I survived because of their guardianship.

Beloved Seeker
Sharon Handy

22 1/2″ by 45″ Acrylic on wood.
Women carry spiritual strands from disparate religions and practices all around the world,
together weaving a beautiful tapestry of harmonious values which light our way to create a future born of love.

The Ancestors are Always Nearby
Cheryl Michie

This painting is acrylic on canvas. I am a part of the Intentional Creativity community with Shiloh Sophia. I painted this in April 2020 and it was inspired by the lives and family members being lost to covid 19. I felt like we were suddenly losing many women, grandmothers, mothers, sisters, friends, aunts, and daughters all around the world to this virus. But, I do believe that the dead remain close to us comforting us day by day. This painting reminds me of my own family of women always close by whether in person or in spirit. Their images are woven together in connection to each of us.

Healing the Mother Wound
Hobby Parent

Healing The Mother Wound is a painting which holds the healing from release and loss of my womb and ovaries, the vessels which began and birthed my children. It expanded to heal the separation and the wound of abandonment from my birth mother into the arms of my adopted mother. Even more, it holds the healing after my children grew up and flew from my arms into the bright sun. Most revealing is the discovery of my true self as a mother, grandmother, elderess, as well as the sacredness of mothers who are wounded and healed by their suffering.

There is No End to the Adventure
Elizabeth Wiersma

This mixed media piece celebrates the adventures we can have as women of the world having fun on our journey

We are One with Gaia
Bonnie Jacik

In January 2021, I made a commitment to fully actualize my creative spirit and this painting is the result. The Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer expresses my deep reverence and gratitude for the unceasing and unconditional love, healing, and nurturing we receive from the divine feminine in all people, and my profound regret for humanity’s relentless neglect, disrespect, and abuse of the “feminine” over the millennia. I celebrate Gaia’s eternal support for our personal and collaborative journey to remember our oneness with her and with all beings throughout the Universe. This is my first painting (acrylics & glitter on 20×20 canvas), as I have mostly been a graphic designer using pens/pencils.

All of Me
Gisela Pineiro

 Acrylic on large canvas.
An exploration of the self and all its aspects that have been, are, and are evolving.

Ishkah Lha

Round medicine painting on canvas and wood (all acrylic)

“The one heart elixir is for despair and for glory,
Tears fall like diamonds in this never-ending story,
The return of the light,
And the name that is remembered,
Will restore us all to oneness in the long cold December…”

(lyrics from “Indigo” song I wrote in collaboration with the new painting)

The beginning of quarantine felt like a pretty dark time, and my desire to paint something was so visceral, so strong, that I made haste to the canvas—my solace, my cauldron, my respite, my service. I started this painting on our first day of covid quarantine in Berkeley, after marinating with the responses I got from the question I posed to my community, “What do you need right now?” I sat with all messages I received back, brought them all together into a single meditation until a vision presented itself, and got to work. Indigo is who came from those prayers.

When I ask her why she is here, I see her deep in prayer, and I can hear her song.

She embraces the earth with a precious and powerful love, with energy from the stars and the purifying element of water… she is the guiding force of empathy, streaming with diamond tears and moon rivers of calm. She is the dream walker’s path, the star singer’s song… blue as the sky, blue as the ocean, blue as the stone that speaks with pure love in motion.

She, and all the details of this painting, are the magic and grace that is Indigo.

See Me!
C. Johnson

 30 x 40″ Acrylic on canvas
Explores the challenges of all women through the eyes of this black woman

Erin King

 Three in One: Creator, Protector, Child; Maiden, Mother, Crone. Earth, Sky, Cosmos
This painting is integrating the three worlds of the Celtic reality: This world, the world above and the world below.

Of the Earth
Meredith Millstone

Over the past few years I’ve struggled with body image related to Menopausal symptoms creeping in on me despite my best efforts to the contrary. In meditation, journaling and painting sessions, I’ve come to realize that my body is the Earth, made up of the same elements having the same cycles and rhythms, and having the same consciousness as Mother Gaia. To hate my body is to hate her, which I cannot fathom. Through my profound love for her, I’ve found a way to love my body again. This painting reflects my joyful communion with Mother Earth and my recognition of my important place here, as a representation of her, as well as my place in the cosmos, all one heart and one love.

Ritual of Celebration
Susan Mason

Mixed media; Collage and Golden acrylic paints and glazes. 16″ x 20″ on canvas.
Inspiration: My sisters
Technique: Jassy Watson Earthist, Seascape: Tree Woman, Intentional Creativity Class

The Journey Home
Paige Sawyer

A story of a woman’s journey through her life

Sarah Morgan

Begun in 2018 Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Training, my artist archetype evolved through many layers of portals & processes. She is the evidence of transformative reframing of my life & perceptions, gaining clarity & releasing painful self-imprisonment caused by pressures as a female in my culture, & feeling the joy of freedom from perceived judgement, unworthiness & separation. She is a testament to the power of connection with other women who support authenticity & awakening into awareness of our true essence & potential.

Making the Decision to Flee Violence
Colleen Crotty-Good

Margaret and Mary discuss fleeing Herod’s violence for the unknown with their children. One will stay, the other will go.

Untethered and Unlimited
Cory Jakl

This is an acrylic on canvas, 16″ x 20″. This image came to me during a meditation while I faced a health issue. One of my meditation ladies asked me to imagine what it would feel like to have the issue resolved. The art flowed easily from my heightened state of awareness and then, onto the canvas. It was representative of not only a physical unleashing, but all the emotional turmoil that had held me back. I imagine that as women, most of us have faced some feeling of restraint, and the subsequent choice to “break free”.

When She Catches Rain
Nioma Sadler

Women and girls in Rajasthan India walk together up to 10 hours a day to collect water in the great Thar Desert. They face great hardships due to water scarcity. By returning to the Traditional way they used to survive, reinvigorating rainwater catchment systems lives and time are getting saved. The painting is meant to capture the energy and the prayer for water and how women and girls carry the burden.

She catches rain and her tears flow like the monsoons… I am the founder of a non profit helping to elevate this burden https://www.womenserve.org/our-work/

The Goddess of Nocturne
Sigrid Eilertson

The Queen of Transformation
Juniper Mainelis

This painting started out as my interpretation of Black Madonna and she emulated a gentle and compassionate presence.. Then after 13 moons, the painting caught my attention and I got a strong message that She could be transformed into an Empowered Woman. A Queen!
She is now “The Queen of Transformation”.
An image to inspire women to step into their power and potential, while also having gentle and compassionate qualities. This Queen wears the Eye of Horus which symbolizes protection, power and royalty.
She also has her own hieroglyphs on the left side of the canvas symbolizing her intentions and influences:
Key to unlock mysteries (an open heart and mind)
Nothing to hide (the past doesn’t live here)
Galactic address (feeling comfortable in your own skin)
Healing (ability to self-heal and heal others)
Music of the spheres (Listening to her Heart-song)
Ancestors and Lineage
Using her Tools (ability to stand in your power and lead)
Heightened awareness (compassion and clear Vision)
Guides and Guardians (Divine guidance)
Portal openings (new ways to see)
Heart on fire (passion)
Dragonfly (realm of emotions)
Blessed with many gifts (use them)
Dancing in the Stars (we are all made of stardust)
Gnosis of her Visionary Intentions (being awake/Visionary)

Emerging From the Flames
Pamela McKinnie

Emerging from the Flames: 12×36 inch Mixed-Media Painting printed on an acrylic panel

Forged by fire, this goddess rises triumphant with her crown of golden light. Stronger than before, honed by life’s experiences. Transformation is never easy—and all the more difficult for those who are perceived as “other.”

The worldwide demonstrations following the death of George Floyd and other black Americans have touched me deeply. As the white mother of a black daughter, these events have led me to examine both my white privilege AND what it means to be black in America and have led to a global examination of equality and justice. Joining with thousands of multi-aged, multi-racial, multi-cultural demonstrators declaring that “Black Lives Matter” has given me renewed hope that as women banding together we can finally tip the scales toward justice and emerge into a world that fosters understanding for all.

Las Curanderas
Sue Ellen Parkinson

These three women are all herbalists in my community. One is a midwife. When I sat them down to pose I asked them to merge into one another. I was delighted to witness the comfort and ease between them—this is the gifts between women—we are so familiar and at peace with each other.

An special addition and honoring of Intentional Creativity Art Matriarchs
Sue Hoya Sellars and Spirit Warrior Carmen Baraka who have walked on
and continue to weave us together.

Sue and Carmen
Joan Tomasello Trabucco

Thank you for witnessing
the Women Woven Together Exhibit.

We invite you to leave your reflections in the Comments section below. 

Special thanks to: 

The Intentional Creativity Foundation

Shiloh Sophia, Curator – Women Woven Together Open Art Call developer

Amber Gould – Exhibit Site Design, Art Call and Curation

Maia Lemann – Virtual Show Design

The Musea Co-Curators – Art Call Jury

Jonathan McCloud, CEO – Technology Support

Jennifer Berezan – Song ‘She Carries Me’ played in Virtual Show


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