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About Many Muses…

The Many Muses Exhibit is curated from our member-exclusive open call for art, in which we invited our Musea students and members, who have journeyed with us through our Trainings and Classes, to share their most cherished Intentional Creativity painting. This is our way of honoring and acknowledging the many individual Museas that make up our Collective Musea. We believe in providing artist with every opportunity to embody and celebrate living out their Artist Archetype!

Musea is about image and word, that is part of our Legend as a museum, and in that spirit we also asked our submitting artists to share a  written description or poem that provides the important ‘story’ element and context for the painting. Each image in this exhibit includes a story or poem that you can read in the ‘detailed’ view.

We invite you to take time to truly enjoy both the images and stories presented here, taking this opportunity to delight the senses, feel the sensation that arise in your body as you view the images and walk with the stories.

Thank you to all of the participating artists in the Many Muses Exhibit. Creativity is an ANSWER in this time for personal and collective healing and transformation, and you are contributing to this powerful medicine through your creative work.

An artistic rendering of the Intentional Creativity process of creativity and how it transforms the artist! By Shiloh Sophia

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Scroll through the images below, and click on ‘View Details’ to see the story and further details for each image.

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Thank you for witnessing the exhibit.
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Special thanks to: 

Shiloh Sophia, Curator

Amber Samaya Gould  – Exhibit Site Design, Curatorial Direction, and Virtual Show Production

All of our Musea Students and Members who submitted to the Many Muses Exhibit Open Call

Jamie Seiber – song ‘Prayer’

Amber Samaya – song ‘The Great Turning’