Featuring the artwork of students from the Anthropas 13-moon painting voyage
and exploration of the 42 Teachings of Intentional Creativity
guided by Shiloh Sophia

A Welcome and Introduction from Curator, Shiloh Sophia

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Anthropas Paintings & Stories

Jan Lackie

Freedom is….
Becoming the paintbrush
The canvas,
And artist
Leaping into Eternal Love
Unboundedness Bliss

This painting has become a true representation of my personal journey to reclaim myself, my connection with Source, and my true relationship with Life; not as a separate, isolated being, but an integral part of all life on Earth and in the Universe. Thus, I have named her “Awakening to True Relationship.”

Awakening to True Relationship
Sherry Banaka

She Stands In Her Truth
Alison Raison

We are supported by the Universe that we are part of

Droga mojej duszy El Camino de Mi Alma
Anna Maria Michalski

We each have our own Dance,
and it is sacred.
The steps emanate from source,
Love, the core of our Beingness.
The more we trust the core, the more assured, fluid and grace-full our steps,
Your Dance weaves into my Dance, and my Dance weaves into yours,
When we Dance together a cosmic vibration is created that births new Life, so Dance your Dance, for therein lies the Freedom, there is no other.

Her Dance Is the Magic We Seek
Becky Mackeonis

Joy Ma Stardust and Gravity
Cathleen White

I am
A tiny speck of stardust
Launched billions of years ago
Expanding ~ contracting ~ transforming ~ creating
A fully human Being with animal remembering
A part of the One….Connected to everything
Stars, planets, earth, sun, moon, Consciousness, all Beings, past, future, breath, dreams, maps of Curiosity
All infused with Creation…..constantly creating
Joy is the purpose of life
Love is the energy of Creation and Unity
Stardust and Gravity entangled
Flowing with the dance of Creation

Casielle Bull

I am made for these times; my fears have made me dry and shrivel, requiring tending the soul to fill me with her essence Finding myself is a lifelong chore, when found the work is the reclaiming and reshaping of the space I occupy among the stars. By the Grace of knowing my pilgrim path and the inspiration of the She Who Watches Over I will continue to find the seeds of courage. When forgotten, retracing g each step is an option. 13 moons. 13 billion years. 13 seeds. All is well.

Malkuthah – the I CAN of the universe
Clarity Henderson

Hail to the Intrepid Wanderer
Colleen Crotty Good

She burst onto my canvas on the second or third moon with the “I AM” stroke, at a dead run, fully formed and fully dressed, down to her gold jewelry and crown. I love how she is sloshing through, fully engaged in the thick of it and yet unaffected, the field around her in turmoil with her passing. The current of love held loosely in her right hand connecting her to all that is and was. My incarnation is the flame that she holds so tenderly in her left hand. The gems of my life’s journey are winding up into the scroll of wisdom that is securely fastened to her belt . . . with her always on her eternal path. The sparks of her wisdom spilling out into the world around her. The picadors of my life have thrown the feathered lances at her on the journey and those that have stuck are the archetypes that ruled this incarnation and she carries these onward.

A portal opened up and I know when she travels through it, the flame of my incarnation will be extinguished, but the gems of my life are part of her. And if I am in her care, I feel safe and I look forward to the journey ahead.

Daughter of the Cosmos
Colleen Zuntag

In Anthropas, I explored what it means to me to be an authentic human. I explored the places inside me that I had secreted away, and brought them to the light. During this intentional creativity process, I was surprised at the images that came through my painting. Some of them old friends and companions on my journey and some new ones. This course was a deep dive, and well guided. Even though I am not an artist or painter, I felt able to go through the process (with some help!) and feel like I learned a lot about myself. The process helped me connect many threads from my life.

The Journeys of Green Womon is a story of transforming Great Fear and Great Sadness into Great Compassion and Life Purpose. It is a visual mythography of the origin and odysseys of one healer and storyteller that witnesses universal bone piles and inspires collective understanding and daring. It is the fantastic love story of Green Womon, Horse, the Moon and the Universe…

The Journeys of Green Womon
Christina Marie Cappelletti

Keeper of the Flame
Dawn Karolides

She pulls one sacred flame from the fire and holds it up for all to see. “This is the flame of light and love and life. It glows but does not burn. It shines into the hidden self to reveal and awaken the Truth. This is the flame that radiates love, that heals, that purifies, that transmutes darkness, and sustains Divinity in matter. This is the sacred fire triangle where Creator is the fuel, our desire is the oxygen, and our service to others is the heat. Each of us has this Divine spark within us, and each of us is responsible for keeping our flame going. It is my gift to lead each of you to your own heart wisdom, to trust the transmission of your soul encodings, and to awaken to your divine calling. Focus on the pure flame of your being and you will be given eyes to see, ears to hear, an ability to feel beyond the boundaries of the physical, and to taste the sweet elixir of the freedom that comes in knowing this Truth. You are the flame…pure love, pure light, pure warmth, pure wisdom and that is all that will remain when the body dies and the mind releases from the fixed beliefs of this world.”

This being began in LOVE 13 billion years ago

and blooms in LOVE today.

Love Blooms
Frances N Malone. HTCP

I am You,

You are Me.

Kunga Dulkar
E. Carbery Neal

Discovering Equilibrium
Jacky Fowler

The way ahead isn’t always obvious, simply believe in what presents itself, always wondering whilst you wander without losing sight of yourself.

Exploring self is always an adventure!

Me as Human
Janet Lynn Higley

Turning Inwards
Jenafer C. Owen

All that has come before is fuel for the fire.

Turn the telescope inwards.

I have always felt as if there are two ‘me’s. Other than those who’ve known me since my childhood, I’ve often been told that the first impression I give of myself is very different from the one that’s given once people get to know “me”. Throughout my adult life, this has bothered me because it’s extremely important for me to be authentic and I’ve worried about whether or not I’m somehow being unintentionally disingenuous. Or that perhaps because of early childhood trauma, there was a fracture. This process of Anthropas has been very healing in that it’s helped me to finally accept that there can be more then one aspect of myself. That in fact we are all multifaceted. And it’s helped me release the belief that my selves have to be perfectly integrated somehow. It’s given me the understanding that the healing comes through bringing the different aspects of self into coherence with one another.

Two ‘me’s’
Jessica Richmond

Coherence together vs. integrated merging into oneness. You may have to look closely to see the lines but there are two figures in my painting. One who is ruled by gently flowing water…fluid, flexible, and easy going. The other ruled by fire…passion, wild fierceness, difficult to contain once started, and not to be trifled with. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but both are and always will be ‘me’. And I’ve finally begun to learn how to allow them both to reside peacefully with one another inside of my SELF.

A moment for poetry…


Helix : A Psalm of Human Being

Our thoughts shape our reality, dreaming a new reality is so important personally and in community.

Spider Woman Dreaming
Jillian Tees

How I love the working-through-the-13-moons process. Each cycle brings something new, a revelation, a technique, a different deep-dive. I paused a while towards the end and went walkabout – long and quiet, withdrawn – and in my wanderings and wonderings, I found myself deep in the forest. Much time was spent there as I journeyed into my most inner being, and when I emerged, my perspective had changed. Then, so too did my canvas.

I felt the need for less busy-ness, more peace and calm, and extended the blue ovoid energy to the very edges of the canvas; the under layer with its lumps and bumps is still there but now soothed, and healed. (Applying paint thickly on the canvas creates texture when it dries, and how I looove to run my hands over the surface and feel the brush strokes.)

Honouring the sacred feminine, I painted the figure in woad, mindful of the blue paint used by Celtic warriors in days gone by, for she is a warrior, having survived many battles. She stands in her tree pose, grounded in the bog in which the lotus flower flourishes, and rises up to the cosmos through a canopy of lotus petals, symbols of rebirth and enlightenment, which adorn her like a mantel.

A half-rainbow makes its way around the earthy dome above the lotus flower, and at her navel, twists and inverts, creating an hourglass effect. The colours of the inverted rainbow move from grounding red, through the chakras, to the violet crown chakra, symbolising her spiritual journey, and connecting her to the universe.

Her name, Haseya, came about one day when I was listening to one of my favourite songs by Ajeet Kaur. Haseya means ‘she rises’, or ‘to rise up’ in Diné, the language of the Navajo people, and the following words still resonate strongly for me:

Rise up, my sisters, rise up
We are the water, the sacred cup
It’s in our hands that all life grows…

Anthropas took me to places I did not expect to go…

Haseya: She Who Rises
Heather Baker

Rainbow Woman
Grace Vashti Solman

Rainbow Woman is called to step into the world, step out of her safe cocoon, be open to receive and open to giving. Called to allow herself to radiate the love that she is and to Be grateful. She is called to accept her roles as Mother, Lover, Comforter and Creator with grace and gratitude for the opportunity, in a world crying out for unconditional love…..

Thirteen Moons of challenges, demands and insistence
She insisted that she have a real face
She demanded big hair,
not yellow, not white, black
Her heart had to remain
front and center
The threshold to remain with a tree connecting her knowing to
Mother Earth and Father Sky
Mushrooms at her feet as she crossed from the Ethereal to the Material
At times she refused the paint, symbols and demanded to be left alone
Her hands hidden behind the Threshold
And she and I stared at each other
Hands or no hands? Will you let me add hands?
Three Days before the 13th Moon
Her hands arrived

Julie Neal

I Am She Who Dances In
The Divine Light of the Mother’s Love
Julie Mae Pigott

I stepped into Anthropas carrying the question of belonging. The answer came as we were prompted to paint our birthday night sky onto the canvas. We then connected our existence with the 13.77 million years of our earth’s existence. We all belong, was one of Shiloh’s teachings.

I feel more at home within my creative expressions and within my body.

Knowing Myself
Juniper Mainelis

She plays tambourine, while dancing in the fire. Receiving inspiration, balancing on a tightwire. Rhythm moves through her as she uploads, the gnosis of her being, when receiving her soul codes. She’s a top-hat lady. Viking blood-gypsy soul. Guided by the moonlight, singing
She’s the One I dreamed of. All the best parts of me. We Travel between worlds. Painting, singing & poetry She is made of stars… Oh don’t you know?
See’s where she came from…knows where to go!

do not hide. do not deny. do not look away.
“I want you to feel your feet on the floor and take a few deep breaths,” he said. “I can’t. I have no feet.”
Do you understand? … I have no feet … I cannot feel my feet.
A body drawing, step-by-step instructions given by Sue Hoya Sellers.
Nervous system exposed; core protected beneath. Bangles on Her Biceps, symbols of She Knows.
She wears a mask of Power and Courage. I witness Her Bravery and Beauty.
A Healing Process.

Mystic Fragmentation
Julie Graber

She is a child of the Universe.

A Wave of Potentiality witnessed into Being.

The Great Work begins.

The Alchemist
Katie Maloney

Consciously Coherent Human – Alive and Here
Katja Warkmester

Visible, Full of Joy and Energy,
Consciously Coherent Creating
Love from Love, Beauty and Abundance.
From Deep within Connected to Deep Wisdom
As Oracle, Mystic, Gnostic, Creatrice, Healed Healer, Storyteller, Lover of Life.
With Choice in Any Moment to Live a Loving True Conscious Coherent Aligned Life as a Wise Knowing Playful Compassionate HUMAN.

The Calling is to remember all of whom I am.

The Calling
Katy Morse

It looks a bit like a fairy tale, but please come sit on my blue sofa, have a cup of tea and spend some time with this painting – it will tell you true stories of my real life and my colorful journey of 2020

Anthropas: The Juicy Side of Life
Kyra G. Seibenschein

Within the Womb of the Cosmic Mother
Lauren Catalina Adorno-Weatherford

She is coming back now wearing her cosmic suit. She rises and stands firmly upright, tall, balanced, strong, dynamic, empowered. Raising her left arm, piercing through her nucleic membrane out into the field, towards the heavens. Creating energetic hoops of sound, language, knowledge, truth and remembering. A reverberating force ripples out, shattering shards of silence, suppression, oppression, and injustice, fall to her feet. She holds her right arm down, grounding earth and her light body into place. “I am here” she proclaims.

There is profound knowing in the unknown. The deep song that flowing on celestial winds, blows the soul compass onward to HEARTHOME, the truest expression of Self.

Emergence: Being Light
Lesley Dubroy

Seraphine Emerging
Leslie Jay Bosch

The painting, “Seraphine emerging”, is complete to the same level as I am; ever expanding, changing and growing.

Whispering to the earth spirits I gather up their messages as gifts and declare my gratitude to be fully alive in this body. Joining with the other women in the The rethreading of the stars and earth. Seeding the sacred into matter. May I radiate joy and love adding to the ever increasing wave of light.
I chose to live as Heaven is on Earth cultivating the Garden with my thoughts and my actions. Sowing seeds of love and potential as I dance with joy upon our mother. I am Florialis Jardiniere of Love. I am free and whole and at one with the Divine Mother. I commit my heart to growing a Garden of Love.

Florialis Jardeniere of Love
Lisa Williams

Love and Light
Maëlle André

Love and light,

that’s all that matters.

Your fire gives you sustenance to hold the world around you and still be in your power.
You are free as you see clearly with Mystic eyes.

Mystic Eyes
Marcela Starflower

Anthropas was one of the most deep journeys I took. I cannot say, that I arrived. There is so much still to explore in Shiloh´s teachings and I will dive into them again and again. One of the experiences was, that my relation to compassion shifted into a wider understanding of it, where I can stay in my heart with a feeling of deep connection to the suffering, without getting lost. ~ Anna Maria Michalski

Anthropas has been the transformational painting experience of my life beyond anything I could expect.
It was an exhilarating magical mystical experience that truly reflect something that has been speaking my whole life from deep within me but I just couldn’t grasped. Now, I have a sacred container that is very much alive with all my life experiences from tears to joyful extasis. It is an initiation to a whole new level of being from where I am in total overflow of the gifts that I carried as a true woman. The best part is that SHE will be with me till the last breath of my life and who knows even beyond… ~ Rosamaria Polidura

As I was finishing the painting I had the very strong feeling of total trust in my abilities to write my own story to share and inspire others to find their own. Like a given, it finally landed in my body. ~ Marcela Starflower

Anthropas was a beautiful, sometimes breathless sometimes breathful deep going dive into the mystery and magic of me being human in and with all facets. Connecting me to the long ancestral line and the astonishingly accessible deep inner wisdom for to consciously coherently be, just be… choosing and claiming my fully loving compassionate humanness… and to create out of this with all there is… in any moment right here, right now… honouring what is. ~ Katja Warkmester

Moana Whatu

The duality of life, land and sea, night and day, cosmos and earth. Time hasn’t been a bed of roses in 2020, time as we know it, melts and shifts, moon time lingers closer, the essence of life in the lap of the feminine divine – woman who is the bridge. Yet there is the sacred mountains, tall it touches the heavens, inside the sacred cave, where many of our beloveds are laid, the hidden ones. We are loved and watched over, like rays from the sun, how do we know what we perceive in the waters of life while the wave rolls in?

Aila, the Cosmic Dancer
Nona McKinney

“Celebrate your own uniqueness, your compassion, your love, your light, and embody oneness and freedom and spread it infinitely.”

She who knows Love

Out beyond the stars and moon,
There came the One who knows…
Moving between the veils of Mystery,
a new truth is revealed.
Having broken the chains of the past,
Removing the barriers to the heart,
A new Voice sings out…

“I am a warrior of Truth and Beauty,
I am an earthling of Creation…
A Sacred being made in the image of Creator Herself.

I am here to take up space,
live large,
connect to Creation
and express the Love of which I truly am.

I embrace my sacred temple body
and claim myself as a life-giver,
A holy sacred woman.

I am a true human Being,
I am She who Knows
(and is)

I am an untethered soul

who dances with the rhythms of the moon

She Who Knows Love
Olivia Maria Oso

Feels my feet on the sacred ground.

I am here to Love and be Loved.

I am a gardener of my inner domain,

Fire tender of my heart,
Co-creator and Artist of my life.
I am the One who swims into the
crystal clear waters of my deeper Knowing.
Sitting on sacred ground,
holding close the medicine of Earth,
I am Witness
to the Great Turning
of the sacred Mysteries.
I am a devotee to the Sacred,
a prayer warrior of the earth.
Embracing the bones of my ancestors
Wearing my skin of star dusk,
I bare the tattoos
Of my soul.
I am a bridge-walker,
truth teller,
sister of the sacred sisterhood
and wisdom keeper of my own Knowing.
I am a woman who moves between the worlds,
One who embraces both the light
and the holy darkness.

Le sue azione sono centrate sill’ s’more (All her actions are centered in love)
Patty Iammatteo

I am a being of multicolored divine light who is compassionate, powerful, courageous, and connected to everything. I belong. I am enough. I am free when I connect to these truths. When I am in my alignment, all of my actions are centered in love. From here I can heal myself and extend my knowledge to foster the healing needed by our beloved Earth, and all her community of beings.

This lady is leaping through space toward a small tear in the fabric of her known universe like a tiger about to burst through the wall of a circus tent.

Leaping Into the Unknown
P.J. Bury

The Cathedral of Hope
Rosamaria Polidura

The Cathedral of Hope SHE speaks me through the Mystical Eye letting the nectar of Compassion in Action flourishing in my body, my heart and my soul resonating through my whole being as The Cathedral of HOPE.

I’ve been waiting for this moment to crack open to a new way of being and to launch myself into a new world.

Birth of My New World
Sally Holt

Potency of Liminality
Sandrine Thinnes

Lady, you well (or you are the well)
In which we try to seek our reflection
To find the bottom of our grounds
You are spewing out energies like a geyser
Do I dare to stand in its spray?
Be speckled with that cosmic light?
A drop
I caught it
It draws into me
Assimilation was instantaneous
A consortium of sameness
A meeting of the minds
I am from you
You are from me

Cosmic dust reflecting light

Sharon Fingold

Rewriting the Garden of Eden story into one of creativity and magic.

Coming Home
Sue Rogers-Harrison

The Body Remembers 1 + 2
Sue Bayley

Your muddles, traumas and troubles can be transmuted, with a paint brush, a pen, and a few shimmers of the body.
The muse likes punches and kicks too, silence and sounds.

Matter-ing my walking stick during this journey. But the big surprise was ,it not about belonging it was about my own
connection /communication with Source. And Reconciliation of self.
A dusting of mildness and savory peace comes
of the soul.

Shimmering Passage-Logbook Sprocket Moiety
Susan Hubacker

Rising With Roots
Tania Magennis

By embodying (with my WHOLE BODY) the teachings of Anthropas, I have emerged with new symbols to work with and developed a new relationship with my body form. I have written a Song of Sovereignty as I listened to my Mother Tongue illuminated in the beams of my House of Light. I have connected to my Grandmother Tree where I opened a portal of her dreaming beneath her roots, with my rainbow ribbon wand of magic! I have developed a new way ahead with what I focus on in my teachings, as I sit with the creation of my Imaginal Illuminations- where I take each step consciously connected to land and ocean and follow the path as the Earth imagined me into being!

I am the One who claimed her right to be here

Teresa Sherlock

She is a Woman. Her body is Sacred and Her essence is Divine. Her heart beats at the same beat as Universe. She is the daughter of the Moon and the Sun. Sister to the Wind and the Water.
Mother to Life.

The Messenger of Anthropas
Ulla Karin Lundgren

Temple Priestess of Fertile Wisdom
Carol Ahlorah Lorraine

Your sacred womb, carries the knowledge, blossoming
has occurred.
You are now ready to share the flowering, womb of your Golden Light. This is your story, of Creation, you will help many heal.

~Feminine Wisdom lives within you, claim this now with grace.
Your womb is golden, with life’s experience, claim this with courage and love.

Stardust Transit
Shiloh Sophia McCloud

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Shiloh Sophia, Curator – Anthropas : A Rites of Passage in paint designer

Amber Gould  – Exhibit Site Design and Curatorial Direction

Jenafer Owen – Image Curation and Legend Painting Support

Maia Lemann – Exhibit Site support and Communications

Anthropas 2020 Students!!


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