Codex Exhibit
moon phases

For 13 new moons over 100 women embarked together on a voyage to inner space to reveal their hidden codex.

We dove into the power of the Intentional Creativity® teachings to create sacred content, discover our tools, re-pattern our brains, and request access to our genius. This class was the first of it’s kind, rooted deeply in the teachings I received from my mother, Caron McCloud and my teacher, Sue Hoya Sellars.

As the Co-Curator along with Jenafer C. Owen we are OVER the MOON excited to share the works of the women who completed the process to participate in this museum show.

When I watched the show for the first time I cried in astonishment at what was created and how it held together as a show, yet with each woman’s unique voice. I was taught to work towards the vision ‘what consciousness looks like’. Well this is what consciousness looks like to me in the mind’s of awakening women artists.

I celebrate this offering on the altar of MUSEA’s 2020 line up of incredible paintings.


Here’s a peek at the introduction…

The Song of the Alpha Omega Wayfarer

CODEX painting by Elsie Chang

The Song of the Alpha Omega Wayfarer ~ CODEX painting by Elsie Chang

Awakened Alive Aware

CODEX painting by Katja Warkmester

Awakened Alive Aware - Katja Warkmester

Beyond the Surface

CODEX painting by Caroline Miskenack

Beyond the Surface - Caroline Miskenack

Birthing Spheres

CODEX painting by MaryAnn Mohr

Birthing Spheres - MaryAnn Mohr

Blaupause von LhyvMElinor

CODEX painting by Yvette Vormehr

Blaupause von LhyvMElinor - Yvette Vormehr

Codex of Charismatic Communication

Codex of Charismatic Communication - Irene Rimay Ahlberg

Codex Strong

CODEX painting by Katie McLane

Codex Strong - Katie McLane


CODEX painting by Hythe Mann

CodeX-Joy - Hythe Mann

Cosmic Portrait of SELF

CODEX painting by Tania Michelle Magennis

Cosmic Portrait of SELF - Tania Michelle Magennis

Crystalline HeArt Song

CODEX painting by Nadya King

Crystal HeArt_ Song - NDY King

Dream Weaver

CODEX painting by Janet HIgley

Dream Weaver - Janet HIgley

Dreamer Dream

CODEX painting by Mary Ann Matthys

Dreamer Dream - Mary Ann Matthys

Embrace the Mystery

CODEX painting by Sue Rogers Harrison

Embrace the Mystery - Sue Rogers Harrison

Exposed Heart in Transitions

CODEX painting by Ellen Rich

Exposed Heart in Transitions - Ellen Rich


CODEX painting by Cathleen White

Flower_of_Creation - Cathleen White

Inner Freedom

CODEX painting by Margo Helene van Strien Sonneveld

Inner Freedom - Margo Helene van Strien Sonneveld

Its time to shine

CODEX painting by Joy Liu

Its time to shine - Joy Liu

Keeper of the Stories

CODEX painting by Karen Schweitzer

Keeper of the Stories - Karen Schweitzer

Lady of the Mystery

CODEX painting by Susan Hubacker

Lady of the Mystery - Susan Hubacker

Love the Questions

CODEX painting by Nicole Hague Andrews

Love the Questions - Nicole Hague Andrews


CODEX painting by Jenafer Joy

Memory - Jenafer Joy

Midwife to my Future

CODEX painting by Sharon Handy

Midwife to my Future - Sharon Handy

Miriam models possibilities

CODEX painting by Sue Bayley

Miriam models possibilities - Sue Bayley

Mystery Rose

CODEX painting by Roselani Lugo

Mystery Rose - Roselani Lugo

Oh Marvelous Error

CODEX painting by Cassielle Bull

Oh Marvelous Error - Cassielle Bull

On the strength of silk and the wisdom of pearls

CODEX painting by Heather Baker

On the strength of silk and the wisdom of pearls - Heather Baker

Painting Spirit Rising

CODEX painting by Jennifer Sugarwoman

Painting Spirit Rising - Jennifer Sugarwoman

Pure Consciousness

CODEX painting by Karen Sue

Pure Consciousness - Karen Sue

Release the Grip

CODEX painting by Becki DeBont

Release the Grip - Becki DeBont

Revolutionary Evolutionary Spark

CODEX painting by Gisela Piniero

Revolutionary Evolutionary Spark - Gisela Piniero


CODEX painting by Anna Corsini

Ripples - Anna Corsini

Serving the Great and Sacred Awakening

CODEX painting by Sherry Banaka

Serving the Great and Sacred Awakening - Sherry Banaka

She Breathes

CODEX painting by Lisa Williams

She Breathes - Lisa Williams

She Who Beholds the Holy Wholeness

CODEX painting by Adele Goodwin

She Who Beholds the Holy Wholeness - Adele Goodwin

She Who Continues On

CODEX painting by Sherre Hulbert

She Who Continues On - Sherre Hulbert

She who speaks from depth of myself and the Universe

CODEX painting by Ewa Gizicka-Fuks

She who speaks from depth of myself and the Universe - Ewa Gizicka-Fuks

Soul Diver

CODEX painting by Katy Morse

Soul Diver - Katy Morse

Star Nation Daughter

CODEX painting by Jane Celeste Sanguinetti

Star Nation Daughter - Jane Celeste Sanguinetti

Star Seed

CODEX painting by Hazel Carlsen

Star Seed - Hazel Carlsen


CODEX painting by Julie G

Storyteller - Julie G


CODEX painting by Lori Danyluk

Svadhishthana - Lori Danyluk

Symbols to Surface

CODEX painting by Shelley Feist

Symbols to Surface - Shelley Feist

The Altar

CODEX painting by France Barringer

The Altar - France Barringer

The Clockmakers Daughter

CODEX painting by Juniper Mainelis

The Clockmakers Daughter - Juniper Mainelis

The Co-Creative Soul

CODEX painting by Sue Boardman

The Co-Creative Soul - Sue Boardman

The Dreamer Weaver

CODEX painting by Katie Maloney

The Dreamer Weaver - Katie Maloney

The pursuit of light

CODEX painting by Birgit Thomsen

The pursuit of light - Birgit Thomsen

The Sacred and the Cosmos

CODEX painting by Marcia Morehead

The Sacred and the Cosmos - Marcia Morehead

The wounded healers journey

CODEX painting by Jamie Z Mahoney

The wounded healers journey - Jamie Z Mahoney

To See What God Intends

CODEX painting by Donna Papenhausen

To See What God Intends - Donna Papenhausen

What next what next what next

CODEX painting by Frances Barker

What next what next what next - Frances Barker

Participating Artists

Irene Ahlberg

Heather Baker

Sherry Banaka

Frances Barker

France Barringer

Sue Bayley

Sue Boardman

Cassielle Bull

Hazel Carlsen

Liu Chiao Ling

Anna Corsini

Lori Danyluk

Becki DeBont

Shelley Feist

Ewa Grizicka-Fuks

Adele Goodwin

Julie Groom

Nicole Haque-Andrews

Sharon Handy

Janet Higley

Susan Hubacker

Sherre Hulbert

Jenafer Joy

Nadya King

Roselani Lugo

Tania Magennis

Jamie Mahoney

Juniper Mainelis

Katie Maloney

Hythr Mann

Mary Ann Matthys

Karen Maunder

Katie McLane

Caroline Miskenack

Mary Ann Mohr

Marcia Morehead

Katy Morse

Donna Papenhausen

Gisela Pineiro

Ellen Rich

Sue Rogers-Harrison

Jane Sanguinetti

Karen Schweitzer

Jennifer Sugarwoman

Brigit Thomsen

Margo Van Strien

Yvette Vormehr

Katja Warkmester

Cathleen White

Lisa Williams