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MUSEA Intentional Creativity Museum presents ENTHEOS: Connecting to the Spiritual Essence of Wild Earth, featuring the nature photography of Julie Steelman, who will take us on a journey through a ‘Digital Safari’ of the wild earth, and preview her photography book.

What if you knew wild animals were transmitting messages of upliftment and empowerment to you all the time? Would you want to know more? You are invited to a digital safari of stunning imagery of exotic wild animals immersed in their natural habitats from around the world.

Award-winning wildlife photographer, Julie Steelman, takes you on an up-close and mystical journey through the wild animal queendom. She shares the life-changing messages the wild ones have revealed to her, what she calls “pings” or direct instructions from the Universe. See how the divine reveals itself through nature as you experience the wonder and awe of it all.

Mama Gaia is calling us to evolve so we can co-create a thriving planet. This experiential journey will take you deeply into your heart and activate a humble awakening within you, one from which we can serve more consciously. Please join us for this unforgettable soul safari into wild earth.


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MUSEA Intentional Creativity Museum
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