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Call for Submission of Art
by Women of Color/Culture

An invitation to participate in our first
BIWOC-exclusive Art Call and Museum Exhibit – created, curated, designed and hosted by MUSEA’s BIWOC Leadership Team

MUSEA  Intentional Creativity Museum is excited to be hosting the Carnaval of Spirit Love Art Call, in which women of color and culture from The Art of Women of Color BIWOC membership circle are invited to share a painted image that represents their personal expression of this Carnaval of Spirit Love! 

A message from our Leaders and Elders, Semerit Strachan and Lauren Adorno-Weatherford: 

Women of Color and Culture, we invite you to imagine, yourself as the artist painter. You are painting along with music playing in the background that you love, and you have just put the finishing touches onto your canvas.

You step back to look at your work and you are extremely pleased with what you see in front of you. This painting feels very special. It is the deepest expression of who you are. Your entire body begins to vibrate with joyful energy and your whole being is dancing. You pick up the canvas as if it is your partner, and you begin to move and groove with it. Swaying back and forth.

You feel happy and complete. You take it with you outside. It is a beautiful, sunny, blue skies day, and in the warm breeze you continue your dance. All of sudden you look around, and there are many other women stepping out into the streets with you, carrying their own canvas partners! All of the women twirl around with skirts flaring, holding up their paintings with deep pride.

Many more are gathering into the streets now as they see and hear loud drums, music, and horns blaring the syncopated cacophony of joyful noise! A celebration is at hand, and all are welcomed as a woman with a megaphone, calls forth her sisters, children and community to join in the Carnaval of Spirt Love parade.

Women of the Diaspora, Who You Be? Join us now! Allow yourself to open up to the adventure of discovery. We come from near and far, all over the globe with unique and shared experiences.

What is the message of you? As a cultural woman, how do you express yourself in color, image, spirit, symbol and word? You are the beauty that needs to be seen, adored, beheld, honored and remembered. Women of power come forth now. The ancestors are calling.

An adventure awaits you, open your eyes, your hearts come and participate. What you will see in this art, are doorways into the oneness, and fullness of all women everywhere. This visual adventure will resonate deep into your bones— let it shift your perception. Let it change your experience. Allow it to feed your soul.

Welcome to the Carnaval of Spirit Love, a place of healing and reclaiming your culture in art!

The images submitted to the Carnaval of Spirit Love Art Call will be included in a celebratory exhibit page that will showcase the amazing artistry of our BIWOC Community Members. This will not be a juried show, and therefore everyone who submits an image will be included in the Exhibit. As our Museum weaves together the beauty and magic of image and word, we will also require that each submission includes a written description or poem that provides the important ‘story’ element to weave the context for the image(s) you submit – up to 500 words.

Watch this introductory guided meditation from Lauren Adorno-Weatherford, that holds within it a communication of the essence of this call and a personal invitation for you to connect with what it means to you as you consider participating and get ready to submit.

Submission Details


SUBMISSIONS OPEN: November 29, 2021

SUBMISSION CLOSE: February 6, 2022

EXHIBIT UNVEILING AND MUSEUM SHOW:  February 16, 2022 @ 12 pm PT 

SUBMISSION FEE:  $20 per submission

**Full Scholarships available**

Note: The submission fee reflects the administrative and design costs associated with hosting the art call, exhibit, museum show, and promotion and marketing, as well as keeping this as part of our permanent museum collection and archive. All proceeds support our non-profit Intentional Creativity Foundation, which funds our museum, art education, and scholarships for our current and future students. 


  1. Submit up to 2 painted works related to the theme of Carnaval of Spirit Love
  2. Include with each submission a written description or poem (up to 500 words) that provides a story and context for the chosen art piece. 
  3. High resolution image in PNG, JPEG, TIFF or PDF format. 
  4. Cropped without any background (such as your living room or easel) showing in the image. 
  5. Support the promotion of the Museum Show + invite three guests to attend the show!  


Good quality image in PNG, JPEG, TIFF or PDF format of a painting that has been painted on canvas, wood panel, or watercolor paper.  NOTE: We have how-to documents and a wonderful support team to answer your submission questions. 

**All pieces of art submitted will be included as long as it meets our image quality standards and has the written component included.** 

Have you seen the Fierce Fabulous & Feminine Exhibit featuring BIWOC Circle member, elder and artist, Phyllis Taylor? We invite you to view it here as inspiration! 

The Benefits of Participation

Being included in a museum exhibit  is something you can add to your Artist Portfolio, and share with your friends, family, communities and beloveds. We will also be providing you with an official Artist’s badge of Inclusion in our Musea Intentional Creativity Exhibit that you can showcase on your websites and any place you wish to share it! You will also be provided with media for promoting the live Museum Show and inviting guests to attend.  

The show will be featured on our iMusea Museum site as a unique Exhibition Page, and shared broadly with our 10,000+ international community, Membership, and Guests. The Museum Show will also be shared over our Social Media channels and housed on our Musea YouTube Channel. 

Your participation in our open call for art is a wonderful way to be supported by our Museum in Celebrating the Art of Women of Color and Culture!