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About The Exhibit

The Dream a nü Dream Exhibit is about re-imagining our world
where reverence for both Earth and Spirit are a reality.

These images call us to remember our roots and grow new ways of being
that honor beauty, creativity, nature, and its cycles.

The colors of the rainbow guide us through this exhibition,
giving us a full-spectrum perspective of what is possible.

Each image is a profound portal into the richness of the soul’s imagination
and how it can work in concert with the Earth, calling us to Dream a nü Dream.

Artist Statement Laüra Hollick and Kevin Thom

Art is a portal that allows us passage to and from the world of imagination so we can channel its insights back to Earth.

We enter that portal through the creative process, engaging us in an intimate relationship, the divine love affair between Earth and Spirit. The merging of these two forces grants us access to the powerful flow of inspiration. When we allow inspiration to filter through us, we can create art that expresses and embodies our souls and reveals visions that can carry us into the future.

Having access to vision has never been more important than it is now in this current tumultuous era. As human beings, each one of us must find our own visions to draw us forward and help us to confidently navigate these uncertain times.

We believe that our new vision for the future must honor and respect the Earth. We are deeply inspired by the beauty and lessons of the natural world. We believe that humanity must find ways to acknowledge that we are connected to and are part of the Earth. That’s why we often incorporate natural elements and materials in our work and depict human creative expression in harmony with stunning natural environments.

We hope that our art will inspire others to remember and cultivate their own connection with their spirit, and to move forward in harmony and concert with the Earth.

Exhibit Media


Museum Show

Curator's Note

Curator Shiloh Sophia Laüra Hollick at Laüra’s studio in 2013. Photo taken by Kevin Thom.

I had wonderful time with our Curatorial Director, Amber Gould, in our planning meetings with Laura and Kevin, and our design and curation of this Exhibit. Having worked with Laura off and on for over 10 years, I have always been fascinated and curious about what went in to the production of her images. When you look at them, just imagining what these two artist go through to create this beauty is so inspiring and provocative.

We invited them to share with us their behind the scenes process, and were delighted to have them offer us some clips of their monumental creation process.  Watching Laüra haul her materials by sled through the snow, was so endearing and caused me to respect and appreciate the incredible labor of love (and joy!) that led to the creation of the stunning photographic artifacts that Laüra and Kevin create.

Each one of these images is truly the result of a love relationship of two artists coming together in collaboration with the earth to bring nü and wild dreams to life. We invite you watch the behind the scenes video created by our team with permission from Laüra and Kevin below to gain an even greater appreciation for their powerful artistry and commitment. My teacher Sue Hoya Sellars would often say to me that ‘being an artist is so romantic’. For me, this romance is found in all of the details of the artists life – from the streaks of paint on your hands and in your hair, to the hours in the woods spent wrapping a precious tree with colorful fabric to create that one beautiful perfected image. The beauty and the romance is imbued in the process of creation all the way through, and all of it is art!

Behind the scenes peek at Laüra’s creative process

Artist Bios

Laüra Hollick

Laüra Hollick is an award-winning artist and visionary guide. She is the creator of Soul Art®, a creative healing method practiced by artists around the world to connect with their spirit, heal, and unleash their unique creative expression.

Laüra started her art journey as a child with a rich imagination. She went on to cultivate her creativity at the Dundas Valley School of Art and then received an Honors Degree in Fine Art from McMaster University.

Her art career has taken her through many mediums and methods including collage, painting, sculpture, costume, dance, installation, and most notably, embodiment art where Laüra uses herself as the art medium.

Laüra’s creative inspiration has touched hearts around the world through her Soul Art School, Soul Art Certification program, public art projects like the “Rainbow House,” and global events like International Soul Art Day, nü Icon Movie, the Global Vision Quest, and Yoni Art Fest.

Laüra hosted over 500 radio shows for 93.3 FM CFMU called “The Artist’s Lifestyle,” where she interviewed over a thousand artists, visionaries and thought leaders on the role of art in our society. BRAVO TV created a documentary about Laüra’s art and life called “The Artist’s Life-Laura Hollick.”

Laüra has been working with photographer Kevin Thom since 2005. Their first photoshoot collaboration was captured in the BRAVO documentary. They have travelled the world together, creating images that capture her colorful imagination and the majestic beauty of nature.

Laüra is passionate about exploring, expressing, and embodying essence on Earth.

Kevin Thom

Kevin Thom is an award-winning Canadian photographer and multimedia artist.

Kevin takes an art-centred approach to all of his photography. A hallmark of his style is a distinct focus on visual communication. He honed this through the development of his conceptual photo series called “Elemental.” This series distills its subject matter to its most essential element, whether that be a shape, texture, color, attitude, or emotion, then highlights it using dramatic and unorthodox lighting, angles, perspective, and composition.

Kevin is also an experienced video producer, shooting and editing documentary and cinematic videos, primarily in collaboration with his creative partner Laüra Hollick.

Kevin is a classically trained musician who learned piano through the prestigious Royal Ontario Conservatory of Music. He adapted his classical music training to a more improvisational style and now produces music for many of his video projects.

Kevin loves discovering and using new tools to advance his art. He was an early adopter of using drones to find unusual perspectives, as well as using small gimbals and other stabilizing gear to create smooth, dramatic camera movements.

Kevin’s work has appeared in magazines, on book covers, and in other publications around the world. He has exhibited his artistic and conceptual photography in Canada and the US, as well as overseas.

Awaken your wild imagination with Laüra’s free guided visualization…

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Thank you for witnessing the exhibit.
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Special thanks to: 

Laüra Hollick and Kevin Thom for their inspired collaboration.

Exhibit Page and Presentation Design and Concept

Amber Gould, Curatorial Director

Collaborative Curation

Shiloh Sophia, Curator

Promotion and Communications

Maia Lemann, Sarah Mardell and Amber Gould


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